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Mainstream badminton brand Daquan, who is the first brand in your mind?

Yonex Eunks

In the past ten years, the most famous and powerful old badminton enterprises have been born in Li Ning and Shengli Company during the Sudiomen’s period, it has been firmly held in the four major powers of Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and the country. Japan, Denmark and most international badminton sports teams and athletes. Although its products have a lot of brand added values ​​due to the huge brand value, many players are extremely respected by their authority and product performance. The quality and science and technology have always no one, although the product is high, it is definitely the value of the gods!

The history of YONEX badminton racket is the history of racket technology development with wood, carbon, titanium-based racket science and technology, and YONEX’s history of challenging new materials. Established in 1946, Japan YONEX is in the world leader in badminton equipment. As a company-oriented company, Yonex has always focused on new materials, new design research and development, and continually explores new methods for enhancing the quality of competition. As early as the full day of wooden badminton racket, Yonex has begun to actively study and develop new materials and new technologies, and constantly contribute to the development of badminton! From 1973, YYX Blue-green combination of “YY” logo started, and gradually became a well-known sign on the badminton court. Now more than 80% of professional badminton ball players in the world choose to use Yonex products.


After Li Ning grabbed the national team’s endorsement, Li Ning directly led to a sharp drop in YONEX exposure, but the equipment was ultimately rely on quality and technology, and Eunks still maintained strong innovation ability and excellent quality, and other brands were unable to surpass! YONEX’s power is still strong!

Lining Li Ning

Li Ning is the most recognized and popular sports brand in China. Nowadays, it has been fully entered the badminton field, and there are enough capital to participate in any new market competition. Guangzhou Sudiiman Cup, Li Ning Heavy Boxing, after the acquisition of Red Shuangxi and Kaissang two table tennipping manufacturers, after occupying most of the venue billboards in Shanghai Masters, after a long time, after a long time, Finally, the brand is promoted to the badminton market, and it is extremely high: sponsorship the most demanding national team. According to Li Yongbo, China Badminton Team, Li Yongbo, Li Ning, had a good intention to sponsorship Guoyu in seven or eight years ago, which is in many problems such as technology and capital accumulation, and I can’t talk about it. Today, Li Ning has greatly, and TV advertising and network promotion is covered, undoubtedly producing a lot of impact in the middle of the audience and consumers.


Li Ning’s investment has no need to say, but with the deepening of the game, it also exposes problems: the comfort of the clothes and the comfort of the ads, which are not impressed by Li Ning. High-profile attitudes and unbelievable products, let people feel the feeling of Li Ning’s eyes. Take Taobao’s pricing as an example: Eunks’s highest end beats such as AT and NS series are around 1,100 yuan, and the highest end of victory is not more than 800 yuan, and Li Ning’s wind forest volcanic series will be used. The price of 1680 to 1980 yuan is sold, and the online sales channel is not discounted or sold, most consumers will hold their attitude towards this. There is also a badminton sportswear, and the new Korean team of victory is less than 200 yuan. Yunx’s sportswear is generally around 400 yuan, and Li Ning’s pricing is actually 799. This price does exceed general consumers. Bear.

In short, Li Ning should distinguish between “occupation market” and “invasion market”. The attitude cannot be too radical, with strength and correct attitude to lead consumers are just right, not less perfect products and a large gesture.

But until now, only Li Ning clothing still feels good, other no price ratio, especially racket

Victor victory / Victor


Victor was founded in Taiwan in 1968, in 1992, the famous badminton brand in Nanjing, Nanjing, China. Some team members of the Korean national team, the recently signed Korean national team, the Thai national team, the name of Zhong Tengfu Li Wanhua and some newly exited the national team, etc. The product is very competitive in the middle and high-end, super wave and bright sword are their recent main products.

During the Sudiman, Different from Li Ning’s big flag drum, victory sponsored the Korean team with low-key posture, and the performance of the Korean team did not disappoint. Even if the final final is lost to the Chinese team, but the performance of the overall brand is appreciated.


The last time, winning is very fierce, of course, Koreans are also more competitive!

Kason Kaisheng

KASON has been mentioned, it has been acquired by Li Ning, it is said that approximately 150 million yuan, now most executive positions have been charged by Li Ning, the national Youth team and some European do not have a famous player is their main Sponsored objects, this brand is also quite good in the surnuclear of the amateur circle. There is a group of youth pursuit.


