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How much is the “Jingdezhen Tea Steel Brand” Jingdezhen Tea Set?

Jingdezhen’s tea set brand has a wide number of instruments, colors, single pieces, and kites since ancient times. Among the many categories, if you want to figure out the price, no matter the quality of the porcelain, how much money is asked about how much money is asked?

The porcelain in Jingdezhen Tea Steel Brands is not like us to buy vegetables in the vegetable market. The price of the vegetables on that day is clearly there. What you want to choose is nothing more than new dishes.

Jingdezhen Tea Steel Brand Porcelain Kung Fu Tea Set


Porcelain mud determines a set of price of tea set in Jingdezhen

Different porcelain is different from the porcelain process and process. Let’s start with the porcelain mud. Generally, it costs a few hundred yuan per ton, and the medium -white porcelain mud should be thousands of yuan per ton. It is the price of tens of thousands of tons, and there are special jade mud. It can be called that you can’t imagine that tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. You may not be able to buy in the middle and high -end products of Jingdezhen tea set.

Crafts determines a set of price of tea sets in Jingdezhen

Furthermore, the tea vessels have grouting, machinery, and manual billets. Different processes are different. The wages paid by porcelain workers are different. After the molding is finished, the kiln must be fired. The burning is “reducing flames”, which is the “fine porcelain” that we often call it. At 1200, it has to reach the reducing flame, and its fuel cost is thousands of yuan higher.


The use of the two is also different. We take the category of the tea device as an example. When rough and fine porcelain are loaded with boiling water, you can try it. Because the density of the rough porcelain is too dense, the heat conduction effect is fast. This is this is You can’t touch it with your hands. In terms of Jingdezhen tea set brand porcelain, the price of coarse porcelain (that is, porcelain generated by temperature below 1200) is relatively cheap.

Jingdezhen Tea Steel Brand Porcelain Made in Porcelain Made in Porcelain

Jingdezhen porcelain tea ware, also a high -production process, is pure handmade painting. We take the mid -range porcelain tea set as an example. The commonly used kit is generally a pot, one tea, four cups. If an artist with a teacher is invited to draw, it will be more than 1,000 yuan.


Speaking of which, you may know how much it costs about Jingdezhen porcelain tea wares. Therefore, for consumers who like Jingdezhen’s origin of porcelain, if you want to buy a set of tea equipment for your own heart, you must first understand its quality. On the porcelain market or e -commerce platform For more than 2,000 yuan suits, the manufacturers will almost match the introduction of the product, certificate, or drawing artist’s profile. With these accessories, Jingdezhen Tea Steel Brand Porcelain Tips: Before you buy it, you can enjoy the product to provide you with the product to provide you with the product. Information, so you know that the product is not worth buying from the value to the price.

(Author: founder of Porcelain Kung Fu · Liu Shushi)

Jingdezhen Tea Steel Brand Porcelain Kung Fu Tea Set