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Isn’t it cost -effective to use stainless steel to use stainless steel for water pipes?

Isn’t it cost -effective to use stainless steel to use stainless steel for water pipes?

In recent years, with the significant improvement of socio -economic conditions and the improvement of the people’s consumption level, people’s attention to health has also continued to improve, especially in terms of drinking water safety. Water is the source of life. From the river to the water plant, and then through the water pipe to the faucet of each family, the health of drinking water will really affect the health of the family. Therefore, carrying people’s drinking water safety

The stainless steel to the water pipe ushered in a new climax of the market.

In daily life, many parents will choose food -grade stainless steel water cups when they buy water cups for their children. They have corrosion resistance, oxidation, lead, non -rust, oil -free, antibacterial, non -second pollution, convenient cleaning, convenient maintenance, etc. A series of advantages.

Food -grade stainless steel water cups usually need more than 100 yuan. In ordinary people’s thinking, stainless steel is more expensive. Is it really?

I have previously investigated the price of several common pipelines on the market, including plastic water pipe PPR compared with these two models, the average price of stainless steel pipes and copper pipes is relatively low.

From the perspective of raw materials, stainless steel pipes generally use stainless steel above 304 tags as raw materials. This is a health material that can be completely implanted in the human body, which fully meets the requirements of national industrial drinking water standards. Pollution, safe and environmental protection. Over time, the disadvantages of plastic water pipes have gradually emerged. The plastic water pipe buried underground began to qualitatively changes, scald, and block the pipeline, let alone the quality of pollution drinking water, which greatly reduced people’s health index. Stainless steel pipes are named because they are not easy to rust. They will not scalce for a long time, will not produce odor, have strong corrosion resistance, and avoid secondary pollution of water quality in the pipeline. From these characteristics, the price of stainless steel pipes is not expensive.

The service life and cycle of stainless steel water pipes is between 70-100 years. For ordinary residents, our house must live for decades. Decoration will not change much in decades, so it is important to choose a good water pipe.

Therefore, the stainless steel water pipes at home are not expensive at all, and they are also responsible for our health.

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