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Fiji has a “super fruit”, I help it become fruit juice to China

Chen Yifeng put the 4 documents of the Expo on the table, took pictures, and sent a circle of friends: “From the staff of the first service guarantee to the second professional audience, to the exhibitors of this year, the focus of work followed the Expo Require adjustment. “

He is the deputy general manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Trade and Operation Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Waigaoqiao Operation Center). Behind 4 certificates, it is a different identity in the Expo in the past three years:

In the first Expo in 2018, Chen Yifeng was a member of the City Guarantee Leading Group. He served as the liaison officer of the Fiji delegation. Because he wanted to participate in the parallel forum, there was an extra parallel forum work permit in addition to the normal staff certificate.

In 2019, Chen Yifeng represented the company and became a professional audience in the Shanghai trading group, responsible for “buying and buying”.

This year, some of the representatives of some overseas brands were unable to visit Shanghai due to the epidemic, but they did not want to miss the event, and commissioned the Waigaoqiao Operation Center Company to provide bonded exhibitions to the brand. Chen Yifeng, who is familiar with the brand, does not allow temporary representatives, thereby hanging up the documents of business exhibitors.

With 4 different documents and participating in the Expo with different identities, Chen Yifeng came into contact with delegations, exhibitors and professional audiences from all over the world, but had the same paragraph in the same paragraph: “In the first year, I was the Fiji delegation. The liaison officer has since ended with Fiji and other South Pacific Island countries. “


“The Chinese market is so big!”

At the first Expo, there was a United National Pavilion with the ocean as the background. composition. The area of ​​each island country is only dozens of square meters, but the local representative is wearing tropical island clothing, singing and dancing, and enthusiastically invited other exhibitors and visitors to take a look.

“They did not expect to be as lively in the Expo, and the products brought were limited because they did not know if the Chinese market would like it.” Chen Yifeng accompanied the Fiji delegation led by the Fiji Ambassador to China to visit the South Pacific United National Pavilion and The Fiji Enterprise Platform, who came to the exhibition by himself, watched the face of the delegation from surprise to surprise. “They constantly express my gratitude to China, which roughly means that China welcomes different countries, so that small countries like Fiji also also make China also a small country like Fiji. It can benefit from the continuous expansion of China to the outside world. “

Fiji’s export products are limited. In the first year, Fiji was mainly displayed in Fiji mineral water, Nuoli juice and handmade soap. At the scene, many professional audiences were interested in Nelli juice. Nory fruit is a kind of plant unique to the South Pacific Island country. It is called “super fruit” because it is rich in 227 nutrients. However, the local area mainly exported Noryguo to Australia and New Zealand by raw materials. After processing from local processing, the European and American markets showed a few local processing products.

Chinese professional audiences are interested in Nuoli juice, which makes Fiji exhibitors very touching: If it can be exported to the finished fruit juice, can it be a higher added value than the exported raw materials?

After the first Expo, many exhibitors chose to stay, register a company in Shanghai or set up an office, hold hands with Chinese partners, and promote Fiji specialties such as Nuoli juice. Chen Yifeng, who was the liaison officer of the delegation, naturally became the first choice for them to consult China’s business.

Chen Yifeng took a photo at the previous Expo

The enthusiastic Chen Yifeng was happy to answer, “To be honest, the first Expo not only impressed the Fiji exhibitors, but also moved me. You can see at the scene that whether it is a developed country or a developing country, whether it is rooted in China 500 Strong, or small and medium -sized enterprises that are far away from the ocean, they can find the market demand that matches its own through the Expo. This is the open attitude that reflects the size of the country and the difference between the land. As a Chinese, I want to produce a copy force.”

One of the details that made him remember is that some businessmen of some South Pacific island countries do not speak English. After the Expo, they rely on the translation machines of Chinese companies such as HKUST to communicate with Chinese partners. Although life is unfamiliar and the language is unreasonable, they cannot stop them from hugging the Chinese market.


Saspies of exhibits

Last year, Chen Yifeng’s identity became a professional audience of the Shanghai Trading Group and returned to the old foreign trade bank. He did not forget the friend who met the first Expo -nor could he forget that in July 2019 after the end of the first Expo, the “China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone State (Region) Center South Pacific Island National Museum “It was unveiled in the outer Gaqiao, and became a comprehensive investment, trade and cultural tourism exchange service platform authorized by the South Pacific Islands government such as Fiji, Vanuatu, and Samoa. More Fiji companies have become exhibitors of the Second Expo. Chen Yifeng is naturally going to see them.

