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Meet Van Gogh: A new media exhibition with a table

Meet Van Gogh: A new media exhibition with a table

I hope to meet Van Gogh. If you can see him, I will definitely shake hands with him -we know that this action has a different significance for him, because he sometimes writes “shaking hands with you” at the end of the letter. Moreover, I will tell him, “Vincent, you have been loved by everyone.”

Bill Nay took the lead in shaking hands with Van Gogh. He played a art critic in the “Vincent and Dr.” broadcast in 2010 in the science fiction TV series “Dr. Mystery”. In that TV series, Tony Colom, who plays Van Gogh, will appear in the last part of the “Meet Vincent Vancent Van GOGH Experience”. The fascinating actor Kircock Douglas will also appear in the exhibition. Both superstars have played Van Gogh, which makes Van Gogh a bit similar to Hamlet, which is a challenging task for actors.

“Meeting Van Gogh Experience Exhibition” chose the terrible scene of Van Gogh’s end of life as the opening: people seem to be in the wheat fields of the French countryside, just under a low gray and blue rain cloud, a group of black crows The group suddenly flew up and crossed the cold sky like steel. This is an animation scene produced by Van Gogh’s last painting “Wheatfield with Crows (1890). At this time Van Gogh’s voice sounded, and he said that he had reached the end of his life and had lost all hope. Then people heard a gunshot.

The brief history of life flashed in front of Van Gogh’s eyes, and the people who watched the exhibition walked into his memory. Among them, people saw the flashing night, the small bedroom, and other burning artists. Image at the point. It can be seen that the exhibition side is thinking about all this, but the effect is average. The on -site environment does not make the viewer intoxicating, but it feels very calm. People stand in a room surrounded by wheat fields on the screen, with background music in the headset, and then slowly walk into the next arranged exhibition space. There are some coffee tables there to create the Bohemian atmosphere of Parisian social venues in the 1880s. I have a skull, a bottle, and a bit of bitter Ai Ith on the coffee table -but these are fixed on the table. This is all the experiences of watching the exhibition — receiving the bottle, but there is no wine in it; see the real thing, but it cannot resonate.

What should the Van Gogh experience exhibition that can really immerse people in it? Should there be a trendy emotional fluctuation? Or there should be that dazzling giant rotating starry sky, the feeling of falling into the abyss, and the psychedelic journey of bitter alcohol with the green fairy? Such an exhibition should be able to pull you into the desperate vortex in the painter’s mind, so that your realm can be improved, so as to experience the unique perception of the artist’s nature. However, what is running counter to these ideas is that this exhibition just makes people feel like entering a large exhibition tent that provides light and tasteless beer. After strolling around, I still want to add another comedian. Everyone tells some jokes related to Van Gogh.

The exhibition is indeed placed in a giant tent. The people who watch the exhibition have to queue up to buy tickets, and then rent a fixed locker. This makes it easy to make people feel that they are going to switch to skates immediately. Maybe the effect of planning a Van Gogh theme is better? After all, from the perspective of old photos, the Dutch has always been very keen on the skating. When you skate in such the theme, you can make the stars and iris flowers flashed around.

In February 1888, Van Gogh first went to Aller in Provence, France, where he saw the dazzling golden yellow that later appeared in his pen. Now, we have entered a golden space. Here we have a dried grass pile. You can sit on it to watch the passionate French landscape painting demonstrated on the screen. The letter of his brother Ti’ao tells his enthusiastic mental state. “Yellow House” is painted by Van Gogh’s own artist community. In the exhibition, this painting has been physical into a light village house. This is the most impressive design link of the exhibition. Essence At that time, Paul Gao was the only artist who was attracted to his dream studio. Discovered.

This exhibition combined with sound and light failed to fully show the life of Van Gogh’s passion. The audience was looking forward to the generous Van Gogh who had the mission of the painter through the virtual reality technology? Where is the Van Gogh who reshape the electronic animation in the field?

The place where the painter Van Gogh can really be seen in his paintings. Each heavy stroke is an integral part of his soul. This exhibition did successfully magnify some of Van Gogh’s paintings. These details show how the orange, blue and black ridges are venting the painter’s full passion. Those exaggerated strokes that are clearly visible after zooming have also made people experience how Van Gogh has created abstract painting art. However, the copy of the paintings inlaid in the frame in the exhibition seemed to be unprepared.

This exhibition claimed to be immersed and using new media does not make the viewer have a deep experience in Van Gogh’s art. It can only be regarded as a summary of the artist’s life course. After watching the exhibition, my heart was extremely hungry, and I couldn’t wait to swallow the pigment. Only by crossing the Thames and going to the National Art Museum of London, standing in front of Van Gogh’s “Sunflower”, I was able to have the soul of the painter’s soul A real meeting. Hope he can feel our love for him.

“Meet Van Gogh Experience Exhibition” was exhibited at the South Bank Art Center in London from February 7 to May 21.

The author of this article Jonathan Jones is the art writer of the Guardian.

(Translation: Zheng Rong)

Source: Interface News

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