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Wearing a “shirt”, do n’t always match the skirt. This year’s popular trousers are popular, which is thin and thin and fashionable.

Wearing a “shirt”, do n’t always match the skirt. This year’s popular trousers are popular, which is thin and thin and fashionable.

Shirts and skirts are indeed a group of partners, but sometimes we can try various ways of wear. Just like the following pants are combined with a fashionable shirt, it can still show a sense of high -level, and this kind of dressing is very suitable for this season. It is worth learning. We must try it.

If you want to wear a sense of fashion, you can also try different designs when wearing shirts. For example, this striped shirt is very popular in recent years. It belongs to the basic model, but vertical stripes can help you modify your figure. For example, the blue -white striped shirt below, wearing it on the body, shows a full sense of high -level, looks simple and neat.

The solid shirt is also very versatile, which is worthy of attention for us. There are many styles of solid -color shirts. For example, this shirt below will also show a fresh and fashionable atmosphere. If you are afraid of restraint, remember to unlock the button of the neckline.

And many tide people will use different designs when choosing shirts, such as sleeves, you can try the following kind of bubble sleeve shirts, easily show a cute atmosphere, and it looks more playful. The blue below The shirt is incorporated into the bubble sleeve, which can instantly reflect the fresh and refined temperament.

Or you can follow the current trend and choose a wave -dot shirt for yourself. The elements of the wave point will definitely look more retro, and the most classic is this black and white wave dot. Simple and neat, and at the same time, the black shirt is merged with white wave dot modification, which can also create a very refreshing atmosphere.

The shirt with high -waisted pants is very friendly for the small man. If your proportion is not enough, you can use this high -waisted black wide -leg pants to match with a white shirt, simple and fashionable and help us modify the figure, plus The jacket corner modifies the waist, and it will also look more temperament.

The white shirt is a classic model, and the trendy people also like to use this white shirt to make the concave shape, which can create a variety of styles, such as the white shirt below with yellow high -waist pants. This can also highlight the fresh and refined gas field. The yellow pants light up this dress, and it is not monotonous to watch.

If the skin tone is fair, you can use a variety of bright pants to make the concave shape. The following pants are very popular green this year. This green brightness is relatively high. It is very eye -catching on the body and is very eye -catching. It can earn enough eyeballs. At the same time, use this shirt with bright colors. Can neutralize each other.

Small white pants are particularly classic. When you do n’t know what to wear, you can use white cropped pants to match the shirt like a blogger. The dark shirt and light -colored pants can also help. You modify your figure.

If you don’t want to match the fancy, you want to pursue minimalist wind, that white dress is quite worthy of reference. The white shirt is paired with white wide -leg pants. This shape is light -colored, which looks refreshing and suitable for spring and summer.

Or you can also use this black shirt concave shape to meet the thin needs of thinness. It is very suitable for the beautiful eyebrows with a slightly fat body. Black shirts with blue cone pants can avoid monotonous and brighten this shape.

There are many ways to wear shirts. The temperature difference between the morning and evening this season may be quite large. If you want to wear warmth, you can try to stack it on the outside of the shirt with a suit to highlight the sense of layering, and it is also more capable of being capable. Essence Then with high waist and wide -leg pants, this can also highlight the long legs.

It is recommended that when you try to match your shirts with pants, you can match high heels under your feet. High heels are thinner and thinner than ordinary flat shoes, and also more refined. The following shape looks very fashionable. By high -heeled shoes, the long legs are highlighted, and the fashion degree is also improved. The pointed toe also stretched the legs, and the small man must have it.

This spring and summer seasons, sisters can use these shirts with trousers to highlight their long legs, which can not only cover the meat, but also sunscreen. More importantly, it will look very simple and neat. Xiaobai can also control it. Essence Disclaimer: Original text, the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about fashion trousers, hope it can help you.