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How should the babies wear in summer?

The beginning of summer is coming, and the steps of the four seasons are officially stepped into the summer. As the hottest season of the year and four seasons, in the summer, in people’s impression, it is always linked to the sun, beach, sweat and hot asphalt road. For mothers, the most worrying thing is that the baby is sweating with more clothes, or wearing less clothes and colds. So the question comes, how should babies dress in summer?

Question 1: What material is the best?

Choosing clothes for the baby is secondary. The most important thing is whether it is easy to wear! The weather is hot in summer, and the baby’s clothes must choose soft sweat -absorbing, cool and breathable fabrics, like cotton and silk clothes more suitable.

However, speaking of this cotton fabric, mumans will definitely think of another very common fabric in the baby’s clothing, that is, “combed cotton”. What is a combing cotton? Is the combed cotton suitable for your baby to wear? Let Xiaobian tell you!

In fact, the cotton cotton is cotton treated with special textiles. During the production process, excess impurities are cleaned up. Therefore, the fabrics woven are smoother and smooth, and they are not easy to get ball and deform. Compared with pure cotton, the texture of combed cotton is more delicate, and the durability is much higher. Naturally, it is suitable for the baby to wear.

Question 2: What color is the best?

In order to avoid the impact of chemical dyes on the baby’s health, we are parents, and we usually choose clothes for children. But do you know? The lighter the color, the worse the ability to block ultraviolet rays. In the summer that is fierce in this sun, if you let the ultraviolet rays of the baby’s skin for a long time, the consequences are unimaginable!

From the perspective of sunscreen, babies wear red clothes in summer. Because of all light waves, the red light waves are the longest, which can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet rays in the sun. In addition, dark and dark clothes such as black and dark blue, as well as bright and bright clothing such as orange, pink purple, and fluorescent green, are also ideal for obstruction of ultraviolet rays.

But this time it is embarrassing: Is the baby wearing light -colored clothes, or is it better? I personally think that obsessive -compulsive disorder can wear light colors for the baby indoors and dark colors outdoors! But in any case, sunscreen is still not enough based on the color of the clothes. The sunscreen and shading caps must be used, and try to avoid going out during the peak of ultraviolet radiation at 10 am to 2 pm!

Question 3: What number is the best?

Xiaobian often encounters such parents, because I am worried that the baby has a cold, and the clothes you wear to the baby are particularly and particularly special. He obviously starts to wear short sleeves, and the baby is still wrapped in three clothes. This is really a sin. Intersection How much clothes do babies wear in summer?

Under normal circumstances, due to the small amount of exercise, the number of clothes under 1 year old is almost the same as that of parents, without adding or decreased clothing. Babies over 1 year old are lively and easy to sweat, and their clothes can even be one less than adults. In the summer, the female baby can consider the sleeveless dress. The male baby can wear short -sleeved and shorts. As long as the tip of the nose and limbs is not cold, it indicates that it is appropriate.

However, if the baby stays in the air -conditioned room, the little socks must be put on, because the baby’s feet are particularly sensitive to temperature, and the barefoot will have a cold risk of walking on the ground. At the same time, the temperature of the air conditioner should be maintained at 26 ° C-28 ° C. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is not easy to be too large. For about 1-3 hours, open the window to change the air.

Question 4: Is the newborn wear a stomach?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body has meridians. The use of these collaterals and acupoints can treat diseases, but when it is attacked, it can also cause disease. The meridians and acupoints of the abdomen are the treatment of abdominal organs. When the abdomen of a person is cold, it will disturb the normal follow -up of the meridians, causing a series of lesions of a series of digestive systems, such as stomach pain, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, it is best to wear a small bellyband to the newborn in summer to protect the small belly. Moreover, compared with the vest, Dai Danbin is cooler. This is a major advantage of belly. Especially when you sleep at night, if you turn on the air conditioner, you must put on a small clothes or a small bellyband to protect the baby’s belly.

Hurry up, baby dress in summer!

· The style of clothes should be loose

The weather is stuffy in summer. It is best to choose a loose, simple, easy -to -wear and easy -to -wear style for your baby. The clothes are too tight not only uncomfortable, but also affect the baby’s growth and development, and loose clothes can also encourage the baby to move their hands and feet freely.

· The clothes workman should be fine

The baby’s skin is naturally delicate and sensitive. In the summer, you must choose the fine workmanship to see if the seams of the clothes are flat and whether there are sharp small objects. If necessary, you can also use scissors to cut the label of the clothes and excess line heads to avoid rubbing the baby’s skin.

· Delivery for clothes should be diligent

Babies are prone to sweating in summer. If the clothing after sweat is not replaced in time, it will easily cause a cold. Therefore, parents have to be diligent. When the baby’s clothes, quilts and pillow towels are dirty, they should be replaced immediately to avoid the baby’s skin diseases such as dermatitis.


1. Formaldehyde mainly comes from cheap dyes, so do not buy your baby for anti -wrinkle treatment (that is, we usually call iron -free) clothes. Try to choose a small pattern children’s clothing, and the printing on the pattern should not be very hard, but also Try not to buy bleached children’s clothing.

2. When you buy it, you must smell whether there is a irritating smell on the children’s clothing.

3. In addition, formaldehyde is often easier to dissolve in water. After buying home clothes, it is best to wash it with water first. Don’t wait to put new clothes for your baby. Whether you bought it from the small shop or the branded children’s clothing bought from the mall, you should wear it first.

4. If the baby is given new clothes, the baby has symptoms such as skin allergies, mood, poor diet, continuous cough, etc., you should consider the disaster of formaldehyde, and go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.