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Make life happier ~ 2022 New Year’s good things recommendation

Make life happier ~ 2022 New Year’s good things recommendation


After officially entered 2022, it is also about to usher in the New Year. Everyone has entered the annual ending process of preparing for the year and renewal of the New Year. In this article, you can take stock of some good things that are in use, including cleaning home appliances, portable digital, daily home homes. They may have excellent intelligent experiences, or really make life more happy!

Ruimi Zhenxuan Sweeping Robot Eva Liberation Family Cleaning Artifacts

As a lazy home, I have been a sweeping robot user early. The first -generation Mijia sweeping robot has been serving at home for a long time. With the development of technology, the sweeping robot has been completely replaced by today’s scanning robot. The flagship product of Ruimi, under the collection of two powerful technologies of omnipotent self -cleaning+all -round dust, can basically achieve family ground cleaning Completely liberated your hands! It has been used for more than a month after purchasing the subsidy of the station. The experience is very good. Compared with the sedentary scanning robot, it has a significant improvement at the convenience level!

Its host parts uses the overall shape of the square circle, which is more distinctive than other products of pure round shape ~

The configuration is also very good. The top module is embedded with 4.0LDS lidar. It has stronger obstacles and faster charts. With software planning, the cleaning path can be more reasonable.

The super perception ability of LDS also makes the ground slippers and clothing on the ground no longer the absolute interference of the working route of the robotic robot. The PSD corner perception technology with it also allows it to close the sidelines when sweeping to achieve the maximum efficiency of the maximum efficiency. clean.

Looking at the actual treatment of Ruimi Qiangxuan omnipients and dragging robot EVA when facing the foot of the hanger. At high speeds on the ground, the cleaning efficiency is maximized. At the edge position of the foot of the hanger Cleaning and cleaning completion can be said to be perfect.

The host provides three physical buttons. Through them, they can also control Rimi EVA, plus the base and mobile phone applications. The three operations are complementary, and the family use is very convenient!

Although it supports automatic dust collection, Ruimi EVA still provides a large -capacity dust box, which comes with a HEPA filter element to ensure the powerful capacity of each cleaning!

Of course, the excellent maps and obstacles, and basic materials are available for many similar products. The omnipotent self -cleaning base station with Ruimi really omnipotent and dragging robot EVA is the core of its emancipating hands!

The appearance of the entire base station is simple and atmospheric. It also uses white as the main color as the host. The cover plate and button area on the top use light gray for contrasting. There is a color screen on the front. You can see the real -time working state of the host during use!

Open the cover of the base station, you can see the translucent black sewage tank, the dust bag in the middle, and the translucent blue water purification tank. The water purification tank provides clean water, sewage tanks recovered and cleaned sewage, and the dust bags income in the dust box garbage. The combination of the three is the secret of Ruimi Zhenye omnipotent and dragging robot EVA.

The capacity of the cleaning toilet and the sewage barrel is very considerable. The tone of a cleaning solution can be used for multiple times. The workmanship of the two water tanks is very good.

There are four touch keys on the front of the base station, which are mop cleaning, recall, cleaning start/suspension and dust collection. Simple and clear operation logic, the elderly in the home can also get started quickly!

The cleaning area and charging contact of the base are perfectly adapted to the host. The water outlets and water absorption points are low -level design, which will not overflow at all.

Looking at the chassis design, brushing and mid -brushing are the main originals of sweeping. The pure sweep mode is completed through their matching. The brush head workmanship is very good. The official proposed service life is 200 hours and 300 hours.

When I put the two mop on the EVA, it will automatically induced and switch to the mop mode, and the roller and vacuum will work at the same time to form a cleaning effect of sweeping and mop!

The configuration mop size has reached 4 inches. When used, it rotates at a high speed at a high speed, and there will be an additional pressure of 12n. The speed is as high as 180 rpm. The grounding effect, dealing with some stubborn stains, have better effects and deeper cleaning ability!

Ruimi Zhenxuan Sweeping Robot EVA is a smart device that can access Mijia. It is very convenient to operate management. In the APP, you can set zone cleaning, and choose some areas of cleaning and setting a fixed cleaning effect. The mobile phone operation button is also simple and clear. You can also control voice control through Xiaoai classmates, which is more convenient for the elderly at home!

Taking the cleaning records in the home as an example, Ruimi EVA will build a picture in detail before the scanning cleaning, plan the cleaning area, and then distinguish it. After each small piece is cleaned, return to the base station to start the mop cleaning program. The whole process is completely complete Without artificial intervention, there are many miscellaneous objects, beds, and homes in the home. EVA can still accurately plan the route, and the small passage can pass perfectly!

