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Outdoor drinking equipment has also experienced “barbaric development”?

Nowadays, people’s dazzling cup products are already commonplace, but do you remember which drinking tools had been used when you were a kid?

The types of indoor water drinking tools in my country are very rich. The upper nobles use pottery, gold and silver, and bronze. The workmanship is fine and beautiful. Ordinary civilians are more of bamboo or crude pottery.

Song Dynasty Jun Kiln

However, before the occurrence of space cups, no water drinking tools can meet the outdoor needs of most people.


People who need to drink water outdoors can basically only be in the corresponding posts, hotels, and inn. It is due to the strong demand of outdoor drinking water. The large bowl of tea has opened the north and south of China.

People in the northwest desert or people on the Mongolian grassland often use sheepskin water sac or cowhide water sac.

Sheepskin Water Capsules -Early Outdoor Drinking Tools

Although sheepskin water sac was a typical representative of outdoor drinking tools at that time, it had a big disadvantage -unpleasant smell, and it was not convenient for hot water to make tea.

In the past, when working in the field, people generally brought insulation water bottles or soil jars, and some bowls to ensure the supply of water during labor.

Before going down the ground, you will burn a pot of hot water into the jar. When you are thirsty, pour into the tea bowl to drink. This method of drinking water has been used for hundreds of years in China, but it is not convenient, and the open bowl is easy to fall ashes and is unhygienic.


Drink water during the rest of the field

By the 1980s, the enamel tank was a national cadre, a educated youth in the countryside, and a common drinking equipment in families with relatively good rural living conditions.


At that time, the enamel cylinder was relatively resistant to falling. Even if it broke, the craftsman masters with superb skills could be repaired.

The style of enamel tank pattern popular in the 1980s

In the 1980s when material lack, water drinking equipment is not only a bowl, an enamel tank, as long as it is a bottle with water -filled function, it is used as a water drinking appliance. The two types of salt water bottle and canned bottle are common water drinking appliances for the people’s homes.

When the parents are reading, they often bring the salt water bottle full of water, especially in winter, reading books, holding salt water bottles, can drink water and warm up.


Various saline bottles

Compared to the water drinking appliances mentioned above, military kettles can be said to be better outdoor water drinking tools before the space cup appears. Because of its advantages of portable, wear -resistant, and anti -falling, it has become a must -have equipment in march.


Traditional metal kettle

Whether it is the emergence of ancient drinking tools such as ceramics, bronze, bamboo, lacquer, etc., including outdoor drinking tools such as sheepskin water sac, leather water sac, military kettle, etc., their common defects are the particularity of the materials -often only applicable to only suitable for A small category.

Until the 1990s, the emergence of the “space cup” opened a new generation of outdoor drinking revolution.

Fuguang first generation of space cup

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