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What is the bed ?

Like the bed line, the bed is one of the important items in bed. In order to give you a better sleep, the bed is born in front of people. In today’s life, what kind of style is there? The following small series will talk to everyone what is the bed, in the case of the bed, what is the need to pay attention?

What is the bed?

Speaking of the bed, which is different from the sheets? The bed is simple to say that it is a cloth cover on the mattress. Its main purpose is to wrap the mattress, the mattress itself is very easy to drop. In addition, it will become dirty in a short time, and it is very inconvenient in the short time. The bed is solved. The size of the bed is also quite high during the use of the bed. Generally 1.8 m * 2 meters of bed with 1.8 m * 2 meters * 25 cm bed, 1.5 meters * 2 meters bed is worth 1.5 meters * 2 meters * 25 cm bed 笠.

What is the bed? The bed is suitable for all style beds. If there is any personality in the home, you don’t have to buy the right bedding! General standard mattress thickness is 0.2 meters, ie 2 points (20cm) thick around. The bed is very special, cutting four small crops in a sheeticle, sewing together, then sewing the tension in the four weeks, the sleeve will not slide after the mattress, and some bed 笠 is the whole cover Sustain the elastic band, increase the stability.

床笠是什么 床笠是纯棉比较好吗

What are the best places? Bed is also a lot of materials. Indeed, everything or items have many different materials, which also lead to different prices, so we look at everything, should have many aspects, but not just see one.

床笠是什么 床笠是纯棉比较好吗

Is it better to bed?

床笠是什么 床笠是纯棉比较好吗

Now, on the market, there are various styles of bed. The material of the bed is still inseparable from the fabric (ie fabric). Now there are various fabrics above the market. General recommendations are to choose cotton, because there is direct contact with the body, so cotton is compared One of the healthy, secondly selection of fabric thickness, and the thickness is of course determined to have seasonal, as its own seasonal seasonality can be selected as thickened, the same, the final is to choose the grinding fabric, keep warm Sex, such as strong, saying that this is recommended to buy cotton, no other ingredients, this is the best for your body.

床笠是什么 床笠是纯棉比较好吗

So in this process, cotton bed is a good choice. It’s really a hundred flowers in the market, what kind of style, such as strip, cartoon, pattern and solid color, etc., you can choose your favorite color, which is a very good choice for consumer masses.

Therefore, when everyone wants to buy beds, I recommend you to buy cotton bed. Generally, the cost of cotton will be around 50 yuan, and the market is lower than that, you can tell you very certain, not cotton, plus vendor is also a profit space, 100 yuan is the price is normal. As a general consumer is within the scope of acceptance, secondly, it is a more precisely in 200 yuan, and the price is still required for consumers.

With the above-mentioned explanation, I believe that everyone has a full understanding of the bed. So everyone wants to buy bedding, you can buy bed, and a good reason to believe this product must be a good choice, especially cotton bed, but also worth purchase.