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a legendary person! Baoying County Chairman Wang Feng

Legendary Character – President of the Piun Association of Baoying County

Text / Fan Jinggui

Baoying County Chairman, Yangzhou Hutong Food Co., Ltd. There are so many Wang Feng, who is a heavy radius, really admires the feelings.

Wang Feng body wears blue embroidered Chinese dress, covering a blue bottom white flower shirt, and the woman who walked out in Jiangnan alley, simple freshness. Her eyes are strong, and there is a savvy and intelligence, and sincere and persistent, there is also a kind of self-service sea.

Wang Feng is a self-reliant legendary woman. She is embarrassed from a small love, and she will be in the north to learn the art. After returning to the hometown, she will go to the “Jinxiu Force Embroidery Factory” step by one footprint to the right track, for the survival of the company, she almost became the “wild man”, all day long work. In the spring of 2015, under the vigorous concern and support of the government, the “Luji Embroidery Park” was located. She established Yangzhou Wang Fengxiu Court Co., Ltd.

Wang Feng challenged himself to get involved. She is a person who speaks integrity and gratitude. Because of sincerity, she accepted the Bremen Food Co., Ltd. After the take over, she is jointly with Nannong, currently Hutong Food Co., Ltd., under her hardship operation, the Tuto Square will die, and there is a trend in short supply.

Yangzhou Hutu Food Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial park of Wanggang Town. Mainly engaged in lotus roots, Ci god products deep processing, sales, is a comprehensive food company integrating planting, processing, research and development, sales, service. The company has been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and export, specializing in joint ventures engaged in vegetable planting, processing, domestic sales and exports.

The main products are premium lotus, salted lotus root (segment), boiled roots (paragraph), glutinous rice, courtyard, smear, fragrant, fragrant, 糯, spicy, brittle, slic, slices Pheasant crispy film, Japanese crispy film, Korean crispy film, spicy grilled film, pretty Ciunti, mini, Ciun, spicy, all kinds of products, etc.

Wang Feng and Nannong Food Joint Operation, using the brand and market of Nannong food, according to the characteristics of Ciun this aquatic plant, the use of its edible diet, the use of medicinal pharmacotrophic value development: Ciuntsu burns, oily Ciun, water Cook Ciun, Snow Cui, Miji, Ciun, Brass, Ciuntie, etc., developed a scorpion series, 品 porridge, vegetarian grade, casual food series products, etc. After the product is put on the market, it is deeply praised and praised by the majority of consumption at home and abroad. In order to adapt to the majority of consumers to eat diet, medicinal medicament value is a close cooperation with Wang Feng at the Qixian Science and Technology Development Bureau, working closely with Nanjing Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural Products Processing Institute. In addition, the invention launched the two new Ciun health care drinks of Ciun juice, Ciunti speed. More conducive to adjust the human pH, especially suitable for modern consumer groups on 即 eaten products.

Wang Feng has the ability, she believes that they can make companies strong. In 2018, Baoying County, the first member of the Phi Temple, the first member of the Ci Henan Industry Association, Wang Feng was elected as the president of the Baoying County Ciuntie Industry Association. Baoying County Ciuntie Industry Association is engaged in industry management, business training, consulting services, and exchange cooperation. It is the autonomous management of Ciun planting, processing, circulation enterprises and Ciuntie in the county, strengthening the industry coordination, strengthening the promotion and innovation of scientific and technological achievements, and vigorously promoting industrial management.

Baoying has a rich wetland resource, which is rich in lotus root, Ci 14, is a famous “China’s hometown of China”, “China’s Township of China”. Ciun has a long planting history in Baoying County. According to the county, it is listed as a tribute to the court, and the Ming Wan Dynasty is listed as specialty.

Ciuntie, also known as. It is a perennial herb, the history of the treasure is far-grown, after several generations of experience summary, plus the water and soil nutrition, the kind bun production of Baoying is a pale white, and the big and round, solid chestnut, taste Tasty, rich in nutrients. Baoying’s “purple circle” Ciuntie is well known at home and abroad.

宝 应 – 慈 姑 乡. In Baoying, there is a legend about Ciun, there is such a legend: Ancient Shibao should often encounter the flood. The crops often lose, and many people are hungry. After the Guanyin Bodhisattva knew this matter, he sent a fairy called Ci Henan to see, and rescued the people. Ciun is beautiful and elegant, and the heart is kind, she sees farmland to become a Wang Yang, and the people are hungry, and they are looking for food. Finally, they found a aquatic plant that is not afraid of flooding, and its root Many cones, can be a food to fill the hunger. If she went to treasure, she took it into the treasure, she did her with tears on the road. She planted this plant in Baoying’s lakeside, church people cultivated. From then on, every time I met the big water year of crops, people took this plant to fill hunger, in order to commemorate this fairy, people call it “Ci Gu”.

