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Car door sealing strip maintenance small details more important

Car seals, seems to be an inconspicuous component, but plays an important role in daily driving, the most common door and the sealing strip of the window. So, do you know what the car seal is used? How to carry out car seal maintenance? What should I pay attention to when the car seal is replaced? Don’t worry, let me not reveal the answer for everyone.

1, daily cleaning

After the car is long, the sealing strip will inevitably get dust, if it is not cleaned up, it is easy to accelerate the wear and aging of the sealing strip, so it is necessary to clean the sealing seal in time. It is recommended that the owner will clean and maintain the sealing strip every two quarters.

2, environmental impact

Sealing strips, mainly based on rubber material, if long-term contact high temperature, will shorten the service life of seals. Therefore, when you are parking, try not to stop being exposed to sun exposure, especially in hot summer. For the owners with economic conditions, it is recommended to use a car-specific reflective car clothing, which can effectively avoid the sealing strip to occur cracks due to heat. In addition, select the maintenance paste of the sealing strip, can restore the elasticity of the sealing strip.

3. Precautions

In cold winter, the temperature is generally low, after the car is washed, the sunroof glass and sealing strip are likely to be frozen, and it is recommended that the owner does not force it to avoid damage to the seal.

In addition, during the driving process, once the sealing strip appears aging, cracking, etc., it will not only affect the sound insulation effect in the car, but also leak, seepage, etc. during severe. Therefore, the owner is required to maintain well in us.

What is the use of a car seal?

It is well known that the role of the car seal can prevent the outer object from entering the vehicle, and can effectively avoid the rain splashing into the vehicle, so that the owner can run normally. In addition, when the owner is usually driving, the sealing strip can reduce the wind noise from the outside and have a shock absorption, dustproof.

Precautions for automobile seals replacement:

1. Before replacing the sealing strip, you need to select the appropriate sealing strip according to your own model. In general, the models of different seals are not the same.

2. After the sealing strip is selected, the old sealing strip is removed, and the sealing strip is wiped around, and can be installed after coating a protective agent.

3, when replacing the sealing strip, there will be one to two outlets on the door, pay attention: don’t block these drains, so as not to occur in the car.

Car door sealing strip maintenance small details more important