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Dare to wear “outdated” corduroy pants, the taste will not be very bad, how long have you been wear?

In the match, a fashionable and bright single product is great for a person’s image temperament. Many times people are not comprehensive for the definition of the trend, always think that the latest is the best, in fact, not this. In the fashion world, retro is also a trend culture.


Also, most people who like this trend culture are more tasteful, and they have a certain understanding of fashion. It is because of understanding, so it’s more dare to wear. The corduroy is such a trend element with retro culture, in the fashion time, it is still sitting on the trend seat.

Lift the corduroy, many people may be the first reaction is “outdated”, but this excessive does not mean it is not popular, but there is a certain trend culture, so that it has a retro charm. The history of the corduroy is long, originally popular in the industrial and agricultural class, but later more and more popular, gradually becoming a unique texture of the retro gentleman representative.


This is the powerful charm of the corduroy. It is transformed by the initial “velvet” in the poor. More, because people discover its practical. The texture of the cordurvess has a gentle and romantic temperament, even if it is a simple pants, as long as you choose the corduroy element, the effect will be amazing, then how long have you not worn this trousented?


As the name suggests, this fabric is called a corduroy because its surface has a small ridge projection. This arrangement neat ridge is not any combination, but there is a certain specification, usually 1 inch in 11 ridges. Take this, the more the number of arrangements per inch is, the more delicate the cleavage, the fewer quantities, the more texture is mad.

First, the corduroy is different, the texture of the trousers is also different.

1 crude corduroy pants, temperament is very tough

It is also because there is a difference in the thickness of the corduroy, which makes it more specific. Relatively, the thickness of the corduroy is more likely to stop the tough temperament of the people, and it is the type of male. Especially for loose version of the wide leg pants, it will make the single item of the line feel more, and it is very popular.


If you don’t worry about your handsome male, you can choose the pants of the corduroy fabric texture. Plus the tidal version of the bunch of trousers will make people feel very much.

Regardless of the tone of the trousers, as long as the corduroy is thick texture, it can easily show a very powerful side of men. This hard pants with a tight textured fabric, no matter how wearing effect is too bad.

2 fine lantern pants, easy to show high level

Unlike the thick texture of the corduroy, the texture is relatively fine, and it is almost not seeing the ridge line when it looks far. This texture will make the item look more advanced, which is very helpful for the gentleman’s gentleman’s gentleman.


This textured trousers have a benefit that it not only has better skin feelings. For others, there is no too strong impact. It seems gentle and connotative, it is the landmark item of retro gentleman.

Texture delicate corduroy pants, the more simple, the more high-level. Simple color and version are the necessary elements of high-level feelings, easy to achieve through a corduroy pants and a black long sleeve. It can be seen that the impact of the texture of the item is still very large.

Second, the pants version is tidy, the fashion performance is better

In addition to the difference in the texture of the corduroy pants, the style also has many changes. They are not only different styles, but also have a big difference in detail design, but also a high-level sense of simple models, some personal style with strong design is also not bad.


It is said that fashion is full of unlimited, in the style of style. Through the jumping stitching of geometric graphics, a colorful fashionable pants will have a stronger fashion expression. Then, with an orange baseball cap and trousers, the entire model will be very fashionable.


It is this small detail that is full of design, and performs new trends in this retro style. Through the pile treatment at the foot of the pants, let the original straight version look very trend, very modified, with a short jacket to easily show the long legs.


Third, the corduroy pants are wear, improve the taste

1 Cartrilloprush pants + sweater retro literary

As a classic trend, the corduroy pants are very fashionable. When you match the sweaters, you will make a soft man. Since the fabric of sweaters and trousers has obvious texture, I want to make a better shape, it is necessary to pay particular attention when they are mixed, and the fine texture corduroy pants should try to match the coarse texture.

Similarly, coarse texture of the corduroy pants, try to choose the fine texture of sweaters. Although it is just a small detail, the advantage of such a match is to make people’s image temperament, which will neither look loosely and will not have a strong sense. The modeling effect is highlighted in such small details and cannot be ignored.

2 wick velvet pants + down jacket warm and comfortable


If you say the most practical item in winter, I am afraid still a down jacket. Whether it is a windproof, it is a molding, down jacket is more practical. Especially when the down jacket meets the corduroy pants, then select color, the effect is doubled. A brown pants with green down jackets, bright and fashionable.


With short down jackets with short down trousers in corduroy, it is more helpful to slimming. Especially the high waist tablife flush straight pants, with short down jackets will wear “neck below the legs” visual effect.


Because the color cleavage is originally more varied, if you like low-key color matching, you can choose the black down jacket to match it is also a good choice, it is very stable, it is very advanced.

Even with a long black down jacket, you don’t have to worry about the high pressure of the body. Khaki wide-legging pants are visually expanded, so that the leg contour lines are clear, still can show the long legs.


The corduroy pants are very practical, dare to wear “Out of”, the taste is usually not too bad. Don’t let the corduroy pants eat ash in the closet, try to wear these, improve the grid. Especially the small partners who like the cultural retro style, this wave retro trend must not miss it.

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