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The smooth muscle cultivation manual uses these 4 body scrubs to reduce the skin burden

The smooth muscle cultivation manual uses these 4 body scrubs to reduce the skin burden


With the advent of summer, all kinds of dew -thigh skirts are going to wear, and the body’s exfoliating care must not be ignored. Next, I will bring you several of your skin. Product, remember to use it, don’t be lazy!

In addition to the stratum corneum on the face cannot be ignored, the body also needs to be removed from time to time. The accumulation of the stratum corneum will make the skin look dull and hinders the absorption of skin care products. Let the editors introduce 4 easy -to -use body matte. Ointment!

Physical exfoliation, do this!

1. Use tools (loofah, body brush or exfoliating gloves) before bathing. The role of this move is to make the body tighter and prepare for the next step to formally exfoliate. Swipe up from the soles of the feet.

2. After drying the body, wet your body with water. Clean milk squeeze out an appropriate amount of loofah or squeeze exfoliating products to the hand, start from the soles of the feet, and circle on the skin of the body. When touching the more sensitive area, gently scrub the body to avoid hurting the skin. Note that if you have been sunburned recently or have any small wounds in the skin, do not go out of the horny steps.

3. Use the body brush as the exfoliation of the other parts and other difficult parts. Don’t forget to exfoliate your hands. The skin of both hands will become softer.

4. Rinse the body with warm water after exfolling the whole body. You can decide whether to use the bath gel according to your needs.

5. After bathing, apply moisturizing lotion for the body. The moisturizing cream containing AHA (α hydroxyl acid) or BHA (β hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid) ingredients is suitable for exfoliating and can be removed, which can remove dead skin cells.

Recommended only!

Oh baby Silk Essence body deodorant

House of Rose Oh! Baby Silk Essence body deodorized matte 570g is the winner of the Japanese cosmetics champion for 3 consecutive years. In 2007, he entered the Cosme Hall. It is a well -known body matte in Japan.

The crystals of hot spring water are the main ingredients, and the silk particles are added. The matte is very delicate and will not hurt the delicate skin. Clear old keratin, make the skin soft and moist, full of transparency.

Lush Ocean Salt Marine Crystal Fruits

The face can be used or used as a body scrub. The blue particles only have a thin layer on the top, and the paste shakes due to long -distance transportation. It may be only sporadic blue particles left when it is opened.

Natural sea salt scrubs rich in minerals can awaken dull skin and make you instantly bright and moving. With natural ingredients such as fresh grapefruit, lime, and seaweed, it can condition the secretion of oil and fat on the face, and help moisturizing, pores and net white skin tone.

FRESH 馥 馥 f brown sugar moisturizing body matte

Fresh’s body matte, soft texture, polishing on the skin will not feel irritating, gently remove the old skin and abandon keratin, and will not cause the skin to be too dry. Fragrant brown sugar tastes every day, and has used the skin to moisturize as if applying body milk

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