Kawasaki Kawasaki

Kawasaki brand, origin of Japan, once on YONEX, now Kawasaki is actually a master of control.

Shenzhen Kawasaki Sports Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is a general agent of the world-renowned sports brand Kawasaki Asia-Pacific region, responsible for the sales, production and after-sales service of Kawasaki series badminton shoots, shoes, clothing and other products in the Asia-Pacific region. By 2009, the company has formed a total of more than 2,000 sales points in various provinces and towns of the country and Asia Pacific.


Kawasaki Company has a first-class network sports equipment R & D personnel and professional automation production equipment, and has established systematic, specialized production processes, can independently develop and produce all kinds of netmong sports equipment.

Sotx Sodage / So 2

Social (SOTX) is a famous racket brand, which is quiet, but there is a momentum of retreat. Falling in the inventory, leading to the breakage of funds. The 2010 Sports Expo is playing the slogan of “Second Entrepreneurship”. Now the product has a variety of spaces available. Wang Chen and other famous names have been endorsement of the file.


Kumpoo smoked

Smooff wind began to enter everyone’s horizons in 2009! String red speed is fast!

In June 2000, the Founding of the Foundation of the Founding of the Founding of the Founding of the Bad Brand, Mr. Zuo Zuchong met historical, and the two jointly saw the great prospects of the development of the badminton market. It is a brilliant brewing storm with a company that is operated by professional badminton products.

In May 2001, in Japan, the spring breeze in the outskirts, so that the two are planning the company’s far-reaching entrepreneurial messenger, “风”, the name containing beautiful foreground, also Come. Due to the Japanese pronunciation of the rumor: Kunwu, the English spell is: K-U-M-P-O-O, to this, the 风 brand is born!


In June 2001, after a year of market examination and preparations, Japanese Co., Ltd.: Afro is formally established.

So far, the Japanese Lavenity Corporation has a raise market, has been sold history in the product quality, development, service, sales network and brand promotion and other areas. The concept is favored by many Japanese consumers. At present, “风” has become the second largest brand of Japanese local professional badminton.


Gosen High God

Gosen is a Japanese and superior badminton brand. Once is the sponsor of the Malaysian national team, now the biggest brand of the Thai team’s men’s singles. Its Roots Technology has always been firm and is a unique T-head connection technology. The ROOTS series is also the main product of Gosen. The best cattle is now “feather line”, it is said to have been giving Yonex to YOONEX now. Is the only brand with the Yonex feathers market!

Bonny wave

Founded in 1982, Bonny Sports is a professional manufacture of carbon fiber tennis rackets, squash rackets, badminton racket, golf club head, bicycle frame, skateboard, table tennis, hockey , Taiwanese companies in sports equipment such as ski rods, baseball bats. Increase the sports products, homework shoes, travel bags and other sports products. In 1992, the company entered the mainland. The factory is located in Shenzhen. The production scale has been expanded in ten years. At present, more than one thousand and two hundred people have more than 10,000 square meters.

Waveli Company manufactures carbon fiber network, and the badminton shoot has been more than 20 years. It has had its own unique crafts in carbon fiber product development, with Prince, Yonex, Dunlop, Carlton, Pro Kennex, many world brands have good production. Processing and cooperation, product quality is the first place in the industry. While working with big brand companies, our company is working to develop its own brand – Bonny, and develop many patented products, it includes T-bar net shooting, zero shock net shot, snake shaped hand net, Wei Spring net, oblique line net shot, soft set of badminton shoots, adjustable feathers and other new patents and many design and newly bidding 100% carbon fiber rapers. At present, Bonny brand actively expands the Asian market, in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Russia have distribution base.

Mizuno 美 奴

Mizuno (Meijin) was founded in 1906 in 1906 by Japan. After nearly one century, it has become the world’s leading sports producer, the product has a complete type, covering almost all major sports projects.

Mizuno (Meijin) always controls the quality of its products for its products, and strives to serve all kinds of sports, and combines technology and human sensibility while developing products based on extensive scientific research, trying to make sports Life is more pleasant and exciting, showing its perfect quality.

