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Summer sandals selection guide, these Saturday women’s shoes make you a goddess in seconds

In summer such hot weather, of course, how cool it comes, and every time I get to summer, I like to buy a variety of sandals, but recently I found that wearing slippers than sandals. Go out immediately, and the slippers can also be very elegant and exquisite. Let me take you to show you these fine -style stylish and versatile towers!

This Saturday’s sandals are designed with a type of toe. They look fashionable and foreign. The heels are also more unique and unique heels. Double shoes look very elegant. The help noodles and foot pads of the shoes are soft and delicate sheepskin. The inside uses better skin -friendly pork leather. Although it has 6.5 cm high heels, it will not be tired at all. The design of the whole shoes is different from the sandals in ordinary concepts. This trunk is “the hall on the hall and the kitchen”. Whether you wear it at home, or go out to commute, you can hold it. It can be paired with suit pants or lady skirt!


This shoe is from Fibrier. The shoes are relatively classic Mueller shoes. The elegant and retro and beautiful. There is also a shiny bow decoration, which adds a touch of gentleness and sweetness. The help of the shoe use the ultra -fiber PU artificial leather, which looks soft and restrained, making the style of the whole shoes look quite harmonious. The right 4 cm high heels and 8 cm of shoes are width. Get up comfortably and fit.


Sophia’s shoes are also Mueller shoes, but the second model is very different from the design style. The whole shoes look very elegant and casual. Summer’s sense of rations and easy. The shoes are white square heads, and the heel is also more comfortable and easy to wear. The classic and popular design makes this shoe particularly versatile. It is a very practical daily choice. Usually, it is right to choose it in the summer.


Summer, you need to dress comfortably and comfortably. The quality and design of these sandals are very good. If you have a favorite, you can rest assured!