Ci Gu has a medicinal value: a kindness of the buddy, and it is slightly bitter. Trace elements such as iron, zinc, 錋 and potassium, phosphorus. It can be adjusted to the human machine, which has better medicinal value. Especially containing a variety of alkali such as autumn water. Detoxification diuretic, with anti-cancer anti-cancer swollen, detoxification and pain, commonly used to prevent swollen pain. Modern Chinese medicine believes that Ciun is done to solve hundred toxic, can detoxify and swelling, can be used to treat various swelling, 毐 snake bites, heat dissipation, and strong lungs. Treatment of tumor sore, palpitated palpitation, edema, pulmonary heat cough, gasp, irritation, etc. Due to the temples of Ci’s taste, they can be born in Jin Run, supplement, and have a unique effect of lung cooling, moistening lung and cough, for labor injury, cough, etc., especially worth mentioning, Cihu A variety of alkaloids such as alkali, there is a gifted prevention and treatment for modern people. Moreover, Ci Gu contains vitamin B1, more vitamin B2, which can maintain the normal function of the body, enhance the peristalsis of the stomach, enhance appetite, maintain good digestion, and the best for prevention and treatment.


According to historical records: “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Ciuntie, Shallow Water, I’m also specified. March seedlings, after the frost, the roots are practicing, winter and spring, the kiss is as good, the gray soup is cooked, go to the skin, it is not honest. Tender stems can also be died. Utrades, Ciunyuan is bisu, Ci Henan has leaves, its roots, and there is no stems, the roots, the smell is different, the attendance is different, and “don’t record” is in a mother, It is said that the leaves are like. Tao, Su Ershire is similar to the word sound of Kitz, Ci Station, and the people said that the speaker is unknown, and this is a mistake.

Ciun has a nutritional value: Ci Gu is rich in starch, protein, sugar, inorganic salt, vitamin B, C, trypsin and other nutrients and a variety of nutrients such as vitamin B, C, and iron, zinc, 錋Trace elements in potassium, phosphorus.

The kind gang flower can have adjustment to the body machine. More importantly, Ciun also has the effect of probaches and anti-inflammatory. Chinese medicine believes that Ci’s nun is grateful, Shengjin Runfei, supplemention, so that Ci Henan is not only rich in nutrition, but also can defeat fire and anti-inflammatory, and the treatment of hurts and cough.

Ciun Equipped Method: Fried Ci Gu: Appropriate Valves, Yipui: Anemia, Nutritional Edema Ginger with food to reduce its cold.

In Baoying, Most of the Tsui is deeply processed, but some have a part of the table of the people. Every time I go to the winter wind, I will have more foods such as picking vegetables, Ci Guhu, Ci Junhua Tang. Ci’s salted vegetables, their taste is especially fresh, some family three meals must be used. Even many early shops will take it to do the tops of the face; there is also the kind of soup, not only a dishes, but also a good medication. Coughing people, insisting on Drinking for two or three days, the symptoms will improve.

Ciun, not only is an indispensable food on the winter and spring table, but also brings a fruitful economic benefit to Baosheng. Modern people are all resolved, and the quality of life is constantly climbing, and the “three high” people are increasing. For healthy diet, diet, and pharmaceutically acceptable ingredients are particularly favored. Ciuntie, as a unique nutritious ingredients in the balance of acidic substances, more and more loved.

Recently, Wang Feng and Baoying County Cooking (Catering) Association jointly built Holiday cuisine, launched “Baoying Havenly”: First, cold food eight discs: crystal confusing meat, water township three treasures, three colors agate, sauce Ciun, pickle , Spicy Ciuntie or (Oil Zaudu), Peach Cemetery, Brass水 八 八, Ciun, Yushu, Purple Reed Ci Fu, Burn, Tea, Ci Fu Roena, Water Town Family, Bai Yu, Mustard Garden, Homework Sanquat, Red Powder, Jade Hand, Anfeng Soft Pocket, Steamed Cinnamon Fourth, Time, two: Lili Ci Gun, Yan Siki; Fifth, Ci Gu Tofu Tang Decoction; Six, Fruit Pupplains; Seven, Egg Fried Rice or Variable Rice.


Breaking a single, filling the ingredients on the dining table, still being a blank of the traditional cooking means.


Plant Culture: Ciun This aquatic plant is planted in “Water Town Zemu” Baoying, especially suitable for growth, Wang Feng according to the demand of domestic and foreign markets, combines the soil and soil characteristics of Baoying, and cultivated “Purple Round” Ci Fu, Purple Raising, and Bao Yingshi. It can be said that this is a boutique in the Ciun. It not only has a guarantee, but also the skin, the resistance is better, and the nutrients of Ciun are largely stored. Baoying is better because of the ecological environment, plus green pollution-free production model, product quality is welcomed by domestic and foreign merchants, Baoying Ciuntie is identified as a national geographical identification agricultural product.

Wang Feng Business Yangzhou Hutu Food Co., Ltd. is Jiangsu Province Agricultural Science and Technology Enterprise. Develop a number of national new patented products certificates, national star-funded credit grades, etc.

In order to let consumers eat more assured pollution-free green food, Wang Feng business Yangzhou Hutou Food Co., Ltd. Ci Gujie is the first as a demonstration area, and is organized by the State Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine Organization and is certified as a national level. Export Food Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone, has national development project priority. Planting Ciun variety “侉 老 乌” is registered to the country to apply for trademarks. The government information disclosure announcement (No. 123 of 2014) is listed as a list of national export food agricultural product quality and safety demonstration zones. Wang Feng fully utilizes rich experience in the empirical and long-term production history, and the new year is the majority of consumers at home and abroad, and the green healthy food that is relieved on the new tribute.

Text / Fan Jing Gui | Source: Zewen Dream Pen