Shanghai Sangjun Sports Goods Co., Ltd. was officially landed in China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), which was officially launched in China (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), was officially launched in October 2007, which has gained world-class. Open and Tournament Single Champion Zeng the world’s ranking first Sun Jun and many times have won the world-class open competition, the tournament mixed double championship and was ranked 2nd Liu Jianjun in the middle of the blended world. “Sangjun Sport” also stems from the “handsome” of the homophonic name.

RSL Asia Dragon

The Quality of the Asian Silong (RSL) is a monument. Founded in 1928, it is one of the best-in-British history. The Asian Sil Dragon is the most known is his ball. The Silong’s ball is to meet the market demand for victory, and gradually become a billboard!

Alpha Alpha

As one of the first brands entering the China Netunt Market, US Alpha is always insisting on providing high quality merits in China’s homework. Excellent quality and perfect after-sales service of Alpha products have been recognized by the market and consumers. Regardless of the racket, the shoes, clothing is still the threading machine, Alpha has always carried forward the spirit of lean refinement, providing consumers with high excellent products. From sponsoring Liaoning Youth Team to the name of various scale competitions, the recent recently provides threading services for the Shandong National Games, Alpha is committed to building a global top online professional sports brand.


Different people have different needs, Alpha brand subdivided product structure, which develops different products for different people, thus achieving the basic needs of customers. From the racket to the ball, from the threading machine to the net fitting, the rich and comprehensive product line of Afa is suitable for the motion needs of all kinds of people. Excessive quality is more than just Alpha brand products, a higher cost performance, and a better product experience is the ultimate goal of the Alpha brand building.


The Alpha Brand has insisted on providing ultra cost-effective products for the majority of netmaster enthusiasts, bringing more choices and experience. Now, please enjoy the movement of Alpha brand products.

Kennex Kenny

Kenres was established in 1978. To the world, the carbon fiber is first applied to one of the world’s world leadership brands. In 1994, the 66th countries in 1994, the annual turnover is $ 100 million. It has 85 carbon fiber production technology world patents, 936 global registered trademarks, long-term sponsorship China’s national badminton youth and Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangsu and other provincial feather teams and one of the main sponsored brands of the 11th Beijing Asian Games .

Flex Fres

Fres (Flex) is a British brand, a sponsor brand of the Guangdong Team, its product has its own ideas, under the style of other small brands to imitate large manufacturers, Fres is a lot of mind in the product. Some new technologies and painting techniques have become the cause of consumers, such as double-sided series and constellation series.

In 1982, the British Ffres Group is a group company integrating R & D, production and trade. The Franz Group of the British Badminton Association is a member of China Badminton Association. The Group is headquartered in the Financial Center of Asia – Hong Kong. Products are far from the United States, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries.

Kimoni Golden Wanli


Kimoni is a famous racket brand in Japan. Compared to the promotion of the racket, the outstanding quality and good reputation of their hand were more prominent. The quality and cost performance of its electroplating beat are good. Badminton Famous Hugget is built for its endorsement.


AdiBo Adi

Adidine, Taiwan has a proverb “Edi Ber, Ber is not Sua”, meaning that has always been appreciated, praised, the general manager of Adidine Founder He Mao Sports Goods Trading Co., Ltd. is from this sentence Introducing an Aidbao brand, intending to hope that Adidine products can continue to be affirmed and appreciated by users. I have been doing it, but I have never gone.


Wilson Wilson

Wilson tennis big name, now run full sports products, badminton also began to involve, in fact, all products are very good, but the promotion is not big, there is still too elegant things in fact not suitable for the Chinese market. Not China!


ChaoPai Super Brand


Super brand, well-known “Huang Chao” from himself, is also the favorite ball of many coaches, because relatively extremely resistant to fight, suitable for practice.


Xing Jiachang Sports Goods (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is located in front of the China’s economic development – Shenzhen Special Zone, is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise specializing in badminton production and has independent export rights.

Ragle Eagle

Guangzhou Yinghuang Sports Goods Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. There have been more than 10 years of development, which is a professional brand supplier of networking, design, manufacturing, sales of four-in-one network sports equipment and surrounding products. The company is committed to becoming a leading company in sneakers, serving and serving the feathers, adhering to the company’s tenet “Let consumers enjoy the professional services of sports”, and send dynamic and fashionable combination for global network sporting goods consumers. Menquary products.

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