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“Women’s Team” Busudi brought the goods to 10 million a month, and found a new traffic password in the live broadcast room?

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Relying on live broadcasts to bring nearly 10 million yuan a month? A group of accounts such as “Beautiful Girls”, “Flower Men’s Grocery Shop” and “Time Girl Seller Shop” emerged in the short video live room. Under the anxiety of traffic in the live broadcast room, Budi brought the goods with a new traffic password, but most of the live broadcast room sales were not good, and the “beautiful girl hi buying” on the head also entered a bottleneck period. On the way to the live broadcast, never believe in consumers’ loyalty.

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Electric sound, rhythm, beauty …

In the screen, the four young girls dressed delicately, and they swayed with the background music of the body and dreamed of the dae; they talked to the audience while holding the microphone, and then introduced the snacks and daily necessities at the bottom.

This is not the nightclub’s online jumping field, but a new form of goods in the live broadcast room. Recently, an account named “Beautiful Girl Hi Shop”, with the fans Yun Jingsyi in the middle of the night, has a monthly total sales of 13 million, killing a new path in the live broadcast room of the inner volume.

Suddenly popular beautiful girl jumpy is regarded by many people as the dark horse in the live broadcast industry. More and more appeared in the short video live room. “Hua Mei Men’s Grocery Shop”, “Times Girl Seller Shop”, “Galaxy Girls Snack Shop” and other many people’s accounts appeared.

The mobile Internet dividend has disappeared, the traffic anxiety is obvious, and the live broadcast room is even more competitive.

Essence The routine of the head anchor is fixed. With the advantages of resource advantages, the pattern is relatively stable; the anchor of the waist can only find another path if he wants to break through.

Smart lineups are similar to IDOL, and through the face value and talent, as well as some words and routines, the fan’s economic logic is applied to live broadcast and cargo, which is convenient for merchants to seize traffic opportunities first


Jumpy+with goods, it seems to open a new live broadcast password,

However, the copy mode is easy, it is difficult to copy sales

Essence In addition to the “beautiful girl hi buying” on the head, the cumulative sales of other multiplayer Budi accounts ranging from one million or hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past 30 days.

The multi -person group also means higher costs. The snacks, beverages, and daily necessities in the live broadcast room. Although the unit price is low, the selection is limited, which restricts the future growth space.

After a while of fire, Budi has entered the bottleneck period.

1. In the e -commerce live broadcast room,

Stranging the nest of Busi

The six -hour “Yun Jingsi” appears on time in the live room of “Beautiful Girl Hi Buy GO” (hereinafter referred to as “beautiful girl”) on time. Starting from 8 o’clock, it continued until around 2 am.

Here, selling goods is not the most important thing. The audience was accustomed to the shouts of other anchors “Buy it and buy it” and the bargaining drama of “close the mouth”.


Singing the Buddha who dances while singing while selling goods

It seems very distinctive.

“Selling the goods, why do you all jump?”

Beautiful girl hi buying live room/leopard change

This is the most common questioning of this type of goods. The number of live broadcasts is more, and many netizens call the more and more “top”: “For the first time, what is this thing? What is the name of the second exploration of the anchor? “,”

After the traffic dividend of the mobile Internet is on the top, the competition in the live broadcast room is even more heated. Many celebrities have joined the live broadcast team. The head anchors have repeatedly reached more than 100 million yuan. The Matthew effect of the head account is significant, and the newcomers are particularly difficult.

At the same time, as the industry is gradually transparent, except for a few head anchors, most of the goods obtained by the anchors are almost the same, and the competitiveness is no longer. The routine of explaining products, time -limited spikes, and acting with merchants no longer makes people feel novel. On the Internet, it was even popular to imitate the spoof videos of anchors: “Close my mouth to me, I say a number.” It shows that the public is tired of the content of the live broadcast room.


In order to highlight the siege, major platforms and anchors have their own tricks. With beauty Budi+Buddhism, “Beautiful Girl” still has good results.

Starting from the first live broadcast on June 21, in less than three months, the “beautiful girl” has accumulated 1.567 million fans, and each live broadcast can attract tens of thousands of people to watch at the same time. According to data from Cicada Mom, nearly 30 days as of September 11, 41 “Beautiful Girl Hi Shop” live broadcast, with a total sales of 13.416 million.

This new cargo model is madly copied.

In the live broadcast room, I will stay a little, and I will soon receive the same type of account recommended by the algorithm mechanism. Bugs live room.

Pulling a few screens and switching the live room, just like turning in a nightclub.

A user wrote in the comment area: “My Douyin seemed to have a nest of Bumi.”

“Time Girl Seller Shop” is also composed of four female anchors with goods. Faced with the audience who poured into the live broadcast room, with the contests of the music shaking: “This is a live room that can chat, listen to songs, and help you save money.”