It can be seen that in the actual cleaning process, Ruimi EVA’s wiring is very neat, and the wiping strength of the wooden floor in the home is also very strong. The overall water control is very well controlled. The appropriate water volume on the solid wood flooring can ensure the cleaning effect. At the same time, 10 ~ 15 It can volatilize naturally and complete cleaning!

The back charging action is clean and neat. Ruimi EVA has a 2cm height climbing ability. Entering the base of the ground will not damage the floor at all ~

You can clearly see the connection status of the host and the work animation under different working conditions on the color display of the base. There are also clear voice prompts during use, and some abnormal conditions can also provide sufficient intuitive guidance!

Look at the effect of dry water after cleaning. There is no floating ash and stains on the surface. Except for the years of the old flooring years, it can be said that it is not dyed ~

After the entire ground is cleaned, EVA will return to the base charging, and automatically collect dust and automatic cleaning the trailer. This is the stage where the entire machine uses the most noise, but it will still not affect the daily life. The whole machine is in the process of cleaning. Quite quiet, there is no overlooking motor noise!

Looking at the dust box after automatic dust collecting, except for a small amount of attachment, most of the dust is automatically inhaled into the storage bag.

This is a single -clean mop state. When dealing with dirty floor, the effect is very good. Basically, all the stains are wiped off!

This is the mop state after automatic cleaning. It is quite clean after the mop is cleaned!

The state of the sewage bucket after a single use is shown in the figure. A considerable dirt was washed into the barrel. After the whole house was cleaned, the operation we needed was to pour the sewage and prepare a new water. , Can rely on EVA to complete it automatically!

All in all, Ruimi is really an all -round player EVA. It is indeed an all -round player. It has the ability to avoid the ability of the top -level scanning effect box. By supporting automatic cleaning, automatic dust collection, and automatic air -dried mop, it is used to use it. Sweeping robots is more convenient and more worry -free. It is very worthwhile to start with good prices in the station. It is recommended to use it and liberate your hands!

IKBC Yinyang division wireless keyboard desktop face value good

In recent years, domestic keyboards have been developed in a long way, especially in the appearance and value level. The wireless keyboard jointly niece of IKBC and Yinyang Division is a very cute one.

The keyboard is based on the IKBC Z200 Pro and the co -branded element of the Ibaran Band element of the Yinyang Division.

The whole body uses a beige shell, which is slightly yellow -tone decoration, giving people warmth. The keycaps use pure white, yellow -brown, and red three -color mixing. This is all from the IP color of the porcelain ball band.

Because the keyboard is to leave room for the battery, the design is quite thick. On the side, the keycap has a special 4 -order keycap design, which is more in line with ergonomics and makes use more comfortable.

The joint engraving is placed on the steering wheel, and the red snow dog pattern on the carriage return key is particularly cute ~

This is a collection of keycaps with IP elements, and the printing is quite delicate.

The keycap is made of PBT material+sublimation process. It actually used for more than three months. The texture is very good and the printing is firm!

In terms of shaft body, the type of typing of the TTC red shaft is very similar to the cherry shaft, the feel is good, and the subsequent replacement cost is lower ~~

The limited edition of this Ibaka band, whether it is color matching or special keycap IP elements, is full of cuteness and very cute. The combination of 108 keys and 2.4G wireless also allows this keyboard to play well in both functionality and convenience.

Ticwatch GTA smart watch sports good partner

399 yuan after folding, the entry -level smart table launched by domestic brand Ticwatch, GTA

The appearance of the watch is very sporty. The dial is a large dial with a 44mm. The outer layer uses a dark scrub metal. The overall is a very tough male style!

Compared with my daily watches, the appearance of the large dial is good, and it has a strong sense of sports.

On the front, the light gray lines are placed on the black matte shell. There are buttons and sport keys on the two tables. The operating logic is the same as that of most dual -key intelligent tables on the market.

The keys of the surface of the ears use cylindrical shape, adding fine red line decoration, the visual effect is quite strong, very durable ~

The screen configuration is a 1.3 -inch 360*360 HD full -color omentoscope screen. It is very delicate as the watch screen, and the operation delay is very low, very smooth and smooth!

Compared to the entry table of only dozens of dials, the number of Ticwatch GTA dials is as high as hundreds, which is very broad to choose from.

