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Suggestion of pearls into the pit 2: Don’t buy it randomly, buy a high cost -effective pearl

Suggestion of pearls into the pit 2: Don’t buy it randomly, buy a high cost -effective pearl

When I just entered the pit, I wrote it for a long time, I wrote it to everyone

Suggestions for pearls to enter the pit: Do not buy random, buy good beads if you buy

There are no particularly large changes, but over time and increased acceptance, it is certain to not buy randomly. It is also certain to buy pearls. At the same time, it is more important.

To buy a high -cost pearl


The cost -effective is mainly for the evaluation of my opposite beads: Most people, unless they are very good at handmade, they can’t accept beads other than no time except for no time and no time away, and they will feel uncomfortable. And the face bead is very picky.

I am young and ignorant, and my eyes are simple. Many accessories are inlaid. The ring does not require perfect pearls. Especially the styles are more complicated. Generally, there will be a certain area of ​​inlaid. The best choice.

Daxi ground pearl earr

It is not necessary to be flawless, because almost all the models are to punch. If you want to do a minimalist pendant, you have no time to buy a single point than the flawless flawless, and the effect of the hole in the hole is the same.

The tolerance of defects is higher. There are some one or two hundred or three hundred finished products you bought. In fact, it is also a flawed bead. Flaw. I do n’t know if I made it clear. The pair of people bought below was flawed.

The finished product you bought is also flawed

Therefore, to pursue cost -effective friends, don’t blindly pursue no time, it is not necessary.

In addition, under the condition of conditions, the purchase of seawater beads is given priority. Although a single start is expensive, a good seawater is definitely the highest -frequently wearing beads, and you can buy a box of gray more than you. Freshwater is too strong.

Nuclear blue blood Australia and white, now the most expensive single bead at hand

Of course, fresh water is also very beautiful and cost -effective. The mirror light, the white fresh water is also beautiful. Individuals prefer Aurora.

Freshwater Pearl Ear

Freshwater earrings, in fact, the real thing seems to be cold and white without pink

If you do n’t want to open a shop, do n’t buy a lot, after all, there are no three -headed and six arms, you ca n’t wear it. Buy less and buy a little more.

Australian white egg, once the most expensive single bead at hand

Tiansi disassemble pearl ears

Daxi Dragon Scale and Australian Bailong scale road pass

Daxi Drop Y Chain, in fact, he is green, it’s not easy to shoot

Freshwater Baroque

It’s really beautiful to see it every day, it’s really beautiful ~

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