There are 8 anchors of “Huamei Men’s Grocery Shop”. Except for two female anchors, others are men. The anchors took turns to play. Each time, more than 6 anchors were crowded in front of the live broadcast. The anchor in the front row is responsible for explaining the products and interacted with the audience. The anchor in the rear row jumped with music and regulated the atmosphere.

Most of these live broadcast models are similar, the anchors

Through jumping, chatting or singing, it attracts fans to stay in the live room, selling daily necessities, drinks and snacks with discounted discounts

The form of “Yun Jingsi” is not fresh. As early as February 2020, major platforms have emerged on the upsurge of Budi on the line.

At that time, the Shanghai TAXX bar was affected by the epidemic. It could not be opened as scheduled. It was broadcast live on Douyin and transferred Budi places to online. On the night of the broadcast, as many as 71,000 users in the live broadcast room were online at the same time, this “Yunsuyi” eventually brought nearly 340,000 yuan in income. Another nightclub One Third, which participated in the live broadcast, also received nearly 2 million yuan in rewards.

For a while, Kuaishou, Netease Cloud Music, Station B and other platforms all became a new online front of the bar open bar.

After the offline entertainment venue was restored, the “Yunsidi” was no longer, but it unexpectedly provided new live broadcast ideas for retail e -commerce.

2. The “cargo idol” of the attack,

How much is male fans purchasing power?

Clicking into the “Beautiful Girl” account, the content of the product has almost never appeared. The four anchors are wearing costumes or modern costumes. Videos of singing and jumping in the scene are the most common. The style of painting is not like selling goods, but more like a women’s group that needs to debut. There are also professional stylists in the “Beautiful Girl” team, designing makeup and dressing for the anchors.

Four anchors form a “Firewen Xiang” group,

Everyone has its own characteristics, similar to the path of an idol group in entertainment companies.

The men’s groups are divided into singing, jumping, face value, and atmosphere, complement each other, and maximize attracting fans of different needs.

In the beautiful girl group of the live broadcast room, Wenwen has a straightforward personality, good at singing, and likes to ridicule fans. It is the atmosphere. Xiangxiang is the type of Xiaojiabiyu. The twin sisters are lively “sister”, and the younger sister is “silly white and sweet”. She likes singing but occasionally running, often attracting other members.

The appearance and personality of members can also attract different fan groups to achieve the effect of 1+1> 2. “Beautiful Girl” will also disclose the personal jitter of the anchor on the main account to guide fans of different preferences.

In recent years, the rainbow effects of the head anchors step by step occupy the living space of the middle waist anchor. Since it is difficult to build a big anchor, can you take the group anchor route?

Put the chips on the number of people, make up for the insufficient amount, or become a new breakthrough point for the interpretation of the middle waist anchor to the head anchor

High value and talent, this is why many fans are attracted by the “beautiful girl”. Chen Hong, a year of high school, has become a fan of “Firewen Xiang” a few months ago. She changed the name of the Douyin account to “Guarding Firewen Xiang for a lifetime”. For her, there is not much difference between the anchor and the star chasing.

In order to support the “love beans”, Chen Hong stayed up all night, watched all the six -hour live broadcast, and helped buy snacks in the live broadcast room.

“Fan lantern cards are bright”, which is often used by the anchors to live broadcast, thereby encouraging fans to send a light sign of 0.1 yuan to get the fan badge.

When encouraging fans to send lantern cards, the anchors of “Huamei Men Grocery Shop” also revealed that

In the future, fan meetings, signing meetings and other activities will be held.

But places are only open to people with a fans of 12 or more.

Huamei Men’s grocery store live room/leopard change

In the live broadcast room of “Beautiful Girl”, fans were affectionately called “Stinky”, “Baby” or “Family” by the anchors. According to data of cicada mother, nearly 70 % of the “beautiful girls” fans are men, and 60 % of them are between 18 and 30 years old.

For young user groups, most of the products that “beautiful girls” bring goods are snacks, drinks, drinks, website members and recharge.

The unit price of commercial customers in the live broadcast room is not high, there is a certain reputation, and there is no need to do too much explanation and promotion. According to the cicada mother data, the best sales in the live broadcast room of the beautiful girl are the combination of 19.90 yuan, a good snack combination, a total of 13,000 pieces in 25 live broadcasts, and sales of 250,000; followed by 29.9 yuan and 20 boxes of bean beans Black bean milk.

And Tencent Video VIP membership, Baidu Web Disk Super Membership annual card, etc. Although the unit price is higher, it is about 100 yuan, and it is more preferred to male fan consumption preferences.

The average conversion rate is also the best, which can reach 21%, which shows that male fans have the ability to chop their hands.

Beautiful girl hi buying live room product category/source cicada mother

After staying in the live broadcast room for a long time, a male fan of “Beautiful Girl” told “Leopard Change” that he did not have the habit of using a short video app. In order to watch the live broadcast of “Beautiful Girl”, he became a resident user.