From this perspective, he was surprised: “In the first year, the exhibitors of Fiji could be said to be careful to test the water in the Chinese market. I did not expect that one year later, they could already introduce the products to the visitors. The specialties that have been unveiled before have added local tourism and cultural resources. “

However, Chen Yifeng, a professional audience, provided some suggestions for Fiji exhibitors with a professional perspective. For example, handmade essential oil soap is one of Fiji specialty, but local production companies do not pay much attention to packaging, soap “shirtless”. Chen Yifeng proposed that it can turn soap into gifts, and then combine the Chinese festival market for marketing?

Fiji exhibitors designed a new packaging for soap from good at good: using local handmade paper and handmade flowers, simple but more highlighting the characteristics of soap “naturally without adding”. Elegant handmade flowers also have different colors, soap that corresponds to different effects. With some changes, the nude soap has become a unique South Pacific island country with a gift.

Chen Yifeng is very satisfied. For more businessmen of the South Pacific island country, “Everyone said that the Expo will have an overflow effect. How can we accept the spillover effect? The team is a tailor -made development plan for the product of the South Pacific Island country.

For example, Noroli’s juice opened the Chinese market through two expo, but how to declare the company in Fiji: They think that Nori’s juice has a health care effect and wants to export to China in the category of health products. Chen Yifeng and the team carefully studied that it would be more suitable according to beverage imports.

For another example, after a large amount of Fiji mineral water, Nuoli juice and handmade soap entered China, they need to find the right storage space. It was also the team of Chen Yifeng and the team to bridge the Fiji Enterprise and Chinese warehouse companies, so that the exhibits that have become products that have become products can expand the market at ease.

“In the first year, I was a liaison officer. I felt that the charm of the Chinese market moved the overseas government delegation and exhibitors. As a professional audience in the second year, what I want to do is to fully show the professional ability of Chinese foreign trade practitioners and help overseas exhibitors Grasp the opportunity of China better, “Chen Yifeng said.

Before the start of the 3rd Expo, Chen Yifeng (middle) and Italian exhibitors promoted local cuisine together

The new pattern brings new opportunities


This year, Chen Yifeng, an exhibitor, was even busy. Their booths come from all over the world: fresh and sweet Russian fruit juice, Chilean wines full of Latin America, and refreshing East Timor Musk Cat coffee … Too many overseas exhibitors affected by the epidemic do not want to miss the event. As a domestic spokesperson, Chen Yifeng and the team must be familiar with the characteristics of different products as soon as possible and do a good job for the brand.

Of course, he still cares about the development of companies from the South Pacific Island country in China. What is happy is that there are good news in the first half of the year–

In April, Nanda Secrets (Shanghai) Brand Management Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of RMB 25 million successfully completed the registration in Waigaoqiao. This is a company participating in China Capital, which specializes in commercial development, brand operations, and marketing for the natural resources of the South Pacific Island. The first aimed at the high -end drinking water and healthy functional beverage market.

It turned out that Fiji mineral water and Nuoli juice responded well after entering the Chinese market. Fiji companies and Chinese partners felt that quality drinks have become a potential market segment. Therefore, the new company plans to invest in Fiji Factory to create a new brand to promote Fiji mineral water and Nuoli juice to further become the characteristic industries of Fiji.

“You see, from the first year of experience market enthusiasm to the second year of exhibits to the product, to the Chinese capital investment in Fiji this year, Fiji participated in the results of the Expo. The vivid annotation of mutual promotion of the new development pattern “. As a person who has personally experienced the whole process, I am comforted and glorious for my work.” Chen Yifeng’s tone is full of pride.

At present, relying on the South Pacific Island Island Union Museum, which is based on the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Fiji Enterprises have stepped out of Waigaoqiao to expand their business in various places. They will exhibit local specialty products all year round. purchase. In this way, Fiji companies add a perennial display space in China.

With the opening of the third expo, Chen Yifeng discovered that Fiji Enterprise also played the live broadcast. The booths in the exhibition hall, the South Pacific Island Country United Pavilion of the Outer Takahashi State Center, the Fiji National Pavilion in the Greenland Global Commodity Trade Port, and the live broadcast room opened by Fiji Enterprise online platform can be seen. The live lens talks. Although affected by the epidemic, many ordinary audiences cannot come to the field of the Expo this year, and they can be promoted with live broadcasting. The taste from the South Pacific has spread further.

In the face of these new changes, Chen Yifeng thinks: After three expo expands, the development results of overseas companies can be seen, but they also put forward higher requirements for Chinese foreign trade services. I also need to master the latest marketing method. This is my new requirement for myself to cultivate ourselves and deeply cultivate the national service team along the Belt and Road ‘. “

The booths of Chen Yifeng, which are in charge of this Expo, concentrated many different countries. He must do a good job of “spokesperson”

Editor -in -chief: Wu Weiqun Text Editor: Ren Ye

The question map is the document used by Chen Yifeng in the Expo

Source: Author: Ren Yan