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Oxygen! Hunan adds 3 national natural oxygen bars. See if you have your hometown?

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Recently, the China Meteorological Administration’s Public Meteorological Service Center issued a public announcement. It has organized the evaluation of the 2021 application area and awarded the title of “China Natural Oxygen Bar” in 56 regions across the country. Among them, the three places in Hunan were on the list.


2021 “China Natural Oxygen Bar” Hunan list

Cold Water Beach District, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province

Qiyang City, Hunan Province


Xintian County, Hunan Province

Binjiang Park in Lengshui Beach District.

Qiyang Lixi National Wetland Park.

New fields of more than a thousand acres of maple forests.

Natural oxygen bar refers to areas with high levels of negative oxygen ions, good air quality, superior climate environment, and complete facilities, suitable for tourism, leisure and health. Its evaluation indicators are composed of development planning, ecological environment, tourism facilities, regional characteristics, and 5 first -level indicators and 16 second -level indicators.

The following basic conditions should be available for applying for the China Natural Oxygen Bar area:

1. The climate conditions are superior, and the ecological tourism climate resources are outstanding.


2. Good air quality, high negative oxygen ion content, an average annual concentration of not less than 1,000/cubic centimeters;

3. Complete tourism facilities and proper ecological protection measures. There are no major negative events in the construction of ecological civilization within two years.

At present, there are 16 “China Natural Oxygen Bar” in Hunan Province.


Yongzhou Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, Pingjiang County, Yueyang, and Ningyuan County, Yongzhou won the “China Natural Oxygen Bar” award, belonging to the first batch of successful creations in Hunan Province.


Xiangxi Guzhang County, Huaihua Channel’s Dai Autonomous County, Changde Taohuayuan Tourism Management Zone, Yongzhou Shuangpai County, Huaihua Hongjiang City, Yongzhou Jiangyong County, and Yongzhou Lingling District won the “China Natural Oxygen Bar”.



In 2020, Yongzhou Dao County, Dong’an County and Lan Mountain County were on the list “China Natural Oxygen Bar”.

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Do you have your hometown?


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