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Moe new girls must have, what are the skin care products at the beginning of skin care?

Moe new girls must have, what are the skin care products at the beginning of skin care?

#, Staying up late for more than a month, the ending is really a bit hasty. After watching the inexplicable and empty heart, I really can’t bear Ji Yunhe’s longing, especially when the actor farewell to the role, I feel in my heart. Even worse! Especially Reba said, “If there is a wind blowing, I know it must be you back”, and the nose is sour for a moment!

Since the reconciliation of Changge’s Reba with himself, the state of these two years is really getting better, and the acting skills have been improved. Recent Girls, hard work, three views, who can such a girl not love?

In the interview tidbits of Chang Gexing more than once, saying “don’t care too much about other people’s remarks, love yourself well” and the like, it is really the heart of Xiaobian!

Indeed, girls must love themselves better, and don’t doubt themselves because of some other people’s remarks! It’s like Xiaobai who has just started to learn skin care. It will always be affected by a lot of remarks in the outside world. I don’t know how to choose skin care products that suits them. Today, I will specifically give Xiaomengxin to talk about the knowledge of skin care!

In fact, skin care is not so difficult. If you want to have a good skin background, you must remember the “95 -point skin care” rule -moderate cleaning, reasonable moisturizing, and strict sun protection! That is, our daily facial cleanser, water cream, and sunscreen are the most basic and most necessary!

Let’s share some entry -level skin care products with Xiaobai!

Baihua Fang Jingyan Moisturizing Milk Milk

No matter what skin quality is recommended, the first choice of the normalized products of the amino acid series. This facial cleanser contains 3 heavy amino acid ingredients. It is a very gentle and skin -friendly formula system. Idide and xylitol, the skin does not become dull after washing the skin, it is the translucent and moisturizing feeling!

Squeeze out the paste during cleansing, add some water to rub the foam, and massage and clean the face! After washing the skin, it will not dry.

2.AHC hyaluronic acid water milk

This water milk is more suitable for young skin use, and it is also a very basic entry -level water milk. As the name suggests, the ingredients are hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the component of the bars of the moisturizing industry. Therefore, this water milk is the most basic effect. It is hydrating and moisturizing.

The liquidity of water milk is very good, the taste of water is relatively fresh, and the upper face can be well absorbed by the skin. After absorption, the skin becomes water instantly, giving a very moist touch. The lotion texture is more delicate but the face is not heavy, and it is very easy to absorb, and the texture of the water milk is relatively mild and non -irritating, so it is also very friendly to sensitive muscles.

3. Baihua Fang 5 heavy neosamide Essence Cream

The cream is actually a very important link in skin care, which can play a good moisturizing effect; the oil skin can only use emulsion, dry skin still prepare a bottle of cream!

This cream mainly takes 5 severe neurotide ingredients, which can play a good moisturizing and repairing role. It also has a good improvement of the skin changes and sensitivity and other conditions!

Ice cream texture, Shu Run is not thick, the face can feel the skin shortage of the skin, not sticky. If you do n’t get used to it during the day, you can use it as a night repair cream!

4. Yisding Sunscreen

The sunscreen coefficient of 50+, whether it is playing or daily commuting, is enough. This sunscreen also adds hyaluronic acid ingredients, so it is particularly refreshing and moisturizing after the face.

The water texture texture like milk is like water, and the sense of use is clear, because it is completely non -greasy after it is on the face. There is almost no sense of presence.

Summary: Cleaning> Toner> Emulsion, Cream> Sunscreen; according to this process, and then on this basis, the essence of the essence according to its own needs may not make an error ~

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