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The girl is equipped with a doll collar shirt, adding a sweater to expose the big lapel fashion and age, and it is just right in spring

#What to wear today#



You can wear any occasions

Age -reducing shirt

! This time, I will arrange a girl standard for you

Doll collar shirt

, It is early spring, midsummer

Age reduction.

And whether it is vacation, work, dating, or shopping, you can get it.

Basic model

The age reduction also has a sense of retro.

It can accompany the lace, and the lady’s temperament is obviously combined with the bubble sleeves.

Age reduction

At the same time, I added a few points

Western style,

It is

Miss Miss Miss,

Therefore, the girl is standard for the doll collar shirt, and the sweater is exposed to the big lapel fashion and reduced age.

It is just right in spring.

Doll collar shirt show

The doll is the early spring


Of course, the major fashion weeks and the show are indispensable.

Most of the white system.

Because the white doll collar is the best match, it can be said that it is

Super easy to wear,

Especially the version belongs to

More loose

In the series, the upper body is thin and thin, the tolerance is very large, and the use of the crowd

More extensive.

So the doll collar shirt on the show has laid it

Popular wind

Then let’s take a look together.

How to choose a doll collar shirt

Large doll collar

Stitching wood ear

The big doll collar can completely cover the back shoulders, and the magical thing is that it is also extended.

Proportion of neck


Small face

We can choose the gently lace side of the doll collar or the style of wooden ear.

It is both exquisite and full of palace Fan, and it is cold with a round neck sweater or a small cardigan to reveal the collar

Very eye -catching


Ancient board of conventional shirts

Who doesn’t love.

Double -layer doll collar

Everyone loves this large double -layer doll this year! It is really dazzling, while retro presenting, it does not lose

Fashionable and vitality

, The superimposed doll collar design is not exaggerated but slightly brought

Girl playfulness.

People can fall in love at a glance, and I also see it

Three -dimensional,

This design is also a dazzling thing, with the simple in the simplicity

Exquisite and delicate,

Not only showing a small face, but also

The neck is long.

Flower doll collar

Flower doll collar with an obvious visible


You can live for official occasions such as dating, gatherings, and annual meetings, especially with hollow lace

Embellishment design


Full French form,

Exquisite and age -reducing

, Flower collar can enrich the level, make the overall three -dimensional and yet


, Spring and autumn single wear, in winter, how to wear it can be highlighted

Noble temperament.

Shattered flower collar

Is the design of the flower tie combined with floral flowers perfectly growing at your aesthetic point? Little cute+small design+small gentleness is really super

Sweet and romantic

It’s at a glance at a glance

The feeling of first love,

You can go out with small white shoes and small white bags.

White flower collar

I have to mention this white flower collar, which has the temperature and the temperature and the temperature

Sweet and not greasy

, Grasp just right, the expansion looks like the petals,

Age reduction and good -looking.

It is especially suitable for matching in a sweater. Friends can choose the loose version of the meat and

Slightly waist

Because this is not much restricted to the body, use it as a base in winter, wear it alone in summer, make the sweetness to the end, and easily win

Wardrobe worn C position.

Small doll collar

White small doll collar

The small doll collar is too

Age -reducing artifact

, Small dolls have more literary and gentle and retro.


The point is that there is no difficulty in control.

Eighteen years old, we can choose a white doll collar. There is a kind of inner or single wear.

Neighbor girl

a feeling of,

Gentle and cute

, Super recommended to little cute people.

Naval collar

The naval collar in the small doll collar is also a more popular style at the moment, because it is really age -reducing when wearing it, and the navy collar has a handsome taste, usually with contrasting stitching or embroidery design. Seeing it depends Go up and meet

More exquisite, more age -reducing

, There are also lines of the upper body

The role of stretching.

How to wear a baby collar shirt

Doll collar+high waist skirt

For little fairy who likes elegant style, you can choose a doll collar shirt with a half -body skirt. There is a kind of Korean drama heroine.

