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Guan Yue’s younger son appeared for a long time, and the black cotton clothing with pants was cool and handsome.

Guan Yue and Da Dawei are star couples. Both of them are daughters, one child, one child, and the white legs are very beautiful. The third child of the airport was either held by her sister or was held by her mother.

The star couples are high -value, and the children born are also good -looking. Guan Yue’s two daughters are more beautiful than one. The third child has been handsome as a little prince since he was a child. The blue collar tie is too handsome. The two sisters are wearing sisters to pretend to be pure and pleasant. Moms and dads are both shot!

Recently, the Guanyue family walked the airport. The five -year -old son became a group pet. He sat on the suitcase and was pulled by his mother. He was cute and cute to the camera. The embellishment echoes the baseball cap.


Looking at Guan Yue’s son alone, the age of five is not low! At a young age, a big name, the upper body cotton is not an ordinary model. The lower body trousers and the adult star hit the shirt. They look at everything all the way to everything. Wearing a white mask is difficult to cover the handsomeness. After all, the star parents are high value.


The five -year -old Guan Yue’s son is noticeable. He holds his sister’s hands on the waist of his sister’s waist. You must know that the sister’s head is a bit fiercer than the mother Guan Yue. Full warmth!


It is reported that the mother’s head is 166 cm, and she is full of white fur, and her sister’s height will only be less than 166 cm higher than 166 cm. Visually, Guan Yue’s son’s height is also above 120 cm!


The face value of the little boy looks like his mother. Guan Yue’s son’s facial features are more like Dad Dawei. Every time he follows his parents to walk the airport, he is very cute and cute. Before wearing a golden cotton head and a blue knitted hat. Small, standing in front of parents and mom all went to Guan Yue’s waist.

Guan Yue’s son was very capable when he was a child. He wore a shirt with small black pants, a black and white tiger -headed tiger brain, and he was also in the same frame with the second -generation young girl. Both children were high value. Like dragon and phoenix.


Guan Yue hugged his son to attend the party. From a young age, Guan Yue’s son had seen it and was well -behaved in his mother’s arms. So many people gathered together for children. Turn around him with his parents!

Guan Yue’s younger son appeared for a long time, and the black cotton jackets were cool and handsome, only 5 years old! Guan Yue’s son was young when shooting the whole family. He was sitting on his father’s leg in a gray robe. The sisters stood on both sides in pink cheongsam. The mother chose a white cheongsam to sit behind her father. The family of five looked good. Everlasting!

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