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The most lacking girl in 2019 is high -heeled.

Today’s ballet shoes are no longer just wearing on the stage. She also frequently appears in many fashionistat street shoots. The ribbon entanglement is filled with the beauty of artistic atmosphere, and Luisa Beccaria SS is aimed at the new products of 2019. A series of ballet shoes have also been launched, solid color strap high -heeled shoes, color strap high heels, printed/checked strap high -heeled shoes, strap slippers, strap single shoes, and you can feel different ballet charm.

Look1: solid color strap high heels

Pure blue high -heeled shoes are clean and pure, and the shoe body of the velvet fabric is combined with the silk strap. The entanglement of the ankle is the most beautiful and tender line. Although this color of high heels is not particularly versatile, as long as it can be used, it is absolutely eye -catching.

Coral orange high -heeled shoes look very advanced because of the gloss of the silk surface. In detail, the bow -made bow tied with three satin occupies the overall main design and the source of fashion. Girls can also wear a different sweet and elegant charm.

Look2: Color strap high heels

In this series, the same design has also launched a variety of color items. The difference between this pair of shoes is that it is composed of straps of different colors. The back of the toes is made of two yellow silk surfaces. The slight gap makes it a little more important point. However, it is worth noting that this yellow shoes should choose carefully for girls who are not fair enough.

And this silver -based high -heeled shoes look more advanced. After all, the silver with the sense of time and space in the future has both eye -catching and versatile, and it will also be white and more white. The other two satin are gray -green and smoke pink, which are very comfortable Morandi, and the texture has an instant texture upgrade.

This pair of shoes is also mainly silver. The only difference is that the bottom bow is changed from smoke pink to silver -gray, which is slightly calm. And this division formed by straps can actually make the exposed instead add points to the proportion, making the feet look smaller and slender.

LOOK3: Print/Checai strap high -heeled shoes

It seems that the designers of this series really prefer this model. Only the changes in the straps have been launched. It is also a three -stage strap. The small freshness of the pastoral style, but it is also more picky in matching. It is not as versatile as the first few, which is more suitable for small fresh dresses or ladies.

The same Wheshi plaid with its own artistic atmosphere is also integrated into this high heels, but the three -color combination of pale purple, light powder and yellow, is more fashionable than the printed model. The orange dress of the ankle, it is difficult to think about it.

Look4: strap slippers

Come and come, take a hairband with a strap bow, and the three bows are like slippers. It can be said that it is quite casual, but despite this, these dark orange -red silk slippers also have a brighter eyes. After all, the chic design is really novel, and it can definitely popularize the fashion circle in the future and become a frequent visitor in lazy matching.

And these slippers look blue, but if you look closely, you will have a sense of layering. It is easy to ignore on your feet. It only feels like a little color difference. Small plaids, wave dots, and large plaids are instantly filled with a sweet atmosphere. It hit the girl’s literary heart and easily match the lazy and fashionable sense.

Look5: strap shoes

This pair of brown strap shoes is a relatively classic style. The V -shaped lines have a slender effect visually. The shallow shoe mouth exposes a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčinstep, youth and versatile, a romantic atmosphere, and the soft ribbon is wrapped around in wrapped around Athlete to create a strong sense of appearance.

Although these ballet single shoes do not have a particularly obvious strap design, the butterfly node strap of the heel is also a dotted at the details, and it is more convenient to wear at the same time. The design of the square head is slightly retro, but its blocking effect makes it not as versatile as pointed.

The more retro deduction style will make this pair of ballet dance elegant and literary charm, and it can be experienced in the previous high heels. The small blue print with the design of the heels can easily interpret the casual and comfortable attitude of close nature.

After seeing these pairs of shoes, Mei Sister has the goal of wanting to start. After all, the fashionable retro brought by ballet shoes is simply unspeakable, and do the girls have a heart -hearted style?

The most lacking girl in 2019 is high -heeled.