Refreshing and cute

The doll collar can put the arms

The small meat hides.

Combined with the high -waisted skirt, the overall looks like paper people’s senses, and their own

Retro sense,


Gentle temperament

At the same time also bring a little bit

Little playful.

If you want more

Dazzling, colorful

When we choose a high -waist skirt, we can come to the hem of the irregular design elements, so it will look more even more

Unique and personality


Doll collar+sweater+shorts

The doll collar+sweater is comparison

Common match

, Also the most

Temperament and girly feel

At the same time, it is combined, but if we match a pair of shorts or boots in the lower body


The single product.

Instead, it looks like another taste.


It feels like a girl, it is not boring at all, this combination is even more

Add a sense of hierarchy.

Doll collar+sweater+suit

Do you want to take this single product more vitality, so you can consider matching a doll collar shirt and let the suit suit suit

Add a little tenderness

, Make people whole

More gas field,

Or we can also overlap a sweater outside the baby’s collar, which is significantly overall

More level

And it is also suitable for the unsure of the early spring.

Doll collar+dress

The big doll is paired with a suspender dress, very young girl, and the doll collar can still

Modify the face shape


Shoulder and neck line

When it is inward, only the collar is revealed, and the full stacking feeling is super

Fashionable and cute.

And it is not monotonous itself

Time is sweet without losing casual feeling

It is recommended to choose a small loose version with a dress. There is a certain amount of balance. The upper body will not be very tight.

More in line.

Doll collar+vest

Want doll collar


How can I get this small vest? The must -have “stacking” for fashionable girls to learn about it. It is very special for doll collar overlap. It is suitable for early spring.

The refreshing atmosphere.

In color, we can choose black and white matching or color system,

Will be eye -catching

, Easily become the finishing touch, the selection range of the next dress

More broad,

But no matter what you wear, it will be

C position in the crowd.

Doll collar+wide -leg pants

Doll collar+wide -leg pants suitable

Sweet Sweet Girl

At work, commute or daily travel, two

Simple and complicated

The combination makes people feel comfortable when it is watched, and there will be no discomfort when it is matched.

And wide -leg pants are

King of modeling

, Put out of your identity in minutes

Supermodel leg gas field

If you want to be concave -shaped or want to create a sense of leg length, sisters can choose wide -leg pants with doll collar.

Any occasion

Nothing will lose.

Doll collar+short skirt

Want to create


We can choose to match a short skirt. It is recommended to choose a simple and neat A -shaped silhouette with a doll collar shirt. The upper body is retro

The Hong Kong style is full of taste

It is very tall, can campus, career, sweet.

It depends on how you match the length of the skirt. When you wear the middle and high waist styles

Pull the waistline and lengthen the leg shape

Like this

Retro and casual

The style of style can be learned.

Star dress

The celebrities also love doll collar shirts, plus they are super tall


, Any lens is a group


, We can also learn from their wearing, such as the doll collar with wide -leg jeans, which gives a good, pure

School girl feels.

If you want to create this feeling, it is best to choose the large series with the ruffled edge and other elements, which will be more.

Pure feeling

, I can go to the kind of incense in an instant, and the dating party is all

Kill everyone.

The color of the winter world seems to be only black and white and gray, and the whole world when entering the spring is like a palette.

Rich and bright

Get up, so we need to wear it also

Make adjustments

It can be done by a doll -collar shirt.

For example, the doll collar shirt with a dark coat is both bright and not abrupt.

High -level and eye -catching,

Very suitable for winter to spring

Excessive stage

So the most fashionable wearing CP in spring, a baby collar shirt+sweater, revealing a big lapel help

Girly tempera

, To have a doll collar shirt, it is the door to the world directly, whether it is single, inside or outside, it is excellent.

Bold style

, But not fancy, the design is enough to make people feel at a glance. Do you have Get to its beauty? Go and stock up a few styles that are suitable for you.

Doll collar shirt