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What brand of electric steaming pot is recommended for new products for electric steamer

Electric steamer is becoming more and more common in our kitchen life. Electric steamer can steam various foods. There are also many household electric steamer brands. How to choose cost -effective in many brands has become a topic that everyone cares about. So what brand of electric steamer is good? There are many new electric steamer on the market now, so it is recommended for new electric steamer products.

What brand of electric steaming pot is good

The electric steamer can realize the functions of steamed steamer without heat, no noise, no oil smoke and other functions. Among them, the calories of the staple food steamed from the electric steamer do not exceed 100 degrees, and it is still a combination of accurate temperature control with the traditional steam sauna art. Today, the electric steamer market has become more and more hot. At the same time, his market has become More and more wider.

什么牌子的电蒸锅好 电蒸锅新品推荐

Electric steamer uses imported non -toxic high -temperature resistant PC transparent materials, which can see the whole process of cooking very intuitively. At the same time, it can also maintain the original flavor of food. The general steamer can move the steamer and a mobile steamer layer. His cleaning is very convenient. At the same time, it can also cook various foods, heat up, quickly thaw food, and kill the food at high temperature.

The power of the electric steamer is generally around 700W to 1800W, the voltage is 220V, and the capacity is 5-20 liters. It is mainly used to clear foods such as fish and shrimp, poultry eggs, meat, pasta, and pasta. It can also be used for soup and porridge. It is a multi -purpose cooking tool.

Which brand of electric steamer is good

(Beginning in 1981, China’s well -known trademark, the top 500 Chinese enterprises, large daily consumer home appliance companies group, Guangdong Midea Daily Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

Which brand of electric steamer is good?

(In 2006, one of the leading companies in the field of domestic creative small home appliances, Guangdong private technology enterprises, industry -renowned brands, Guangdong Bear Electric Co., Ltd.)

Which brand of electric steamer is good in Supor supor

(China’s well -known trademark, high -tech enterprise, a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, one of the world’s largest cooking utensils research and development manufacturers, Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd.)

Which brand of electric steamer is good Dongling Donlim

什么牌子的电蒸锅好 电蒸锅新品推荐

(China Famous Trademark, Industry Leadership Brand, High -tech Enterprise, Guangdong Famous Brand, Guangdong Private Technology Enterprise, Guangdong Xinbao Electric Co., Ltd.)

什么牌子的电蒸锅好 电蒸锅新品推荐

Which brand of electric steamer is good TEFAL

(France in 1956, the world’s first non -stick frying pan producer, one of the world’s largest small home appliance manufacturers, famous brands, Shanghai Sibo Electric Co., Ltd.)

Which brand of electric steamer is good Philips Philips

什么牌子的电蒸锅好 电蒸锅新品推荐

(Pioneer in the Netherlands in 1891, well -known trademark in China, world -renowned brands, 100 most valuable brands in the world, Philips Electronics (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

什么牌子的电蒸锅好 电蒸锅新品推荐

New product recommendation

Supor electric steamer 299 yuan

Dongling Electric steamer 168 yuan

Supor/Supor Electric Steamer ZN28YK7-150 stainless steel double-layer steamer multi-functional home new product ¥ 299.00

Zhengmao brand 20cm split temperature stainless steel electric hot pot electric cooker electric steamer steam pot new authentic ¥ 72.00

Xinpin timing multifunctional electric hot pot stainless steel electric frying pot steamer household electric cooker multi -use pot electric hot pot ¥ 199.00

Modern electric steamer 238 yuan

After reading the introduction of what brand of electric steamer and recommendation of new products of electric steamer, do you have more understanding of these brands? The brands of these electric steamer introduced by the above editors are not bad. I hope that this article can choose the cost -effective electric steamer products.