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Dry -worth of industry worth of 30,000 | 2019 decoration wallpaper comparison Daquan, you, have you bought it right?

Many friends prefer wallpapers when decorating, but often take into account the problem of “safety” and “environmental protection”, and do not know how to choose.

Today, the webmaster gives you a 30,000 yuan industry to do the industry -the most comprehensive wallpaper comparison in 2019. See what is the difference between the 6 common wallpaper on the market. is correct!

The wallpaper sold on the market is mainly divided into: pure paper, PVC materials, no imitation cloth, natural plant wallpaper, textile wallpaper, metal wallpaper, and so on.

Pure paper wallpaper

Pure paper wallpapers are mainly processed by grass, bark and new naturally enhanced wood pulp (including 10 % wood fiber silk). Its prominent feature is good environmental protection performance. It is not easy to mold and is the preferred wallpaper in European children’s rooms. And because the patterns of pure paper wallpapers are mostly made of printing process, the picture is realistic and the color is clear.

The disadvantage is that the technical difficulty is high during construction. Once the operation is improper, it is easy to produce obvious seams, and it is affected by the characteristics of the paper itself. It can be printed, things that cannot be made of unevenness), and there are poor water resistance and scrubbing performance. However, the surface of the new pure paper wallpaper is coated with thin layers of wax. It is more resistant to scrubbing than ordinary pure paper wallpaper, anti -static, no vacuum, no other organic ingredients. It is pure natural green environmentally friendly wallpaper.

Be careful during the purchase process. Generally speaking, high -quality pure paper wallpaper gives people a bit like printing paper, hard and white (not good paper texture is obviously soft). In order to ensure that the pigment is uniform, the lines are clear, the color is clean, the color is avoided, the color maintenance is good, and it is not easy to fade and remove the color.

If the smoothness of the paper surface is not good, the pigment is easy to low, and the phenomenon of blurred colors, turbid colors, and not strong three -dimensional sense may occur, which causes color differences after the wall on the wall, even if it is faded in a short time, turning yellow becomes yellow, turning yellow becomes yellow, becoming yellow, turning yellow, becoming yellow, turning yellow, turning yellow, turning yellow Essence

The raw material of the most pure paper wallpaper is duplicate paper. It is a series of processes such as pulp and bleaching, and then print it on it. In addition to the rough paper and prone to the above problems, this type of wallpaper is prone to the above problems. Because of the filling more chemical raw materials during the production process, its environmental protection is not optimistic. Decoration on the family. Now the crafts of some things are getting better and better. It is difficult to distinguish if there is no professional knowledge when choosing. Relatively speaking, the better reference method is to look at the price. Generally speaking Special offer, the average price of ordinary stores will not be less than 200 yuan/volume (5.3 square meters), the best paper, if special design fee (purchasing design drawings from abroad) or imported pigments, that, that, that The price is not good.

Paper -based glue face wallpaper

Paper -based glue surface wallpaper (mostly paper -based and PVC) refers to the production of PVC surface layers and bottom paper. of.

Its structure is generally two layers. The bottom layer is paper base. The thicker the paper base (within a certain range), the better the hardness and falling of the wallpaper, and it is not easy to curl or occur or other construction problems. The above layer is coated with a decorative layer with no mechanical materials (a bit like a wear -resistant layer of strengthening the floor), which is generally PVC material. This decorative layer not only has excellent fire resistance, but also makes the wallpaper easy to clean and take care of it. It is dirty and dirty. At the time, you only need to wipe it gently with a wet cloth, which can be cleaned as it is, and it is very easy to take care of it. With such a craft, and letting the child paint paint, adults don’t have to worry about the wallpaper being destroyed.

The wallpaper made by this process overcomes the defects of pure paper wallpaper and can create many special patterns that are not achieved by pure paper wallpaper, such as imitation wood grain, leather patterns, spelling, imitation tiles and other effects. The patterns are realistic, three -dimensional feel Strong, good decoration effect, suitable for interior wall skirts, living rooms, and interior corridors. It is a mass product for wall decoration.

One of the disadvantages is that the breathability is not as good as pure paper. It is easy to mold for the humid walls, but now the wall is brushed on the wall. As long as the base film is brushed, it has little effect. Another is made by it after all. If the quality of production is not good, it is easy to cause the bottom paper and the surface layer to peel off, but the craftsmanship and materials of the regular manufacturers are already very good now. Do n’t worry too much about this. You can buy it with confidence, and one thing is that when the PVC wallpaper is posted, it has a faint smell, but it can disappear after that period of time, and you don’t have to take it too much.

As for the widely popular PVC material on the world, I have to correct a little misunderstanding of everyone, that is, what the sales manufacturers say are not environmentally friendly referring to PVC’s decomposition in nature than pure paper, so it is not as good as pure paper or It is no woven wallpaper environmental protection, not to say that the PVC itself is harmful to the human body. Can it be produced by the harmful country? It will not occupy the dominant position of the market! There is also the environmental protection of wallpaper.