Core components such as heart rate sensors, optical sensors, and pressure sensors are integrated on the back of the watch, and there is no too much raised ~

The GTA that supports 50 meters of waterproof comes with the swimming mode, which is a sports smart watch that can be launched.

When the battery capacity came to 380 mAh, it supported 14 days of use and 30 days of standby!

The blood oxygen saturation and respiratory rate can also be displayed as two healthy elements, and it supports body temperature measurement. It is very useful in today’s living environment!

Sliding the dial, you can switch the display interface. There are six sub -menu in total ~

The number of step statistics is highly consistent with the built -in mobile phone, and the distance and heat consumption are attached!

Simple sleep duration can also be seen, and the score will be scored according to age ~

There are many sports mode. In addition to running and cycling, various unpopular sports mode has also been added!

GTA’s heart rate detection is very accurate, and the detection frequency is also very high. You can clearly draw the user’s heart rate in detail ~

Finally, weather, binding the city, can display the weather information in the last 4 days!

After binding the mobile phone, the push message is very timely, and the number of words displayed is enough ~

As the current 399 watch that can be available, the Ticwatch GTA has a rich motion mode, and the health sensor configuration is full. It is very suitable , Specific use still need to consider everyone’s needs ~

Level 8 Zero Sensing Backpack Comfortable Commuters

Horizon ZERO is a newly listed commuter like a backpack last year. The three -dimensional size is 43cm*28cm*16cm, but the weight is more than two pounds. The all -inclusive materials are solid and good workmanship. It is a very highly respected domestic mid -to -high -end backpack.

The front of the all -inclusive is made for waterproof fabrics and leather noodles, which is practical and high -level. A leather logo is used at the seam that is labeled or decorated ~

Looking at the back, Zero practiced a full -metering mesh of polyester fiber, adding sponges to strengthen the shock absorption effect. The hexagonal honeycomb design also made the breathability very good!

The all -inclusive is equipped with a band, which can be used with a luggage lever ~

The handle part uses brown fur, which is similar to the front small logo, which makes the color matching and vibrant.

Horizon’s bags are very practical. The overall capacity has reached 19L. There are more than a dozen storage partitions. There are four layers of storage space as a whole!

Look at my daily commuting effect, thicker CLEVO laptop, plus thick adapter, with iPad Pro, iPencil, pen, mouse and headphones and chargers, all can be done in the main warehouse!

And other areas can also install a lot of documents and notes, and its effects can be visible!

The name is zero, and the strength of ZERO lies in its comfort. A large area of ​​shock absorption materials will not bring a strong sense of oppression to the shoulder when the bag is more than 10 catties. Backpack is used in the car!

The overall plain appearance is very matched with clothes. It is the overall appearance of straight men’s identity!

Anders e -sports chair cute game artifact

The e -sports chair is a family chair that emphasizes filling and appearance. It is full of characteristics and personality design, which is more in line with the aesthetics of young people!

The Anders e -sports chair is a co -branded with the Yinyang Division Cat Band. The overall use of the ivory white imitation material is used. On, the face value is prominent!

The core IP design is the demon horns of the ball. It is very cute to sew back to the top of the back of the chair, and the cuteness burst!

LOGO is placed in the head area, and the whole chair uses sewing patterns. This processing method does not have any color loss and peeling. The neck support is designed. Although the size is not large, the filling is thick, comfortable and comfortable. Very strong!

The main body of the ball was placed on the back of the chair, and it can be said that it was perfect to restore the dull appearance!

In addition to the neck, the chair is also equipped with a waist guard, and the home pattern of Ibaraki boy has excellent decoration effect, and provides strong waist support!

The back sewing of the yin and yang division on the seat cushion, the entire seat cushion is 9cm thick, the sitting feeling is soft and comfortable ~

The belt on the back is slightly destroyed, but the large porcelain ball pattern is more cute ~

The gaming chair is equipped with a dedicated glue support, which can be transformed in only 10 seconds!

The back supports free adjustment of 90 ~ 160 degrees. With the feet holding, the laying feel is very good, and the daily support of 15 degrees Xiaoyao back. It is quite appropriate to use in the study.

The blood oxygen saturation and respiratory rate can also be displayed as two healthy elements, and it supports body temperature measurement. It is very useful in today’s living environment!


This is the sharing of good things for the Chinese New Year in 2022. Thank you for reading and look forward to the next exchange ~

The use of the study is quite suitable. After the big promotion, the price is 1,000, I personally recommend it ~


This is the sharing of good things for the Chinese New Year in 2022. Thank you for reading and look forward to the next exchange ~

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