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Refuse the yellow face, 2 kinds of foods often eat, raise white china muscles, make people envy

As the saying goes, there is a thousand Hamlet in one thousand people. The case is also the case, and it is possible to take care of the skin. Consistent – that is the skin with whitening, so that yourself be more beautiful.

But you want to whiten, you must pay attention to:

1. Learn about whitening principles

The first thing to know is that the metabolic cycle of the skin is about twenty-eight days. Only a complete metabolic cycle is completed, and the substrate deposited melanin will slowly advance the end of the skin, so some products claim It is obviously not established in the day to seven days, and it is obviously not established. It is important to be alert to these products to cause damage to the body and skin.

2. Know whitening ingredients

Suitable whitening ingredients are the first factors that skin care products can have good whitening, but whether these ingredients are irritating to the skin, have other side effects, whether they are suitable for their skin, this requires a certain understanding of the ingredients, otherwise If it is used with wind, it is not worthy of loss of allergy or skin barrier.


3. Reasonable use of skin care products


Some active ingredients in whiten skin care products need to be protected, or whether these components react with other ingredients, etc., you need to carefully understand it before use, avoid because of incorrect use, let skin care products “water drift”, waste time Money is still less effective.

If you want to whiten, in addition to the external skin care products, there is still a little neglect, which is the whitening of China. The permeability of skin care products is limited, many of the rootic problems are difficult to touch, want to have a better whitening effect, external + internal adjustment can achieve 1 + 1> 2 effect, let whitening half-mexion.

1, lemon

As a beauty of the beauty, lemons contain rich vitamin C, and the concentration is quite high, and when the skin is dim, it is kept dark, insisting on drinking lemonade to a certain extent.

2, orange


Like lemon, the high VC attribute of oranges also makes it possible to reducing the skin’s deep melanin, so that it is beautiful. However, it should be noted that the orange contains very rich carotene, if there is too much eaten, the carotene enters the blood, causing skin tone to become yellow, although there is no harm to health, but it is indeed a negative impact on the appearance .


Women’s confident source is the skin. Every girl wants to have white and delicate good skin, let their own beauty more on the staple floor, so these nursing skin methods must insist, after all, this is not for others, Is for yourself!

Refuse the yellow face, 2 kinds of foods often eat, raise white china muscles, make people envy