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Which kind of solid wood cabinet should we choose when decoration design? Solid wood cabinets in different materials and styles

Now that we will choose a solid wood cabinet, the advantages of solid wood cabinets are like high-end beauty, and they will be natural, and they will be refused to return. The environmentally friendly mudless pollution is light and hard, and rugged and durable. These everyone must know, But the impression of traditional solid wood cabinets is usually unchanged, single color, simple shape. Which kind of solid wood cabinet should we choose when decoration design? Different materials and styles

Solid wood cabinet


1, Livian solid wood cabinet

The solid wood itself has excellent quality, the texture comparison is natural, and the use of solid wood cabinets on the cabinet will make people have an original feeling of returning to nature. In terms of the solid wood cabinets of Livi, it is made of European imported solid wood plate making, controlling the water content of solid wood, so that the door panel of the cabinet is not easily deformed, and there will be no cracking problems. E0 level environmental standards make the kitchen life more healthy. The color is not a single single, which has improved a lot, and its color has also become colorful.

2, Pikano solid wood cabinet

If you do wood, it is easy to think of the style of the pastoral, the relatively close nature. This Pikano’s cabinet is such a setting, but it is a venue in Europe. Like a country’s road, there is no taste, and there is a little distinguished in elegant. The natural solid wood material is made, the clear and visible logs of the logs, the traces of the flowing years, bring you back to the years that have lost, bring infinite delusions. Old handles, and solid wood style, harmonious and happy.

3, French solid wood cabinet

The romantic of Flandi, the name of the name gives this solid wood cabinet, a beautiful and romantic flavor, and the famous wood, red oak, is made of the door. Given the cabinet pink color, which is deeply loved. Then there is a hard quality, ensuring the service life of the cabinet, the ability to seismic earthquakes is also strong, and it has entered the strict production process, and the cabinets made from making it will not have troubles that are easily deformed. As a home kitchen equipment, this cabinet can be said to be a good choice.

4, virtue solid wood cabinet

This solid wood cabinet is relatively poor, giving a feeling of a kind and fresh and elegant. The natural solid wood is made, and it is not used by environmental protection, and the level of environmental protection has reached the level of E1. The style of the cabinet is more soft and warm, and the taste of the home is this concept is in line with the concept of home. Combine classical and modern minimalist styles, vaguely revealing elegant temperament.

The material of solid wood decides that the most popular style is the traditional classical style and rustic style. In order to achieve the perfect effect, the layout and details of the cabinet should be very particular, such as the cabinet door to make a classic style, and the hood is used. It should also be used in solid wood hood, and domestic launch of solid wood hood products that suits the domestic cigarette environment can be used to achieve the integration of the hoods and other solid wood cabinets, which really reflects the monument and elegant solid wood kitchen. The solid wood cabinet is selected to make a solid wood hood, and it can be perfectly highlighted, the solid wood cabinet is thick, naturally, the natural, and astable luxury momentum.