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Children’s Drawing Tutorial | Aircraft Model Design and Decoration

Model lessons are a strong discipline. It has strong intuitiveness, flexibility, image, and spatiality. It is very beneficial to children who are in hands -on ability, intelligence, and creativity. There is a natural affinity between children and handmade activities. In model production, it can form three three -dimensional understanding of objective objects through interspersed, dimensions, proportions, and shapes of objects. Local courses will make a unique aircraft through the production and design of the aircraft model, and use the form of painting and graffiti to put a beautiful “clothes” for the aircraft.

Stones and spears used by the ancients

Kite and sky lanterns invented by the Chinese

And many myths and legends

Human beings have a long time ago

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

There is a dream of flying in the sky

Play in the sky like a free bird

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

With the development of society

Human began to design research and development in scientific methods

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

What can be carried on the sky

That’s right, humans have done it

It is today’s air traffic “airplane”

The development history of the aircraft

For thousands of years

The ideal of human beings to realize flying

I don’t know how many times I did an attempt to take risks

Industrial Revolution at the end of the 18th century

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

Injecting strong motivation to natural science and technology

Human aviation technology develops rapidly

Many aircraft such as hot air balloons, airships, gliding machines and other aircraft

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

More than a hundred years ago, the “Wright Brothers” completed the first power flight of human beings

Two World War further stimulated the progress of the aircraft manufacturing industry

Now the aviation industry has become human beings

The forefront, the most influential technology and industrial field

Important and convenient transportation

Now that planes are very common in our lives

It is the air transportation of our long journey

You can go to the place you want to go in a very small time

It is 20-30 times faster than the sea wheel

7-15 times faster than a car

5-10 times faster than the train

For example, travel from Beijing to Shenzhen for business trips

It takes more than 30 hours by train

And only 3 hours by plane

Save a lot of time

There are many types of rich

There are many types of aircraft?


Fight with enemy fighter aircraft

Fighting aircraft that seizes air control in the air

Military, civilian or general transport aircraft

Used to perform spraying, sowing, fertilization, etc.

Agricultural aircraft of field operations

Used to search and monitor air or sea target air command early warning aircraft

Specialized wounded or patient from the battlefield

Or the medical rescue of the ward to the hospital

Of course, except for different functions

There are also a lot of aircraft styles

Basic structural structure

Over the world

Although the structure of the aircraft is constantly improving

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

The type of aircraft is also increasing

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

But so far

Except for very few special forms of aircraft

Most aircraft

They are all composed of the six main parts below:

Wing, fuselage, rear wing, ups and falling device, manipulation system and power device

Extraordinary creativity of the plane

Now the aircraft is not just our air transportation

It has also become a weapon for many merchants to promote advertising

Large -scale advertising design stickers on the entire aircraft body

Create a strong visual impact

Frequent penetration between cities across the country

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

Novel and attractive attention

Let people experience a unique brand culture

As a “outdoor special media”

It has the advantages of wide spread, high exposure, and easy to form news hotspots

What a very smart idea

Think and start creation

Of course, in addition to promoting advertising

Many airlines will target important events or every time

Will choose a few planes to draw rich patterns

The ever -changing paintings are like aircraft uniforms

Like an airline’s air -flow business card

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

Unique design, gorgeous patterns, eye -catching colors

Really a unique and beautiful “airplane fashion show”

Do you have any good ideas, do you have any good ideas?

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

Let’s open the brain hole to design a unique aircraft

Prepare a rectangular KT board

Imagine the shape of the plane in your mind first

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

What kind of wings, fuselage, rear wing, etc.

Disassemble these important parts and draw on the KT board separately

You can use the straight line on the four sides of the KT board

Draw the components of the aircraft along the edge

And cut it carefully with a small knife

In order to assemble wings, fuselage, tails and other components

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

The thickness of the fuselage and wing and rear wing according to the thickness of the KT board

The length of the component is cut off the bayonet

Of course, there are many types and shapes of the aircraft

Children can boldly use their imagination to design the model

Aircraft with missiles, two -layer wing aircraft, etc.

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

Carefully card in the cut component into the reserved bayonet

In the process of assembling, it is not appropriate to encounter a card

It can be cut again for adjustment

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

Use black oily on the body of the aircraft

Children can boldly design

Use the rich visual effects of fun patterns, text, dots, lines and other rich visual effects

Bold color matching

Use Mark pen to color the aircraft as a whole

Put on a beautiful “clothes” for it

You can also use active nails

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰

Make an active propeller for the aircraft

KT board is common and cheap, very easy to operate

Its light material

You can also let us make a good airplane flying up

Watercolor pens, signs, gouache pigments on the KT board

It’s a good tool for graffiti

So what kind of aircraft model do you assemble and design?

What kind of gorgeous patterns and eye -catching colors will you add to the plane?

Take a brain tendon to design a unique aircraft together

儿童画教程 | 飞机模型设计与装饰