He feels more distressed about “beautiful girl”. “6 hours on the stage, you try.” He told “Leopard Change”, according to his understanding, the live broadcast of the “beautiful girl” live broadcast from “at 2:30 in the afternoon every day, live broadcast at 8 o’clock, and broadcast it at two o’clock at two o’clock. You can go home at three or four o’clock. “

In order to support them, and there are preferential prices for products, he often purchases goods in the live broadcast room. For most audiences, the ordering products are not discounted for the products, but they are more like “brushing gifts” for the anchors.

Of course, in the live broadcast room of Budi, in order to support the anchors, fans occasionally brush gifts and rewards.

3. How long can Budi bring the goods?

Can a live broadcast of 10 million yuan in sales of tens of millions of sales can become a copy of the wealth password?

In the same type of Buddy’s account account, in addition to the “beautiful girl”, the popularity of the “Hua Mei Men’s Grocery Store” is often referred to as the high imitation version of the high imitation version, but the cicada mother data shows that its cumulative sales in the past 30 days are only 89.9 Ten thousand. In addition, the “Times Girl Seller Shop” is nearly 380,000, and the “Galaxy Girl Snack Shop” is only 130,000. Some are even thousands of yuan.

From the perspective of the “beautiful girl” itself, the sales of sales reached a high level from late July to mid -August, with a maximum of 3.9 million live sales of a single day. Since then, the daily sales of the live broadcast room in recent days have been around 300,000. Essence According to the cicada mother data,


The “beautiful girl” live broadcast also shows a downward trend.

Beautiful girl hi buying live room viewing people’s number of people showing a downward trend/source cicada mother

The “Hua Mei Men’s Grocery Store”, which is mainly female fans, has declined in the live broadcast room. In recent days, the live sales of live broadcasts average of less than 50,000 yuan per day.

Most of these goods sold in the live broadcast room, most of the customer unit price is low, although the consumption threshold is not high,

However, there are also dilemma. The live broadcast room has a lot of limitation and limited space. In addition, the threshold of these goods is also low, and the competition is more intense.

Although many live broadcast rooms have tried to increase selection, including costs and recharge of hundreds of yuan, the effect gap is very large. In the “Flower Men’s Grocery Shop”, the shoes of noble birds, some tide clothes,

The sales volume is individually, even 0 pieces.

on the other hand,

Cultivating a multi -person Budi account is only the artificial cost of anchor, which may be higher

A respondent named “Wu Han Di” shared the Tao on Zhihu. When he first saw the “Beautiful Girl”, the size of their vibrato account was still small, and the fans did not exceed 100,000, but the amount of viewing each game could be good. several thousand.

He is in anxiety in the marketing industry. He has to choose the four young and beautiful little beautiful women, make up, train well, and how much will it cost? How much will be shook to let a few thousand people get online when there are less than 100,000 powder accounts?

In some videos of “Beautiful Girl”, there will also be some high praise comments: “Why can you brush you if you are hacked, how much does it cost?”


An advertising marketing practitioner told “Leopard Change” that most of the popular live broadcast rooms on Douyin usually need to invest a lot of advertising fees. Even if it is a popular live broadcast room, at least 100,000 to 200,000 yuan of advertising costs invested.

Whether jumping live broadcast can not only be a talent between the anchor, but also the reserve competition of the MCN institution behind it.

Behind the “Beautiful Girl” is the industry’s head MCN institution -Hangzhou Yaowang Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yinwang), which is invested in a large conclusion and is often nicknamed “RMB player”.

I have revealed to many media that even amateur anchors have spent huge labor costs. Among them, the most well -known is the horse racing mechanism incubated by anchors. With the leadership of the leadership, the anchor is selected. Instead, through a large number of interviews, 100 anchors are selected to hatch under the same conditions. Fast horse racing, the first one who ran to the end was left.

Girls who can group debut four years ago, now they are just selling small snacks on the Internet. In his opinion, in order to compete for traffic, everyone uses everything, which means that the traffic dividends have been exhausted, and the entire industry has begun to be in depth.

There are also observers talking about this topic on social platforms. They believe that the current domestic e -commerce track has turned sharply. “Time is no longer a friend of e -commerce.”

Douyin emphasizes the “interest e -commerce” and the “trust economy” pushed quickly. The platform emphasizes the transformation of live broadcast e -commerce from “looking for goods” to “goods”. Users should also dig their potential needs and interests.

The advantages of “people” and “field” have also become the new focus of major platforms. Emotional shows, concerts, and variety shows, various novel forms have emerged in the live broadcast room. “Beautiful Girl” Busi with goods, this relaxed live broadcast model, is called “atmosphere e -commerce” by Xie Rudong, the chairman of the chairman. As soon as the atmosphere arrives, the audience will naturally place an order. Trust e -commerce “different songs.





However, we should also see that after a period of time, the live broadcast room such as “Jumping with goods” has become weaker and weaker.

When the audience is tired of the form of Budi, it is difficult to last for live broadcasts.How to please consumers in the crowded live broadcast room is always a problem