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A kind of shoe is popular this year: called loafers, pointed temperament, round head reduction, how to wear it well

Pointed Poop Lefu Shoes: Insufficient comfort, better fashion, suitable for office workers and white -collar workers.

The pointed -headed Lefu shoes are the favorite styles of the workplace white -collar workers. Its head is more sharp, giving a very delicate and elegant impression, not suitable for casual clothes.

Whether it is flat or high -heeled shoes, it is more suitable for clothes that are used to match professional clothes and fashion styles.

Fangtou Lefu Shoes: Moderate comfort, style in round head and pointed, relatively good match.

Fangtou -style loafers have a neutral style of handsomeness. It gives a tough impression that uses a suit to make you look more decisive and tough.

Suitable for women in the workplace for daily commuting, it will not be too formal or too casual.

Round -headed Lefu shoes: casual comfort, age -reducing effect, versatile and not picking people.

The round -headed Lefu shoes are relatively classic styles. Its biggest advantage is that it is more comfortable. It fits the foot type of most people. It will not feel tired for a day.

Especially the thick -bottomed loafers, they are loved by small girls, showing tall and long legs.

Suggestions for Putin shoes of all styles:

Polarized Love Shoes Matching Share

Because of the higher fashion of pointed Lefa shoes, it is recommended to match the clothes with similar styles. The white -collar workers working in the office can use black pointed high -heeled shoes with a suit.

When you are amateur, use a pair of small pointed loafers with a generous black T -shirt and a beautiful gauze umbrella skirt, which will make you show the elegance and romance of women.

This kind of fashionable clothing, it is best to use the earrings and necklace jewelry, which will make you more fashionable. When you are cold, put on a trench coat, and look charming when you look at the back.

Fangtou Lefu Shoe Share

Fangtou Lefu Shoes is a style of pointed and round heads. If you don’t want to be too casual, and feel that the pointed shape is too formal, the upper feet are uncomfortable, you can choose the comfortable and fashionable square -headed Lefu shoes. Essence

The blogger’s wear above is really worthy of our reference. Light -colored loafers are very suitable for early spring wear. White Lefu shoes and white shirts above form a unified color style. Very comfortable.

In the middle, a coffee color cigarette pants are used as the transition color, which will not make the overall color too monotonous. The color of the coffee is brighter than the black color, and it will not look dull. Whether it is going to work or daily shopping.

Round -headed loafers with sharing

Lefu shoes with round heads are the most popular among three styles and are the most classic shoes. Especially this kind of loafers with metal decorations on the soles of thick shoe are often seen on the street. Essence

The thick -bottomed Lefu shoes are very comfortable, which can play a good leg length and high effect. When the early spring arrives, it is simple, convenient and fashionable with long -tube black socks.

The proper skin exposure in the middle of shorts and socks can beautify the legs as long as the legs,

When choosing a jacket above, you need to echo the color of the socks and shoes.

Round -headed loafers with socks are more suitable for the shapely girls,

Girls with ordinary figures are recommended to pair with jeans, which is more fashionable than wearing small white shoes and casual shoes. It is also good -looking with a must -have suit in spring.

I have to say that the degree of versatility of round -headed loafers is no less than small white shoes. It is also full of girly with skirts!

Black Lefu shoes+black dress plus a simple white cardigan girl feels full of sense, but also very thin, and slightly fat girls can also easily control.