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Is the air expensive? Fans disk control, floor heating, is it consuming electricity?

Is the air expensive? Fans disk control, floor heating, is it consuming electricity?

Many friends ask me, is the air source heat pump a new product? Is the air expensive? Is it necessary?

The air source heating equipment, because of the “coal -to -electricity” in the north in recent years, the people are actually familiar with it. In fact, the air source is not a new product. In the central air -conditioning industry, the air source belongs to the air -cooling and cold pump unit. Starting from 1960s, it started to use in Europe and the United States.

The air source equipment is the central air -conditioning water system of the unit+inner unit. The central air -conditioning equipment is too similar to the car, the price is three or six or nine, some people BBA travels, and some people have drove the van for more than ten years. It mainly depends on your budget. It is best to choose a big brand. There are more than 100 years of international brands, domestic brands, and even small workshops. Many people’s misunderstandings are that the host is good, the interior end or fan coil choice a small miscellaneous brand. In fact, it should not be because the interior decoration ceiling is finished. Choose a poor quality internal machine. It is not enough to demolish the top, and another, the noise of the small brand’s inner machine is large, which directly affects the rest.

The matter is not expensive, and the focus is on. Just give an example of self -built houses. Many people in the village are good now, covering small buildings, living in new houses, even mahogany furniture and luxury decoration. Good horses with good saddle, then I will say that a self -built house of a certain international air -conditioning brand.

A self -built house in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, with the building belt thermal insulation. The building area is 390 square meters, and the area heating area is 340 square meters. 1 full -frequency household water machine 10 horses are selected. Under the standard working conditions, the cooling capacity is 28.8kW, the heating capacity is 30kW, the unit area thermal load index is 88W/m2, and the floor heating in winter is warm in winter. Essence The inner machine is 14 wind machine plates, which come to cool in summer. The pictures before and after the decoration are seen. The design of the scheme must be found to do it, because each room structure, area size, window size, etc. will affect the selection of the device. In addition, I have seen too many brands flickering the owner, saying that it is a 10 -hop host, but in fact, the cooling capacity is less than 25KW. It’s as if the 4S shop tells you that the configuration is 2.0 car, in fact, it is sold 1.8.

The focus is: more than 3 years of use, actual situation: winter floor heating, setting back to water at 33 ° C, maintenance indoor temperature of about 22 ° C, local electricity costs 0.52 yuan/degree, a 4 -month heating season More than 16 yuan per square meter. Most of Hebei City’s municipal heating fees are about 22 yuan per square meter, and the county and districts are about 19 yuan. The heating cost of 16 yuan per square meter is ideal. The cost of cooling in summer is similar to this.

This system designs protective measures such as automatic freezing and drainage valves, automatic water replenishment valves, front filters and other protection measures. The host also has anti -freezing function to listen to the user’s return visits. The actual feedback, the owner said that the air source heat pump is used to give me the feeling that I feel like this. What time is it:

1. Save things, save the tediousness of filling coal. Clean and environmentally friendly.

2. Safety, unlike gas or coal -fired boilers, there are hidden safety hazards. Save worrying.

3. Tall, the appearance is small and beautiful, and it is a big brand.

4. Energy saving and low noise. The entire heating season is used than concentrated heating and other heating methods, and the noise is still very low.

Old iron, air source, know the cut?

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