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St. Bonalt San Bona Children’s Outdoor 2018 Fun City Spring New Products

Spring’s footsteps are getting closer, have to sigh the flight of the time, the time of the blink of the eye, so after the completion of the year, how will you feel that the spring will be far away? Of course not far. At this time, it is time to come to the inventory for 18 years.

St. Bonalt 圣伯纳儿童户外 2018玩转城市 春季新品上市

San Bona outdoor in 2018 spring, will take your baby in the city to care and care!

2018 Spring New Products Based on the design of David from Switzerland, the professional outdoor service team, plus Japan VMD experts – Hechuan teacher, jointly build San Berna children’s outdoor 2018 spring new product. San Bona children’s outdoor 2018 spring with [Fun City] the theme to create a childwear fashion trend, create a child’s city’s outdoor experience, and open the childhood life of urban jungle exploration with the baby.

St. Bonalt 圣伯纳儿童户外 2018玩转城市 春季新品上市

Children in Santa Bernard is committed to “satisfying children’s outdoor life”, combined with “technology function” and “fashion elements” outdoor sportswear, let each 2-14 years old to put on San Bernard outdoor costumes, can enjoy Enjoy self-contained, unrestricted outdoor exploration time. When the child begins to be curious about the world, the independent and confident adventure process is also launched.

This new wave of 2018 spring is released, compared to the past taste style, 2018 spring outdoor costumes more highlight children play, parent-child outdoor, and the pursuit of nature, color style is full of fierce, people If you can’t help but I want to pull out the wallet, although everyone is very familiar with San Berna’s children’s outdoor professional cold clothes, I believe this spring new product list will once again attract parents.

In addition to the professionalism of outdoor children’s wear, new products, it also fully considers the characteristics of children, add a lot of fun, storytel design elements, and combining fashion trends, in line with children’s desire to outdoor a beautiful life.

St. Bonalt 圣伯纳儿童户外 2018玩转城市 春季新品上市

The 2018 spring will be launched in the national store and Jingdong, Tmall flagship store on January 22, has always been the biggest goal of Children’s children’s outdoor outdoor.