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Jingdong fight! Before the 11, it officially launched another “ace”, which has been accessed 100,000 substantry merchants.

“Logistics” has always been the second big battlefield for major e-commerce platforms. It has always used the logistics as the throne advantage. In recent days, it has launched the “Jingdong Xiaochang Buying Business”.

The distance 11.11 is less than a month, helping Jingdong into the community in this year’s double 11 can achieve better marketing results.

“It is more than a few days in Chengdu”, and the final answer has become a decisive factor affecting the order of consumers. It can be seen that the logistics of logistics has affected consumers to the goods, the choice of shop, and even the choice of shopping platform.

Jingdong hours have been accessed 100,000 online business growth over 150%

In order to play the advantages of Jingdong’s logistics, the distance 11.11 is less than one month, Jingdong and Dada Group work together to build a small purchase, and the hourly purchase is the retail model of Jingdong and Dada Group. At present, fresh food has been covered. Medical health home costumes, beautiful makeup skin care, flowers and green plants have access to 100,000 physical stores.

For consumers, the hourly purchase is more likely to upgrade the experience, and this is beneficial to platform merchants, representing a larger possible property. Perfect logistics capabilities, full-time marketing capabilities, and hours to purchase 530 million users in Jingdong, providing a richer time choice, while improving the user experience, also brings new growth to platform merchants. Data show that since the hourly purchase operation, GMV has continued to grow, September sales increased by 150% from January.

The only three major supply chain platform for Beijing Dongcheng Industry has increased demand for business.

The release of hours purchases marks the full maturity of the Jingdong’s various supply chain layouts, thereby

Jingdong has become the only platform for “B2C Mode + Origin Mode + Localized Retail Model” in the industry.


Based on the official launch of hours purchase, Jingdong’s demand for supplying equipment has also increased, and many kinds of enrollment channels have been opened in the near future.

Before the double 11, these categories also enhance the merchant, and the merchant has the opportunity to settle in Beijing.

1, home daily, home improvement

Focus on investment: Home daily, furniture, home improvement


Woodlets: Insulation Cup, Insulation Pot, Glass, Plastic Cup, Ceramic / Mug, Wine Cup / Wineau

Cooking pot: wok, soup pot, milk pot, high pressure pan, pan / frying pan, hot pot, etc.

Kitchen Accessories: Kitchen Arrace, Kitchen DIY / Gadget, Lunch Box / Pot, Baking / BBQ, etc.


Tableware: bowl, chopsticks, dish / disc, knife / fork / spoon, cutlery set, etc.

Disposable supplies: disposable chopsticks, disposable paper cups, disposable packaging bags, etc.


Tea set: teapot, tea cup, tea tray tea, complete set of tea sets, cover bowl, tea pet decoration, etc.


Strip cutting board: tool set, kitchen knife, multi-function knife, etc.

Coffee set: coffee cup, coffee maker, coffee set

Hotel Supplies: Buffet, hotel, hotel designers, etc.

Non-legacy: porcelain art, pottery;

Art: ceramic jade;

Home improved soft decoration: decorative ornaments – ceramic ornaments, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, table lamps / floor lamps, cartridge lights, garden lights, decorative lights, atmosphere lighting, etc.

Only the merchants who have been in front of the double 11 can get the following rights:

13 months 0 platform usage fee; some types of deduction points adjustment, deduction points return Beijing; quick audit channel, the fastest 3 World store; 8500 yuan advertising fund reward.

2, clothing accessories

Key investment: women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, children’s wear, children’s shoes, underwear, clothing accessories

Now, new merchants can get these rights:


1, the deduction point can be as low as 1%; reduce the 3 months platform usage fee; fast settlement green channel; you can get 8500 yuan advertising fund reward. You can get a free store diagnosis of 1V1 quality service providers and help courses.

Need to pay attention,

The above equity is from the new business that has been in front of the Double 11, there is a chance to get

Therefore, the merchants who have not yet entered Jingdong need to seize the opportunity, and start the store in Jingdong in Double 11.

This kind of king-card weapon launched through Jingdong, has gone a new growth in Double 11 this year. This year, Jingdong Double 11 has been pre-sale from October 20, so the time is urgent, the merchants have Jingdong settlement related issues, and they can always consult the customs and regulations, review cycle and processes, and have complete preparation, smooth This wave of bonus!


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