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Zhizheng District builds 4 five -star smart farmers markets

Zhizheng District builds 4 five -star smart farmers markets

Small news client June 23 (Zhi Yanrong Media reporter Li Miao Correspondent Zhan Peizhi Photography Report) In order to effectively improve the shopping environment, promote the upgrading of the farmers’ market, ensure the safety of “vegetable baskets”, improve the quality of life of the people, and municipal construction investment. According to the people’s livelihood work deployment of the municipal and district -level party committees and governments, the HKMA City Environmental Services Group Co., Ltd. has made a comprehensive upgrade of the four farmers’ markets of today’s Garden, Grand World, Southwest River, and Shangyao of Zhizheng District to create a five -star smart farmer’s market. Essence Recently, the reporter entered the two farmers’ markets that planned to be completed by the end of this month and visited the situation on the spot.

Strive to attract more young people

At 8:30 in the morning, the reporter came to the Great World Farmers Market and saw the workers pushing the building materials such as sand, lime, to come and go to the market. Although the renovation is still in full swing, the door of the “Blue Farmers Market (Great World)” has already been installed. Building walls, paving tiles, island buildings … The processes of various processes are promoted simultaneously, and the mixer, cutting machine, welding machine and other machines and equipment running loudly. Although the forehead is full of sweat, the workers do their best. Carefully stick the cement tiles on the wall, and then fill the gap between the tiles and carefully fill it. “Time is tight and the task is heavy. We will be able to complete the work at the end of the month.” A worker shared with a worker at the scene.

“After the transformation, the overall hardware supporting and business layout of the market will be improved quality. Not only is spacious and bright, intelligent and safe, but also functional areas such as dining and leisure areas, red party walls, and other functional areas. The perfect fusion of Qi ‘. Intelligent weight loss and multiple payment methods will be adopted, fair and transparent, convenient and fast. “The relevant person in charge of the establishment of investment and gold housekeepers introduced.

The reporter then came to the Azure Farmers Market (today Garden Store), and the market has now entered the end of the transformation. “At the end of April, we strive to catch up with the work period. At present, we carry out the installation of decorative ceiling, the debugging of hydropower cloth, and fine -tuning installation.” The relevant person in charge of the project introduced. During the interview, the reporter learned that the total area of ​​the Azure Farmers Market (today) is about 4,000 square meters, with a total of 38 stalls, 21 stores, with special catering areas, Hongxin Party Construction District and nearly 500 square meters of supporting department store supermarkets. After investigation, it can cover 3 kilometers of residential areas, office buildings, business outlets, etc. to meet the needs of more residents.

At present, the blue farmer’s market (today’s garden shop) is in the hot investment promotion, and has reached the intention of settling with a number of well -known cooked food, fresh, fruits and vegetable chain merchants. According to the relevant person in charge of the project, in addition to operating conventional melon fruit and vegetable meat, the farmers ‘market will also introduce seasonal flowers, ornamental fish and birds, fast food and fast food, net red products, children’s entertainment, etc., to attract more young people to enter the farmers’ trade market.

“Internet+market” smart supervision

The people’s food is the sky, and the people of ordinary people have always been the top priority of the people’s livelihood project. “Small markets and large people’s livelihoods”, the renovation of farmers’ market transformation is not only the basic livelihood project, but also an important part of creating a model of civilization. The blue farmers’ market focuses on the five core construction standards of “beautiful environment, agricultural disability, food traceability, credit management, and intelligent payment”. With the help of the “Internet+market” smart regulatory model, to create a “full coverage of market networks, full traceability of electronic payment, all electronic payment, and traceability, The shopping experience of the entire variety of agricultural disability testing, the full publicity of information and data, and the full transparency of the credit level. ” With the purpose of “eating Annihiko Huili as the people”, the modern transformation of supermarketization, informatization, intensive, and logistics of the farmer’s market is realized.

Through the construction of intelligent systems, big data analysis such as transaction volume, passenger flow, and customer group characteristics can be achieved, and business strategies can be guided, and management levels can be improved. Through the traceability of consumer bills to realize the intelligent supervision of food sources; equipped with dual food safety testing and ultraviolet disinfection equipment, strictly implement food safety daily sampling inspection system, announced in real time, and ensure food safety in all aspects; implement garbage classification, promote environmental protection concepts … … Comprehensively promote the “Internet+” intelligent innovation model, expand online and offline trading platforms, “combine boxing” attack, establish price advantages, and build a cost -effective five -star smart farmer market.

Editor in charge: Liu Lin

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