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Beijing husband and wife’s three -child home: empty vegetable garden, climbing at home, everything

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In the small village outside the sixth ring of Beijing,

There is a house in the outer circle,


It looks particularly special.

The house did not open the window outside,


Egg circular inner courtyard and glass curtain wall,

Bring a wonderful light and shadow change.


The building area is 300 square meters, two floors high,

There is also an empty vegetable garden,


Can be used for the homeowner’s family to eat fresh vegetables every season.

House Director Quan Yan (first from right) a family of six

The house director Quan Yan was an executive of a foreign company,


After the little daughter was born,


Decide to resign from work and concentrate on accompany your family,

With his wife, 3 children, mother,

A family of six lives a minimalist rural life:

Don’t buy luxury goods;

Planting vegetables and recycling resources by yourself;


The toys for children are made by themselves.

Ren Quanyu said, “Many people think we are free of wealth,

But we are still starting a business,

Strive to find the source of the economy and choose rural life


It does not mean isolated from the world. “


Written by Bai Wenping Editor Deng Kailei

The small village in Changping, Beijing Sixth Ring Road

On the side of the five rings of Beijing to Changping, through the path of two rows of ginkgo trees, we came to the village where the Ren Quanyu family lived.

There are large and small courtyards and red brick rooms in the narrow alley. Ren Quanyu’s home seems not much different from most houses in the village: the gray cement wall is covered with a rattan tiger, and the wooden door is written on the handwriting. Spring Festival couplet …

Ren Quanzheng, who was just busy finishing his housework, slowly came out in a loose cloth and took us to visit his ideal home.


Pushing the door, the ginkgo tree in the arc garden grows tall and dense. It surrounds the inner courtyard along the arc to form a round design of the internal circle.


The level of this house is very rich. Ren Quanzheng first planted a row of bamboo as a screen at the gate, and also designed a water -based landscape that imitated the stream. There is an outdoor tea table on the red maple tree and the lawn. of.

Ren Quanyu’s top floor vegetable garden

He planted a variety of plants and succulents on the wooden boards in the inner courtyard. Going to the end clockwise, the stairs can be turned to the top floor. The air vegetable garden here can produce three seasons a year. The family basically does not need to buy food.


Designer Lin Qiaoqin created an ideal home for Ren Quanyu’s family

Ren Quanzheng lived with his wife, three children, and uncle. In 2015, he invited designer friends Lin Qiaoqin to help design a house that can meet six people. He hopes that every family member has an independent space -children have places to play, and they have places to grow vegetables, and they must be able to shorten a family distance and can take care of each other.

Lin Qiaoqin finally designed a circle of circular buildings with an area of ​​more than 300 square meters. The two floors also brought top -up vegetable gardens, which made the Ren Quanyu family very satisfied.

There are 14 spaces in the room, and the round glass curtain wall brings abundant light changes, and can also allow family members to see each other in each corner.

The first space of the household is the foyer, with a cloakroom and shoe cabinet. It is the living room inward. The seat is in the inner courtyard. You can watch different changes every day and seasons.

The collapsed rice space next to it was originally used as a tea room. Now it is the game area where the daughters have passed by the family. The seats with high or low differences. Sometimes the daughter will play and hide here, and suddenly come out to coquettish with her parents.

The restaurant is the most commonly treated place in the family. There is a fireplace on the wall that is very warm in winter. Because the public indoor space on the first floor is opened, the kitchen is closed to avoid the oil fume scattered indoors.


Pushing out of the glass door of the restaurant can lead to the small tea rooms and houses next door. These two are independent rooms.


The steel cable extends down the rotating stairs. We go up to the second floor. There are 4 different tables of different heights, which can meet each member of the family at the same time.


Ren Quanzheng is here to write with the children. The eldest son likes to write calligraphy and painting. The two little daughters can learn from the small table.


The master bedroom is divided into 3 rooms. The innermost is Zen Xiu. Ren Quanyu has the habit of meditation. He sits quietly every day. The middle is a relatively private master bedroom. The moon door is connected to the daughter’s room with the moon door. Sleep next to it, easy to look at.


The other end of the stairs is a small study for children. The books and children read by adults are here. The two little daughters and their own “treasure boxes” will take out various colored crayons and small scissors here to hand in hand.

What is close to the game room, the small tent set up is like the small world of the children. The entire wall is covered with blackboard paint, so that the child can graffiti on the wall, and then walk inside. house.

After visiting the entire building, the time was approaching the evening. The children of Ren Quanyu went home one after another. The dogs adopted at home greeted them excitedly.

The eldest son is a good archery, and there are a few balloons on the grass, and he can shoot in three or two times. The two daughters worshiped the brother and cheered for him next to him.


Since I moved in in April 2016, the Ren Quanyu family lived a natural rural life, and her feelings have become more and more close, but they can grow independently: “Although the economy must have a foundation, we have a low desire and pursuing the stability of our souls. Stay away from the city. “


The whole side of the inner courtyard is the glass curtain wall, blurring the interior and outdoor boundaries, and leading to the indoor. From morning to night, the sun is shot in this house. The light that falls at home at every time makes people feel a good feeling of time and weather changes.

Because it is ring -shaped, children can see parents at any angle, and we can also easily see the children, which is both independent and smooth.


I have a good income for being an executive in a foreign company. We moved several times, and I lived near the Fourth Ring Chaoyang Park. Then I moved to Shunyi, moved to Changping, and came to the sixth ring. It is also out of our desire for nature from the heart.


In fact, many people will feel that our life in the countryside is retired in advance. It seems that we are free or rich in wealth. Of course, this must have a certain economic foundation. come over.

We never buy luxury goods, nor do we buy plastic toys and electronic toys for children. There is no birthday gift on birthday. On the way home, the child sees beautiful small branches and small stones picked up. As a material in a toy, he can play all kinds of family members and fully exert his imagination.


The family can do it by itself, and there is a circular ecological vegetable garden. Basically, our vegetables can’t be eaten by ourselves, and we will share it with neighbors. In fact, it saves a lot of money at home expenses.

Ren Quanhuan’s eldest son loves sports and calligraphy and painting


My eldest son is 10 years old, the second daughter is 7 years old, and the younger daughter is 4 years old.


Before the third child, the boss and the second child were particularly good. When the second child was born, the boss entered the delivery room at the age of 5 and hugged his sister in his arms. Now we are all very impressed and moved.


When the third child was born, the brother had a feeling of being a father for his sister. He would also feel that the second sister is now also a sister and has to take care of the younger sister, so the brother is special to the third child, and the younger sister is hundreds of Yi Yi. Bai Shun, how can it be.

Then the two sisters were particularly listened to my brother. “You abuse me thousands of times, I still treat you like your first love”, the front foot was just bullied by his brother, and he took a delicious one back. She gave her brother again. past.


When the children have conflicts, we do not interfere very much. In fact, quarrels and fights have emotions. They are also hone their own minds. They are dealing with interpersonal relationships. Because children’s understanding of things and adults are not the same thing at all, as parents, we are more empathy.


The child was sad and sad, and my parents hugged and patted, but I didn’t help you solve that thing. I just comforted him. After his heart was nourished, he would solve his own problems.

We hope that children can truly have a knowledge of themselves. For example, when they are adults, they already know what kind of life they want, what they like to do, and what kind of person they want to be, then he You can grasp his life earlier.


You don’t need to have too high income, you can not earn so much money, and you will not lose your heart because of the material. You can achieve what you really want to do. We can live a happy life, and we feel very satisfied.

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