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What is the difference between car speakers and household speakers? There are 5 main differences.

Car speaker enters home audio? Why! ? 5 main differences between families and automotive speakers

In this article, we will make it clear to the car speaker and the home speakers. Why do many people dismantle the car audio and use it in the home theater?

First, the article will focus mainly pay attention to the bass speakers: pay attention to the appearance of the outside of the family speakers and magnets.

5 main differences between home and car speakers:

1. Resonance frequency.

The low-wave speakers in a car having a diameter of 165 mm, typical and optimal values ​​are 50 to 70 Hz. In the car audio, there is no need. At lower frequencies, the speaker itself has a resonance of less than 50, and we will get over-enhancement at these frequencies. In addition, it is not a low frequency speaker per door. It is very likely that the volume is not the linear process of the speaker, not the thermal mode of the coil – the door is usually sing, usually, the optimum value is 50 to 70 Hz. This is often observed! With such a speaker, loose and installed in the bottom of the door.

In the home theater, the same size speaker is expected to have a significantly lower resonance. In fact, the speaker is mounted in the housing, the housing “support” speaker, increasing its actual resonant frequency. 30-50Hz is a typical 6.5-inch home low-sounding speaker normal self-resonance.

2. Quality factors.

The bass in the car sound is usually installed at the door. The door is a considerable volume, which is much much larger than the ordinary body of the speaker usually installing this size. In addition, this volume is not a closed: technical holes, drains and other things necessary for normal operation. Therefore, its resonance and Q factor have risen slightly, so the manufacturer immediately manufactures a speaker with the necessary parameters: Q factor from 0.6 to 1 – these are very typical and sufficient for car audio.

When mounting in the Q factor is overestimated, it is impossible to obtain a flat frequency response: a hump occurs at the setting of the resonant area or the bass reflection port.

The speaker initially designed for cabinets has a lower Q factor: the closed box is 0.5-0.6, bass reflection, maze and other design are 0.3-0.5. However, in practice, there may be some options in real speakers, not all manufacturers strictly follow theory, and often use a high-ranked quality factor in the cheap speaker. Specifically reasonable.

3. Impedance.

The impedance of the car speaker is lower than the typical home speaker. In order to draw maximum power from the amplifier, it is necessary to low resistance to the car speaker. This is especially true when the speaker is powered by the GU or other amplifier without power and using a 14V onboard voltage. Low impedance load is a simple and effective way to extract more power from the available voltages and get more sounds.

Many household amplifiers are not designed to run under low levels, which may be difficult because the amplifier is not operating in design mode.

汽车扬声器与家用扬声器有何不同?主要区别有5 个

4, safety margin.

Automatic dynamics is designed to operate at extreme temperatures, high humidity, and vibration. What is the problem? A similar operation is easier, faster, more detailed. Since the movement is easier, the suspension is softer, and the gap in the magnetic system is smaller. Autodyne is durable, reliable, and sturdy. Domashka is very delicate, you can show more details, but it is best not to touch it again)

5. Appearance.

It’s unexpected, but the system function is very clear. Autodynes has a foreign flange, not the most beautiful – it should be like this, it will still be covered by the housing or mesh cover, which is usually included in the kit.

Typical automatic power speakers, and Urals of the AK series as an example. In its exposed form, the flanges are obviously no different from beautiful and noble. But there are a lot of installation options!

Many times, the rear of the speaker has received a lot of attention: the beautiful patch on the magnet, chrome-plated parts of the magnetic system, unusual basket. This is usually not for sound, but is for the outside of the speaker. After all, this may be the decisive factor when choosing a specific speaker.

汽车扬声器与家用扬声器有何不同?主要区别有5 个

The magnet is covered by the rubber cover and fundamentally changes its appearance. Perhaps this is also necessary for waterproof. But can you immediately remember a home speaker with an elastic band on the magnet?

Buying a home audio usually requires more accurate understanding of the required parameters and speaker function. Therefore, the exterior of the diffuser and flange is the first position (the final appearance of the speaker depends on this) and calculates the important parameters when the speaker system housing is calculated. There is no frequent decoration of magnets there. In the car audio, the size of the magnet, the number of tiles indicated on the brand and label is important.

Clip contacts, ural AK has a screw terminal – which job will you find this? But in terms of sound and parameters, this speaker G … but

Therefore, those who say that car audio speakers are not suitable for doing homework is correct. But a large group of people have tried, according to their own experience, they are prepared to assert the opposite:

汽车扬声器与家用扬声器有何不同?主要区别有5 个

The main advantages of car audio speakers are affordable. This is the advantage that is solved in most cases. Every city has a car audio store, you can come here, touch the speaker, listen on the booth, choose a set of coaxial or component audio for almost any budget. A set of 4 speakers (low sound “and treble speakers) can be started from 4t.r. – very affordable! Another problem is how quality and sound:

汽车扬声器与家用扬声器有何不同?主要区别有5 个

This is not unfair, it should be. The sound is a few people, almost everyone wants to change the standard speakers in the car. I bought a speaker, leaving the car, after a short time, you have already begun to enjoy the new voice, trying to understand what these money is for something.

汽车扬声器与家用扬声器有何不同?主要区别有5 个

Therefore, many people give up, turn to the touch speaker, go to the car audio salon.

That is, the Q factor is definitely not suitable for installation in the chassis of 0.7 or higher! In the form, the situation is like this.

There is a q factor to 1.4 low-sounding speakers. In the housing of the bass reflection. The entire budget part is also almost!

The main disadvantage of the car audio speaker is that the required parameters are incomplete to the real parameters. You may not find a perfect speaker for your speaker in your car audio store. But you can find an excellent speaker in terms of price / quality, and your smaller your budget, the more meaningful to find Autodyne.

If the budget is very good, it is best to look at the home speaker. Very good SQ car speaker cost is high, can easily compete with household components.

汽车扬声器与家用扬声器有何不同?主要区别有5 个

The content written herein mainly involves the medium and low speakers. If you are interested, you can continue to introduce HF, MF, subwoofer, and various branches, such as Stage and Shirikov.

One of the handmade articles on the DLS car speaker. Due to the nature of the speaker, customization is slightly higher than your expectation of this size speaker. Therefore, the bass is deeper. But in size, TK has a large possibility. Acoustic will not enter deep bass) starting from 50 Hz, we play it honestly.

Let us summary!

The other Thiele-Small parameters of car kinetics are different from home dynamics, and purely form is not suitable for installation in the housing. However, if you really install them there, you will not get a uniform frequency response at the low frequency of the port setting area or the speaker resonance region due to the increase in the quality factor of the speaker. By the way, many people are very actively believed that the rise of low-frequency frequency response) This acoustic will not enter deep bass – because the frequency response caused sharply due to high quality factors, and high resonance speakers have not contributed.

In the intermediate frequency, Autodyne will not be able to please. The security marginal, heavy diffusers and other features are bad helpers in this matter. However, this is very thin, and an ordinary car audio speaker sounds not very poor.

汽车扬声器与家用扬声器有何不同?主要区别有5 个

Even in autodyns, it is also very likely to get a good voice of manual production! Especially if this is the first experiment in this direction:

汽车扬声器与家用扬声器有何不同?主要区别有5 个

Maybe this article has missed some knowledge points, welcome to supplement in comments