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The fans are idols Liu Zhimin’s birthday, and the cinema chair in Hangzhou’s theater is fully completed.

The fans are idols Liu Zhimin’s birthday, and the cinema chair in Hangzhou’s theater is fully completed.

Qianjiang Evening News · Correspondent Lu Fang correspondent Zheng Tianyi

On April 7th, I came to CGV Studios Hangzhou Binjiang Sky Street IMAX Store No. 8 Cinema Hall. The audience who watched the movie “Moon Fall” “scared” after entering the theater.

It turned out that more than a hundred seats were put on the same chair cover. The chair cover is printed with a big avatar of Korean female singer Liu Zhimin, which says the fans’ blessings to her. All seats are such chairs. Looking at it at a glance, if it is a “dense disease” patient, it is really dizzy.

Qianjiang Evening News · Hours news reporter was informed that the theme of the theater was arranged by the CGV theater headquarters. People who executed the company had printed chairs in advance and went to the theater to change it.

At the same time, Liu Zhimin’s fan meeting also released this move for idols on the Internet, saying that from April 8th to May 8th, the “crown” of this cinema will last a month. On the ticketing platform, Hall 8 of the theater has also become “Karina (Liu Zhimin English Name) Hall”.

When the reporter asked the theater how much the cinema cost, the staff said that it was uniformly arranged by the CGV theater headquarters, and they did not know.

Fans celebrate their birthdays and spend money to name the theater, which is not rare in Hangzhou. In March of this year, the same cinema has become the “Song Yaxuan Theme Cinema”. Fans spend their money for the singers of the youth group in this era.

An industry insider said that before the outbreak of the cinema, the cinema “crown” was still popular in Hangzhou. When watching movies, fans will also find that there are various cinemas with various names. The chair is also a variety of.

“After the outbreak of the epidemic, many theater names will no longer renew the contract after the name expires. So there are very few.”

He said that the star name of the star is generally fan behavior, most of which are celebrated for celebrities.

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