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Simple explanation of LED lights

Simple explanation of LED lights

Now solid -state semiconductor lighting, referred to as LED lighting for short, has been used in large quantities of indoor and outdoor home, business, industry, transportation and other industries. The closest to our usual life is home, car lights and other products, especially the decoration of new houses for LED downlights, line lights, kitchen and bathroom panel lights, orbital lights in the living room, and LED ball bubbles.

The main parameters of the LED are, color temperature, generally 2700K-6500K, from warm white to cold white, indoor home furnishings 3000K or 4000K, color rendering index above 80, if there is a frequency flash power supply is a better option. It is characterized by long life, low heating, and good reliability. The disadvantage is that if you buy inferior LED lights, there will be color consistency, color drift, large heat attenuation attenuation, LED dead lights. The lighting effect of home lighting is not the first consideration, and it is the most important match with the overall style.

In the past three years, the installation rate of LED headlights is nearly 80%of the home factory. The joint venture high -end brand BBA and other B and above cars have matrix headlights MATRIX. Generally, the models are also distant and near -light LED headlights. I am embarrassed to release without LED daytime driving lights. Generally, the color temperature of the headlights was about 3500-4500K, and now the LED is basically 5000–6500K. The vision is very bright. The disadvantage is that the penetrating power is not warm in the condition of poor weather conditions. Everyone can rest assured that the LED particles for joint venture brands or independent brands are generally traditional big brands such as OSRAM, Nichia, Lumileds. It is a standard vehicle regulation LED recognized by the market that meets the AEC-Q101 certification. Of course, our domestic LED is also working hard to catch up. I believe that there will be many domestic brands such as Hongli, Ruifeng, Tiandian and other brands in the future.

The picture below is the conventional LED size and the bottom chip of the packaging glue.