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It’s spring, it’s the world of these three jackets

As soon as the solar terms of Lichun passed, the sky outside began to be bright and warm, and the excitement had transitioned to the spring scene, and couldn’t catch up with a thin and thin jacket.

Take off the heavy autumn and winter coats and down jackets.

After a long cold winter, take out our favorite knitwear and small jackets, and arrange the exhibition and picnic immediately.

Although it has passed the solar terms of Lichun, it is still cold in winter, and girls who do not resist freezing and coolness still have to dress warmly. So start with a relatively thick and warm knitted cardigan.

The long cardigan has a gas field with coats, and the texture is softer and more feminine, so many female stars love to wear. Qiao Xin is very festive, and when you see the elders, you can wear it.

Gulina’s pink long cardigan looks soft and waxy. Pink looks delicate and sweet. With the sharp jeans, the whole person is so fashionable.

Like a long cardigan, it is a classic item that is not easy to be outdated, and it will also appear very tasteful with ordinary jeans.

The mid -length knitwear is generally more casual. Li Qin uses it with a hooded shirt, and the bright colors are even more youthful.

Because of its leisure attributes, it is very suitable for accessories such as hats and handbags to create an atmosphere of the overall shape.

Kaichun actually needs to prepare this light knitted cardigan, with a simple shape, it feels like a French Sporty Chic. UNIQLO X Ines de La Fressange has performed this matching method this year. The red knitted cardigan continues the sense of atmosphere of the New Year. It can be worn with dark shirts and trousers.

Uniqlo x ins de la fressange

The short -knitted cardigan with this waistline position comes with hot girl attributes that show their figure.

A row of buttons in the middle of the cardigan greatly alleviate the campaign of short sweaters, and at the same time convenient to wear and take off.

Who can’t be fascinated by the bright spring thin jacket?

The fashion blogger Chiara brought his baby to watch the exhibition. Short -brushed sweater with high -waisted pants and short boots to create a super proportion. There is no shortage of cool personality in sweetness.

It is easy to wear retro fashion with the same color pants.

The exquisite small incense wind sweater is ingenious with ultra -wide denim workers, and the collision of the upper and lower volume is very exciting.

If you feel that the pattern of the sweater is a bit fat, you can open the button of the hem to expose the waistline. The V -shaped slit can connect the legs to make people look more slender and light.

The simple solid color cardigan texture is rich and fluffy, with neat jeans or trousers, raising his hands to write calmness and confidence.

It is warm and cold, and a suit jacket with a sense of weight is at that time.

The silky suit wearing the spring and summer is really unstoppable to stop the cold, and the thick suit of heavy work can be suppressed.

The beaver is wearing a solid gray suit suit. Her tall figure and this wide shoulder suit are a perfect match, plus sunglasses and big gold chain blessings, increasingly the momentum of big guys.

The large -profile short suit with slender high -heeled high -heeled shoes MAN is full of femininity.

The wide -shoulder west clothing modify the shoulder line, so that the narrow and round shoulders have the head of this right -angled shoulder, which has a significant effect on the improvement of temperament.

Pi suit has strong fashion attributes that have received the favor of many bloggers, and the oily reflection of the leather surface shows an extraordinary texture in the low -key.

The plaid fabrics are more dressed in autumn. In fact, this season is also very suitable to take out the plaid suit. The warm and warm tone in the warm sun in spring is very suitable.

With a long boot, the lower body disappears, so that the skin should be bathed under the sun, and wearing a good mood immediately glows.

In addition to the conventional combination, the checkered suit can also be very exciting. The retro flavor of the colored pants is strong, the wide waistband outlines the waistline and creates a highlight for the shape.

Presumably, there are many sisters who are loyal to the black suit. The thick black is more solemn. With a gorgeous dress, the swaying skirt is like a blooming flower, which makes the women just vividly.

If you want to wear a stylish sense of a suit shirt, you must choose a shirt with a sense of drooping and design details. The suit supports the handsome outline line, and the shirt is a woman’s warm and temperament.

The suit and T -shirt are the most casual. The stable suit in the casual short sleeves also put down the baggage. The fashionable temperament emitted inadvertently is the most charming.

White suit with black and white -colored leather shoes is like a polite gentleman. The exquisite and excellent cutting can enhance the texture of the wearer. It is a contemporary Gentle Woman dress.

When the rainy days pass, the warm wind in the air is blowing, and the light -colored shirt -style jacket of the Uniqlo X Ines de La Fressange series can be worn with loose pants of the same color. Choose a comfortable and skin -friendly style, whether you are commuting to work or going out on the street, you can wear leather shoes or casual shoes according to the occasion.

We have passed by warm and handsome, and in the end, of course, the most vitality award will be awarded to a denim jacket.

The age -reducing effect of denim fabrics is outstanding, and the style of the jacket looks very capable. This unique blue blue immediately injects slowly vitality.

After many washing treatment, the surface of the denim fabric produces a natural fading effect allows each piece of denim items to be unique.

The life cycle of denim items is very long. Under the running -in, denim jackets will become more flavorful, so it is not surprising that a denim jacket put on for decades.

Kaia Gerber’s simple body looks very pleasing to the eye. The denim is equipped with a hooded sweater and tight jeans to wear a youthful girl.

After watching too much fancy style, Liu Wen’s private server is always as fresh as the sea breeze. The white Tee half skirt did not add too much modification, completely showing her agility.

The juvenile youthfulness of the denim jacket can neutralize the sweetness of the skirt, and make the skirt feel free and easy.

With the imitation lizard pattern skirt and white boots are exquisite CITY GIRL, put on a pink handbag, dangle shopping ~

I do n’t know what to wear, and the whole set of denim is directly eliminated.

The denim fabric is relatively stiff. If it is covered from head to toe, it will be dull and bloated. Unlock the neckline and cuffs properly to expose skin, it will look slender and light.

The denim is made into three -piece set is really amazing! Similar to a suit vest, denim vests are used as layers, and the design of retro brown wiring and metal buckle is uninhibited in the handsomeness.

The gray denim is very cool, the open neck is exposed to the inside, and the white is injecting breathing into this shape. The concise gray and white tone pinch the high -level feeling.

Quickly put on a new jacket to welcome the coming of spring!

Written: Angel

Picture source: IC

Uniqlo x ins de la fressange