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After giving birth to dress, don’t buy anymore, the must -have list is here

Many mother -in -law after giving birth to a problem of deformation, and the body is relatively weak. At this time, it is necessary for Baoma to wear some special postpartum clothes to help the body recover. So which clothes must be used? How do mothers choose and use correctly?

Easy to decompose bra

Bao Ma can wear breastfeeding underwear since pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy, breasts will gradually increase due to hormones in pregnant women. Pregnant mothers wear breastfeeding bras to protect breasts to avoid compressive breast glands. After giving birth to the baby, in order to make the baby breastfeeding, Baoma chose a breastfeeding underwear that was opened before, and it was convenient for Baoma to quickly unlock it. In addition, she had to choose underwear without steel to avoid poking the baby’s face during breastfeeding.

Pure cotton gauze belly band

The abdomen belt is mainly the purpose of Baoma to achieve thin waist. After the baby is born, the baby’s abdomen belt can avoid drooping internal organs, and it is also conducive to uterine contraction and discharge. It is best to choose a cotton gauze with abdomen belt. The gauze is more breathable. Generally, it can be used for two or three days after giving birth. It takes about three months to one year to achieve the purpose of shaping.

Loose and comfortable home service

After giving birth, many Baoma will rest in bed, so when choosing a confinement service, it is mainly to be loose and comfortable, which is not only conducive to the relaxation of Baoma’s body and recovering faster, but the baby may breastfeed once in two hours. Open clothes, so it is best to choose a placket or side -opening clothes.

Out of the wind

It is the older generation of thoughts after giving birth. In fact, as long as the physical conditions are allowed, Baoma can go out and walk appropriately, but pay attention to the weather, if it is too sunny, or if you have a strong wind, do not go out. Therefore, when you go out, you must be careful. If you want to go out after giving birth, you must make windproof and warm, wear long -sleeved clothes, and wear a confinement hat.

High -elastic yoga suit

If Baoma wants her body to recover as soon as possible, she can do some simple exercise, such as some postpartum gymnastics. During the exercise, Baoma is more likely to sweat because of his physical weakness, so it is recommended that Baoma choose yoga clothes with good elasticity and strong breathability, so that you can quickly take away sweat, keep the body dry, and avoid the baby’s cold and cause the disease. Essence

Bao Ma has a false body after giving birth, and the pores have a large amount of sweat, so you must change clothes to ensure comfort and hygiene, and prevent pregnant mothers from getting sick.