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What is the nuclear radiation detector and who needs to use

The nuclear radiation detector is also known as the radiation detector. There is a radiation alarm instrument on the market. The radiation instrument is a instrument without dosage display. It can only be prompted whether the current rays of the wearer are exceeded. Essence The radiation dose detector, such instruments can not only alarm, but also clearly show the amount of radiation dose at the current site.

Generally speaking, customers who purchase nuclear radiation detector are divided into 4 categories:

1. Safety organizations, such as the police station and fire brigade, emergency response organization, environmental protection organization, dangerous material disposal, metal recycling companies, mines, etc., they have a higher chance of contacting various radioactives.

2. Port, docks, airports, etc. These places have a high chance of being polluted by radiation pollution due to personnel and various imports and exports of goods.

3. Hardware factory, ceramic factories, hospitals, research institutions, laboratories, pharmaceutical supervision bureaus, universities, etc., they have a higher chance of contacting various low -intensity or leakage radiation.

4. Private individuals who pay attention to the quality of living environment and personal safety, such as someone wants to be at home, find surrounding environmental pollution in food, water (various emergencies or terrorists attack, etc.).

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