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Daphne shoes loyalty

# 品牌 好物 #

Daphne women’s shoes are really good

In 2010, I knew Daphne, when a female colleague worn a pair of pink and thick and spring autumn fashion single shoes, it seems to be generous and beautiful, asking her, she told me is Daphne brand, because it is a first-tier city, get off work. I went to Daphne’s store to visit, I tried a few pairs of interested, I had to say that I was really comfortable, because the election is fashion shoes, but I don’t have a pain in the way, I have become a loyal fan of Daphne shoes.

As a woman, especially the legs are not long enough, the sea level is not standard, and the meat body is a pair of high-heeled fashion shoes, and sincerely will increase many confidence. However, the biggest pain in wearing high heels is that it will be painful for a long time, but Daphne is still a conscience, and the middle and wearing a few hours don’t feel the pain.

I think it should be the quality of the steel plate in the insole, or the horses and shoes, the angle of steel design is reasonable, and the physiological structure of the people is not tired of it.

I don’t know much about the brand before, through some cheap and beautiful fashion high heels, not the steel plate, it is the four empty small squares in the shoes, it is really like stepping on the high, the corner Touch, it’s really a tear.

Daphne shoes are really good, beautiful, and wearing, sole quality is good, wearing and comfortable, point a big praise!