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ASICS releases new DS Light Acros Pro football shoes

Japanese sports brand ASICS released the new DS Light Acros Pro football shoes. The new boots created by the pursuit of high -speed sprints have begun to accept reservations and will be officially listed on February 18.


Like the DS Light X-Fly Pro football shoes released at the beginning of last year, the new DS Light Acros Pro football shoes are also created with the goal of achieving rapid performance on the field. This new boot uses the same Acros Fit upper technology of DS Light ACROS. The upper created based on this technology is composed of 3 layers of artificial super fiber, providing a comfortable, stable and flexible wear experience for both feet. The grid structure all over the upper can improve the friction of the upper, helping players to control the ball more easily at the feet when they are leaving the ball at high speed.


The same outsole derived from ASICS DS Light X-Fly Pro football shoes gives the explosive accelerated performance to this new boots. The digital design of the outsole is light and has an outstanding grip performance, and the outsole of the feet will effectively reduce the additional energy loss when the acceleration is accelerated, and then provide stronger grip. The hollowing outsole realizes the weight loss of the sneakers, and the newly designed shoe ridges increase the strength and anti -twist performance of the outsole. The nails are basically consistent with the DS Light X-FLY 4. The position of the toe increases an additional arrow-shaped shoe nail to enhance the grip of the shoe, so that this new boot has better speed performance.

Whether it is DS Light X-Fly Pro or DS Light Acros Pro, these two ASICS boots have light weight and excellent speed performance, allowing professional players and shoes players to have lightweight speed boots when buying lightweight speed boots boots boots. More options.