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Long -term exposure of ultraviolet rays may cause skin lesions sunscreen+dark clothes effect bonus points

Long -term exposure of ultraviolet rays may cause skin lesions sunscreen+dark clothes effect bonus points

In addition to peeling, severe sunburn may also have blisters, calling on the public to “prevent heavy treatment” for sunscreen. (Photo / reporter Xiao Ke is taking pictures, the same below)

Reporter Wang Zhaolin / Hualien Report

In hot summer, water activities are ramming. The 28 -year -old Miss Wang and the three -five friends met with a cool and stimulating rafting. I did not expect that the symptoms such as redness, swelling and tingling, and itching of the skin were began to appear in both hands that day. Cai Kaiqi, a dermatologist at Mennuo Hospital, called on the public that in the high temperature and hot summer, accidental ultraviolet rays will be broken to avoid sunburn and sunburn. Sun protection cannot be ignored. Especially exposure to ultraviolet rays for a long time may cause lesions of skin cells to lesions. Essence

The whole Taiwan continues to be high temperature, and the ultraviolet rays will break the table. In order to avoid sunburn and dark sunburn, sun protection work cannot be less. Dermatologist Cai Kaiqi said that sunburn can be divided into mild, moderate and severe three levels. When mild sunburn, the skin will become red, fever, and moderate sunburn will appear red, swelling, tingling and other phenomena. In addition to peeling, severe sunburn may also have blisters. It is important to do sunscreen homework.

Physicians point out that excessive ultraviolet exposure may also increase the incidence of skin cancer. UV wavelengths are mainly divided into two types of UVA and UVB. UVB will cause skin sunburn, and UVA will cause skin black and aging. Light sunburn can be rinsed with ice water or wrapped in ice cubes with towels. You can also choose to sell lotion with cool and calm effect on the market to soothe the skin. If the sunburn is serious, it is recommended to match anti -inflammatory painkillers or antibody amine, and local steroid ointment to slow down skin inflammation.

In addition to parasols, hats and sunscreen jackets, it is also important to forget sunscreen.

It is recommended to learn about the ultraviolet index on the day before going out. Dr. Cai Kaiqi said that avoid going out at 10 am to 2 pm. If you have to go out, except for parasol, hats and sunscreen jackets, don’t forget that sunscreen is also important. , A face needs to use about 10 yuan coin -sized sunscreen milk. Usually the body’s sunscreen products have a large proportion of water and milk, and the texture is scarce, which is convenient for the people to apply it in large areas. Generally speaking The more difficult it is to sunburn, the people can pay more attention when buying. If there is no people who are used to sunscreen habits, it is recommended to wear sunglasses and masks to sunscreen. In addition, the selection of sunscreen clothing is mainly to be dark colors. The darker the color, the higher the protective performance, especially the weaving and the opaque light, and the effect is more divided.

The heat is forced, and there are no protection measures. Long -term exposure to the ultraviolet rays for a long time is not only a great burden on the skin, but also may cause lesions and suffer from skin cancer. In the face of hot sunlight, we must do sunscreen and try to stay in a cool place as much as possible.

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