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Another trillion wind mouth is here! The hegemony is “unprecedented”, and the global giants are “energy storage”

Another trillion wind mouth is here! The hegemony is “unprecedented”, and the global giants are “energy storage”

With reducing carbon emissions into global consensus, global energy transformation is imminent. In recent years, the energy storage market has ushered in explosive growth in the process of new energy replacement stone energy. There have also been ultra -large energy storage projects at home and abroad, and many companies have invested in the energy storage industry.

New Energy Vehicle Cheng Super Charging Energy Storage Industry

Recently, on the streets of Zhengzhou, the problem of internet and power outage caused by floods, which caused many citizens’ mobile phones to be unable to charge, and lost contact with their families. Under anxiety, a number of Zhengzhou BYD owners use the “mobile power station” function of the vehicle to charge the neighbors’ mobile phones, charging treasures, table lamps and other equipment.

Behind BYD’s new energy vehicle fire is the power of energy storage. The so -called energy storage mainly refers to the storage of electrical energy, and the energy storage equipment can also be understood as one

Large -scale charging treasure

Essence At present, energy storage technology includes pumping storage, electrochemical energy storage, and heat storage and cooling.

In 2019, Tesla reached a cooperation with Pacific Natural Gas and Electric Power Corporation to deploy several giant battery energy storage equipment named Megapack in the Mosnop community in Monteley, California.

The energy storage capacity of this device is very powerful. Each giant battery package can store 3 MW -time energy in one year, and can connect enough battery packs together to generate super energy storage equipment with more than 1GWH storage energy. This will be Can provide “6 hours of electricity every family in San Francisco”.

Recently, a report from the US Energy Information Administration showed that in the past five years, the capacity of large -scale battery in the United States has doubled. U.S. public institutional companies plans to install large -scale batteries with more than 10,000 mesh power generation capabilities in the next two years, and the capacity of the new battery will be 10 times that of 2019.

Not only in the United States, many countries around the world have been committed to the exploration of the energy storage industry in recent years. South Korea, India and Japan in the Asia -Pacific region are also the main markets. Although China’s energy storage industry has started late, it has developed rapidly in recent years. According to incomplete statistics,

In the first half of 2021, the scale of new energy storage installations exceeded 10GW in China, an increase of more than 600% year -on -year

Essence And the large number of projects with a large installation scale reached 34, which was 8.5 times last year and radiated 12 provinces across the country.

Chen Haisheng, Chairman of the Energy Storage Professional Committee of the China Energy Research Association:

The scale of China’s energy storage market is around 2030,

It should be more than 500 billion yuan each year, or even a size of trillion


The energy storage market fights for the industrial chain up and down new and sharp generations

Under the global wave of new energy, energy storage is becoming a key part of the Energy Revolution, while connecting clean energy such as “heat, electricity, hydrogen”; on the other hand, it is closely related to power batteries and new energy vehicles. With the development of energy storage technology, the energy storage market has also ushered in a situation of fighting.

Recently, the Ningde Times officially released the first generation of sodium ion batteries, and the lithium sodium mixed -match battery pack also debuted at the press conference.

In fact, the Ningde era was not the first brand of mass -produced sodium ion batteries.

As early as 2019, Zhongke Hai Soda relied on the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish the first sodium ion battery energy storage power station

And in September last year, mass production was achieved, and the production capacity could reach 300,000/month. This is the world’s first company to announce the production of sodium batteries in batches.

Tesla recently submitted an application to the Public Business Commission of Texas, hoping to sell electricity to users

Essence At the same time, Tesla also encouraged those residents with solar panels in their homes to share electricity, and users can make money by selling excess electricity to the grid.

Recently, Chinese battery manufacturers Yiyi Lithium Energy signed a two -year agreement with the United States Puway Energy Corporation.

Yimei Lithium can become a battery supplier of the Puway battery energy storage system project

In addition to battery manufacturers, many companies have emerged in other links in the energy storage industry chain. As a leading enterprise in the global photovoltaic inverter, Sunshine Power also performs well in the energy storage market.

In 2019, Sunshine Power has ranked first in the ranking of China’s energy storage system integrators, ranking first

Another company that cannot be ignored is Huawei,

Huawei has launched energy storage systems for residents, industrial parks and other households in the second half of 2020. In 2021, large -scale listing for commercial energy storage systems

Liu Yong, Secretary -General of the Energy Storage Application Branch of the Chinese Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association:

China’s energy storage industry is ushered in unprecedented hegemony situation

Essence The development of the future energy storage market will not only compete with each other and cooperate. Whoever can really capture the market still needs to be further tested by the market.

New technologies of energy storage diversification have continued to emerge

The most important purpose of energy storage is to solve the problem of time mismatch of power supply and demand, which is commonly known


Essence Different energy storage technologies have different advantages and inferiority and application scenarios. In the development of the energy storage industry, new technologies have also emerged.

At present, the main operating energy storage projects at home and abroad are still mainly pumping energy storage. Data show that as of 2020, the installation of pumping storage in global energy storage accounts for 89.3%. 9.2%. In electrochemical energy storage, it is mainly lithium -ion batteries, accounting for 88.8%.

Chen Yongzheng, a professor at the Institute of Electric, Chinese Academy of Sciences:

Among the current electrochemical energy storage, lithium battery energy storage is the highest cost -effective. However, lithium batteries are suitable for the energy storage of minutes to hourly levels. In the future, the energy storage of cross -seasons will also require renewable energy hydrogen storage and other different solutions.

At present, some countries have raised hydrogen energy storage to national strategy. Japan began research on hydrogen storage as early as 1994, and earlier mastered hydrogen fuel cell technology. The U.S. Department of Energy issued a hydrogen energy development plan at the end of 2020. It is expected that by 2050, the proportion of hydrogen energy in the total energy consumption in the United States can reach 14%. The EU proposed a hydrogen energy development strategy in August 2020, focusing on the development of renewable energy hydrogen. my country also includes hydrogen and energy storage in the future industry, and will focus on the development layout in the future.

In addition, large -scale energy storage technology represented by sulfur battery is considered a strategic technology that supports the popularization of renewable energy. The Shanghai Academy of Sciences Shanghai Silicate Research Institute and Shanghai Electric Power Company cooperated, and the successful development of large -capacity sodium sulfur energy storage monomer batteries with independent intellectual property rights.

Make my country the second country in the world to master the core technology of the core technology of large -capacity sulfur sulfur energy storage single battery after the world after Japan

Essence In addition to sulfur battery, the battery is also accelerating.

In July of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Energy Storage Storage”, which proposed to adhere to the diversification of energy storage technology and realize the long -term energy storage technology of liquid storage batteries such as cymbal batteries to enter the initial stage of commercial development.

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