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Tool introduction: German WERA JOKER opens the two -purpose wrench group set

Today, the hardcore disassembly channel will introduce some tools in the form of graphic and text. I hope everyone likes it. Today I introduce the WERA JOKER opening two -purpose wrench set.

工具介绍:德系Wera Joker开口两用扳手组套

First introduce the Vera brand

工具介绍:德系Wera Joker开口两用扳手组套

As an international manufacturer of the hardware market screw batch industry, WERA was founded in 1936. It has a history of more than 80 years and is one of the world’s well -known screw batch brands. The core of WERA is a batch head, and a series of diversified products are derived from the basis of this radiation (screw knife, wrench, batch head, etc.)

The overall design of the German traditional tool factory tends to be conservative, but the difference is that WERA Vera is a tool rebel and has rock characteristics. Of course, it is necessary to take it out. Today, I will deeply explain the Joker wrench of WERA Vera.

工具介绍:德系Wera Joker开口两用扳手组套

All imported Czech Republic Manufacturing, Zhenxiang is made of all imports of the Czech Republic, Zhenxiang

experience feelings

Outer packaging

The outer packaging is a nylon portable bag and a small manual, and there is a super cute stereo plastic model wrench on it ~ oh, he hit the heart of the macho girl ~!嘤

11 wrench

Open the nylon bag and reveal the respect, a total of 11 wrenchs, the size from 9 to 19, the visual experience before use is very good.

Each wrench has a WERA iconic grip shape, and each size is expressed with its own color.

8/10/12 Size comparison chart

13/14/15 size comparison chart

16/17/18 Size comparison chart

Focus on the Joker opening wrench: When using the opening wrench, you always raise such questions: Why do wrenches always have to turn around? Why does he have offset design? Why did he slip and hurt his fingers?

工具介绍:德系Wera Joker开口两用扳手组套

The new design of the Vera wrench makes “Joker” more outstanding on the basis of retaining all advantages.

工具介绍:德系Wera Joker开口两用扳手组套

Look at the figure below. The fixed function of the Joker series means that the bolt and nut can be fixed and easily positioned by the wrench. Because the innovative special shields are used to fix the fixed fastener, to avoid waste of time to find the drop of bolts and nuts. After the bolt or nut is positioned, it can be tightened quickly without any extra tools. This is very beneficial to use this in a very narrow place. There are many cases where the plum blossom mouth cannot be entered in the narrow place. Because the return angle of the ordinary wrench is too large, it is often screwed to half of the nuts at a very strange position wrench. A valid position is tightened or loose, but WERA JOKER can.

工具介绍:德系Wera Joker开口两用扳手组套

Ordinary wrench

工具介绍:德系Wera Joker开口两用扳手组套

Vera wrench

For example, such an extremely embarrassing situation is difficult to get stuck to the left to tighten to the left, and for WERA JOKER, there is no problem at all. Put it into an ANSI standard nut with a actual size of 13mm. You can see that the bite teeth are completely fitted with the nut to prevent the tool from slipping.

The spiny wheel part: The plum blossom opening also has the design of the hexagonal to prevent wear, and it can be seen that its stress point is on the plane rather than the corner. Especially in a small space, the traditional 60 ° rotating angle wrench must be turned over to tighten or loosen the bolts or nuts, and Joker’s unique double hexagonal design makes it only 30 °. Coupled with the straight neck, the wrench is no longer needed during operation. In the narrow space that the traditional opening wrench cannot be used, Joker can be easily tight.

The plum band of the spiny wheel belt 80 fine teeth, even in the very small space operation, has better flexibility.

工具介绍:德系Wera Joker开口两用扳手组套

Use process

工具介绍:德系Wera Joker开口两用扳手组套


Maybe the domestic attitude towards the tools is still thinking that the tool is just a tool. It is a product without design and technical content. More people do not know the design or material of a product at all, but there is such a brand that can live through the brand. Hanging all similar products, dedicated, and seriously developing products from each detail. Of course, Chinese consumers have become higher and higher in product requirements. In the future, they hope to cultivate a tool factory with serious and craftsmanship.

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