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The division of the work of the work! Before Feike’s new shaver, the same product has sold millions of yuan online

Xinmin Evening News (Correspondent Wang Chenyu reporter Sun Yun) The spherical shaving knife developed exclusively by finally developing has not been officially released. Recently, Shanghai Feike Electric Co., Ltd. encountered such a strange thing. After reporting to the Songjiang Public Security Branch, the Songjiang Police quickly attacked, arrested Hu Mou, a former mold engineer who stole the commercial secrets and produced its own profit at Feike Company, and took compulsory measures for him.

Caption: Ball shaver. Songjiang Police Pictures (the same below)

A few days ago, the legal personnel of Shanghai Feike Electric Co., Ltd. reported that the company had submitted a patent application of a ball -shaped shaver has not been released publicly, but the same product has been preemited by Suzhou Limi Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd. Scene online. After receiving the police, the police immediately launched an investigation. After verification verification, it was found that the ball -shaped shaving knife sold online is indeed exactly the same as the shaver developed by an electrical company company. 10,000 yuan.


Caption: counterfeit shaver products.

Through further investigation, the police found that Hu Mou, a departure employee who had served as a technical center of the technology center at Feike, had a major suspicion of committing a major crime and then investigated Hu Mou. After the case, Hu confessed his illegal acts. He explained that while he was working in Feike, he had planned to use his position to steal the company’s business secrets to seek benefits for himself. During the period, he used the third party’s name to register Suzhou Limi Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd., and used the company to apply for the appearance patent of the shaving knife involved in the case. After completing this series of operations, Hu resigned, seeking foundries to process the shaving knife and put it into market sales.