So whether to choose PVC wallpaper, pure paper wallpaper and imitation cloth wallpaper, it depends on your decoration style. The combination of furniture is the color of the wallpaper. The environmental protection of pure paper wallpaper and non -woven wallpaper itself is better than PVC wallpaper, but regular The PVC wallpaper produced by the manufacturer does not cause any harm to the body. You can buy it with confidence!

Non -woven wallpaper

Non -woven wallpaper is the most popular new green environmental protection wallpaper in the world. It is a synthetic fiber such as natural plant fibers or polyester, acrylics such as cotton and linen. The surface layer is used), which does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine. It only produces carbon dioxide and water when it is completely burned. The strong black smoke and stimulating odor produced when the chemical elements are burned. Aging and broken, breathable and moisture -proof, it is not easy to fade after scrubbing. The color and patterns are clear. It is also a relatively good material for home decoration, especially the bedroom decoration!

The disadvantage of non -woven wallpaper is that the color is relatively single compared to PVC, and the color is lighter, and most of them are solid or light. Another is relatively higher than the PVC wallpaper and pure paper wallpaper.

Recently, some people say that non -woven fabrics are not environmentally friendly. Many KTV decorations are used. It is recommended that you do not buy it. In fact, the wallpaper used in general business places is a wallpaper for engineering. The color tone is generally deeper, and the environmental light is not very good, so the requirements for the wallpaper material are very low (the color difference does not matter, you can’t see it, you are not afraid of it, you are not afraid of it. Bettering color becomes yellow, haha), there are also some merchants who use engineering paper to buy home clothing paper (the price is super cheap). Consumers will soon find that the wallpaper on the wall is dark and shallow. And the quality of the pigment used is uneven.

It is recommended that you use latex paint if you blindly ask for cheap wallpapers, it is better to use latex paint, that is estimated to be safer!

Fluffy wallpaper

This type of wallpaper uses a static villi method to plant the short velvete of synthetic fiber on the paper base. The velvet wallpaper gives the velvet feel and texture, not reflective, non -fading, three -dimensional patterns, strong bumps, and a certain sound absorption effect. It is a good choice for high -end decoration. Mostly used for the decoration of the TV wall, sofa background wall, and dining room decoration wall.

The disadvantage is expensive. The higher grade is generally calculated according to square meters, and the market is hundreds of yuan per square meter. In addition, because the surface is fluffy, it is easier to stick to dust, especially for the TV wall. Because the TV is turned on and off, it is easier to absorb dust, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. It feels a bit troublesome.

The special effect wallpaper market is the kind of gravel, and it is also more used for the decoration of TV walls, restaurant walls and sofa walls. The texture is strong. If you want to fill a little metal element in modern style, this type of wallpaper is very Good choice. The disadvantage is also a bit expensive, and because it looks like a small stone, there is also more susceptible to dust.

Natural plant wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is made of plant fibers such as hemp, grass, wood, leaf and other plants. It is a high -end decorative material. Because it is compounded during manufacturing, it has the characteristics of flame retardant, sound absorption, breathable The style is simple and natural, elegant and generous, and the breath of life is strong. It gives people the real feelings of returning to Pu Gui. It is suitable for use in the home that wants to create a natural atmosphere in the home.

In addition to the above -mentioned wallpaper materials, there are also glass fiber wallpaper, which are based on medium -alkali glass fiber cloth as the substrate. Metal wallpaper, coated with a layer of electrolytes on the paper base, has a metal texture and gloss on the outside. In the wallpaper market, it occupies a small share and will not be explained one by one. In addition, if everyone attaches great importance to environmental protection, when buying wallpaper, in addition to the environmental protection of the wallpaper itself, we must pay more attention to the choice of glue.

In fact, the environmental protection of the wallpaper is not environmentally friendly, mainly depending on glue, and in terms of the current production technology, domestic glue is still different from imported glue in terms of performance. It is mainly a gap in stickiness and environmental protection.

The better choice of glue is German potato glue and Japanese glutinous rice wet glue. Of course, I refer to pure imported, not the kind of glutinous rice imported from Germany or imported from Japan, and then processed in China. These things Where is it? Is it obvious that German potato is more environmentally friendly than Chinese potatoes! In addition to paying attention to the material of the wallpaper itself, we must also pay attention to the ink used during the wallpaper printing process. This is not only related to the effect of the wall on the wall, the durability of the color, but also your health. What should I do if I can’t get it well? So that’s the one, buying regular manufacturers, in fact, many manufacturers are imported raw materials, and most of the domestic raw materials are not so good.

Finally, compare the indicators of the most pure paper wallpaper on the market, non -woven wallpaper and PVC (resin) wallpaper.

In the next issue, I will introduce to the friends who are preparing to decorate/being renovated- “How to choose a mahogany furniture? Knowing these 3 methods, the layman can also buy the genuine goods “”

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