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Free shipping district dining tank guideline

Children in the free shipping area are happy.

Taste buds have been cultivated by the rich ingredients around them since childhood. Spring and summer amaranth Malan heads in the snow, and the large and small ribs of pork ribs in autumn and winter have rich sweets that have given this land unique -daily and New Year’s eight treasure rice with sugar.

On the third day of the New Year, although life may be full of helplessness and uncertainty, but promise me, I still have to eat well!

Red molt lamb

“Regardless of him, let’s talk about this bowl while hot.”

Sitting in the Yangtze Museum, a bowl of belly, the heat spread from the center of the body, making people the cold that is difficult to rest in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in an instant, and the fatigue of the past year. The short -term waywardness seems to be the mission of this food.

The docile lake and sheep, the rice wine in the south of the river, the thick oil red sauce onion ginger garlic, even the belt meat, and the soft rotten, and then sprinkle the seasonal green garlic. It cannot be connected with the impression of lamb vegetables at all.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang people do make cooking mutton into craftsmanship.

And the most wonderful way is not

煨 soup, meals,


Cover with fine alkali noodles,

The noodles should be cooked slightly and chewy, and the fat and thin soft glutinous mutton is entrance to the entrance, so that the master of the master will be greedy for early greedy black sheep. When you are full, drink pot tea and make a cricket, and conclude a peace treaty with the cold winter lunar month. In the land of Su Wu, everything should be paid to good -looking posture, and even the winter is the same.

Eight treasure rice


Every household in the free shipping area will make Babao rice.

Doing eight treasure rice does not require any molds or special crafts: a bowl, a plastic wrap is basically done. The steamed eight treasure rice, lard is opened between each glutinous rice. At this time, glutinous rice is a nearly melting crystal state, which can be turned into dense with gently. When the spoon was stunned, the oil was flowing like water. Take a bite,

Sweet, cotton, glutinous, soft, slippery,

With almost no teeth, you can melt between your lips and teeth.

After a spoonful of red bean paste, the red red bean paste appeared faintly, and the dried fruit honeymine lotus seeds of the eight treasures appeared one by one, but this was not the extreme.

Better eight treasure rice must have blood glutinous rice. This is a kind of ingredients that are only familiar with southern children. Although it is glutinous rice, it is dark brown. After steaming, the particles are full. After a bite, there is a sense of bursting that only has it. In the middle of the teeth, under the “bang”, there is a completely different stimulus in the mouth.

Wuxi ribs

The most famous for making ribs is Wuxi, but they

Do not like to add vinegar, only sweet and salty seasoning when you do it.

If you come to a Wuxi sauce pork rib shop, you will find the method of making ribs here. In fact, there is actually no different place to other places: pickled the meat first, fresh meat ribs are marinated in the salt for more than 6 hours, so that the bone can suck It starts to make the salty taste. However, after boiling in the pan, after the spices and soy sauce, it is sugar. In almost all meat vegetables, Wuxi people will subconsciously add sugar.

Many northerners go to Wuxi for the first time to eat ribs, and they may be spit out by the sweetness, so Wuxi ribs are charged with “sweetness”. In fact, sweetness is just its appearance, Wuxi people call this



(But more suitable explanation may be that sugar gives them a sense of familiarity and security on taste buds).

And if you can overcome this sweetness and eat it through the sweetness, you will find that the real taste of Wuxi sauce ribs is actually:

The sweetness is salty, and the aftertaste is endless.


People in Shanghai are very important.

The most savvy Shanghai Mom went to the vegetable field, and it must be early. When she went to the meat shop, she asked the boss to pinch flowers.

If the boss takes it out, you should look closely.

It’s closer to the top of the plum bars

of. A pig is cut at most 6 or 7 pieces. The boss is not available every day, so those who can buy clip flowers are familiar with the boss.

Buying a clip flower is the first step of the Long March. The real power of God is to deal with the big row. Shanghai Mom has a great trick to deal with the row, and one must have one in the family

Small hammer


The hammer of the positive and negative uniform

The meat fiber god is not scattered,

Until the hammer is thinner, but still retains the base thickness


A few knives on the tip of the knife on the fat layer, cut the muscles,

This is not easy to shrink and deform when it is fried, and finally again



Grasp. The raw materials of the slurry are only

Cooking wine, eggs and raw powder

Essence Pickled the perfect row, and when it was burned, it was the simplest step. As long as you remember it must be a small green onion, just like the weight of the big row, it is better to be twice.




Xueli is a secret magic weapon for Jiangnan women to cook spring vegetables.

In March in the free shipping area, Maidou, Broad bean, and bamboo shoots … “Brain” still stained in the morning dew, and spring mud was hidden on the rhizomes, and she was bought by a wise Jiangnan woman. The rapeseed oil poured into the boiled wok, sprunged the shell and cut into a roller, and sprinkled a chopped snowy snow when it was crackling in the pan. “Fresh”, just broke into the spring “fresh”.


Take into the snow that runs through the severe winter and go to burn the new dish that has just been born from the soil. In fact, it is “fresh” that uses the “fresh” of the cooked years. It was those women who were in the stove between the stoves day and day between the stoves, and the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai women, who figured it out when exploring the depths of the taste.

“Fresh and fresh”

However, the excellent “physical fitness” of Xueli also exchanged thick fiber and a slightly spicy taste. So every year, Jiangnan enters the winter. In front of the house, the door of the house, the roadside, and even the clothes rods are dried with fresh green snow.

After a few days, the fresh vegetables were dry and yellow, and people moved it into the cricket again.

On the exquisite food, are you standing in Guangyue or the free shipping area?

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