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Girls are washed every day, why is it in the middle or yellow? This article tells you the truth

The underwear is a very privacy clothing. Everyone has to wear underwear. In addition to protecting the privacy of the privacy from bacterial virus, it can effectively protect the health, hip abdomen, and improve personal charm.

In terms of the choice of underwear, everyone has different insights. Some people like to wear cotton underwear. Some people like to wear sexy lace edges, no matter which panties, as long as they guarantee health and health.



【Case Studies】

After the 24-year-old Xiao Liu, I have been working together with my boyfriend who intends for half a year. This day, Xiao Liu suddenly got up, ghosts came to the toilet, heard the boyfriend, and quickly came to Xiao Liu.


“Don’t sleep in the middle of the night, what are you doing?”

“I have a holiday, wash your underwear, you don’t worry, go to sleep.”

I heard Xiao Liu’s answer, my boyfriend looked down at Xiao Liu’s underwear.

“Your underwear is yellow, what is it worn? Hurry and throw away?

“This is a bloody blood, not dirty, then said, this underwear has just changed, how can I send yellow?”

I believe many women, there are Xiao Liu’s confusion, why do you have a clean underwear every day? I don’t know, let’s take a look.



The experts have found that the cause of women in panties is related to the following points:



Manure and urine

Although each female urine will use a paper towel and wipe the urine and separately, but not guarantee that all wiping is clean. When women put underwear, it will cause a small amount of urine that remains in the urethral mouth. The same is true, and the color of the underwear will also be yellow due to the cause of urine and feces.


Vaginal secretion

Women’s vagina will discharge a small amount of secretions every day, and these secretions are similar to the white-white jelly, and some have a yellow color, there is a unpleasant odor.

Female friends, if your vagina is often secreted by a small amount

Yellow viscous material

And with a odor, or means that there are many inflammates, especially vaginitis, when vaginal inflammation or female genital organ infects inflammation, can result in increased vaginal secretions, and more less will remain in the underwear, thus Yellow panties is yellow.


Can’t move blood

Menstruation is judged by female healthy


About 12 to 14 years old, girls will begin to experience the campaign of menstrual surgery, from that, girls have to accept a menstrual baptism every month, until 45-55 years old.

Although the menstrual cycle is approximately 28 days, there are many women with advance or post-delayed performance. This requires women to bring sanitary napkins in advance. If they fail to replace sanitary napkins and underwear in time, they will cause a small amount of blood and blood. It is difficult to clean, and the underwear will be yellow.



Cleaning is too frequent

Amei is a woman’s nature. Most women are clean. For women, they will replace underwear underwear almost every day, and the underwear underwear is cleaned in time, which can effectively guarantee the intrusion of bacteria and viruses.

However, if you often use alkaline detergent to clean underwear underwear, it will lead to changes in the material of the undergarment. The fiber material is broken, which looks special.


How long does it take for underwear?

As a close clothes, underwear is also a deadline, every time you have regular internal pants, this time is

2 ~ 3 months


It is recommended that the women in front of the screen for their own health, the underwear is used for a long time for a long time, it is best to replace it in time, don’t wear a underwear at the same time, try to choose 2 ~ 3 strokes, change the underwear, must be timely Clean clean, don’t store it for a long time, otherwise there will be more bacteria and toxins on the underwear, and it is easy to increase the chance of women with women in women.

The reason why the underwear needs to be replaced regularly because the bacteria on the underwear cannot be completely cleaned, and the underwear carries an average

0.1 gram of feces

In this 0.1 gram of feces contain more bacteria and viruses such as Pseudomonas, E. coli, including 1000 eggs and parasite, 100 micro cells, due to structural and tenacious reasons Even in boiling water in temperature exceeding 100 degrees, clean.

Want to protect the security of the private parts, be sure to clean up underwear every day, regularly replace the underwear.



What kind of underwear is healthier?

It is recommended that female friends try to choose cotton underwear, the biggest feature of cotton materials is to breathable water, unlike the tight panties will firmly adsorb the privacy of the human body, and wear a tight panties will increase the chance of vaginal infection. Very much healthy.

Pure cotton underwear is relatively loose, convenient, powerful breathable and water absorption can also maintain dry and clean in the surface of the underwear.

When picking up underwear, it is best to choose white underwear or shallow underwear, try not to choose colorful and black underwear, colorful underwear, convenient to observe the underwear.

Dirty and residue


, In time, it is timely, whether he has vaginal inflammation.

Panties is a very important clothing for women. How long do you have any underwear? Do you have a hard performance in the middle of the underwear? If so, you can share your experience in the following review area.

Girls are washed every day, why is it in the middle or yellow? This article tells you the truth