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After eating hot pot with my friends, I found that this portable wine stove is too easy to use.

Although it was Tuesday yesterday, I naturally couldn’t let go of this small gathering opportunity with my friends. So last night, I discussed with two friends to come to my house to eat a hot pot, bring ingredients and base ingredients, cut and cook by ourselves. Without the trouble of eating, we can also relax to communicate.

Everything goes well. We are from get off work, buying vegetables, buying drinks, and drinking drinks.

Finally, wait until everything is ready. When you can fire, the problem comes.

My electric cooker can’t be hit, the electricity is inserted, and the switch is pressed, but it does not respond.

And because it was an electric cooker, there was no bright fire, we still waited for more than ten minutes before seeing the water, and even when a bubble did not take a result, there was a problem.


Friends said that there may be a problem with the line in it, or it may be the reason for other reasons. In short, this pot is not available now.

In this case, although the hot pot can still be eaten. After all, there are gas stoves at home, which can be cooked there, but if you do so, you ca n’t eat it while you do n’t eat it. This hot pot will have less souls.

At the dilemma, a friend said that there was a newly bought alcohol furnace in her car. It was originally intended to cook tea in the office. It was okay to boil tea and boiled tea. I asked us if we wanted to boil hot pot.

We certainly agree.

Don’t say, you really look at this thing, there is no wire, plug, etc., but it is really convenient to use.

A total of two fires were opened, and then the pot was put up, and the water opened for five or six minutes.

Successfully helped us solve the dilemma of this “hot pot”.

Because I almost couldn’t eat meals, I went to check it out today. It turns out that this portable wine stove is not only a wireless design, small body shape, and easy to carry, but also uses directional clustering technology, fog -shaped wine refined combustion technology and combustion technology and combustion technology and High borosilica glass catheter, so that this small wine stove has the power that can be comparable to 1000W;

Coupled with the lithium battery driver of 7500 mAh, it can reach 3,000 hours of nozzle working time. The single -rooted battery life can reach 15 hours and two fires are 7 hours!

The firepower and firepower points can be freely adjusted, the battery is independent and disassembled, and there is no need to change the Type-C portable charging.

In terms of appearance, this new portable alcohol furnace uses a very convenient modular design that can be compiled. It can combine parts like building blocks, and can be built anytime, anywhere.


And because medical alcohol is used as a fuel, not only smoke -free, tasteless, bright fire burning, safe and healthy, but also very environmentally friendly.


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No wonder we can use it to boil hot pot! With this configuration, let alone hot pot, it is not a problem to cook tea, barbecue, stewed soup, and porridge!

In addition, not only is simple and easy to carry, it is invincible and easy to use!


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