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Comfortable noise reduction performance, but still “hard to use”, Sony 1000XM3 earphone evaluation

Sony WH-1000XM3

In the past, I used to have a mainstream noise reduction headset on the market, I have done a comparison (this article: The world is in the hustle and bustle, we are noise reduction: four mainstream hot noise-saving headphones cross-evaluation 丨 Titan laboratory), Sony 1000XM2 The performance is very bright, whether it is noise reduction, or the sound quality is the leader in the same kind. It is worse than Bose QC35II in comfort. This time the SONY 1000XM3 has not appeared, and the new noise reduction processing chip QN1 is used, it has caused countless people’s expectations.

After the release of the release in mid-October, users who have already got products have also expressed “Sony Dafa”, 1000xm3 can be called the highest noise reduction headset with the highest completion. So what other improvements have been harvested in countless praise?


Design: Lighter, more compact, USB-C join


The 1000XM3 overall design language does not have much change, still providing two colors of gold and black optional, retaining a touchpad located on the right side of the headset. However, there is a little change: first, the earmuffs on both sides have become a skin-friendly material from the past imitation material, and it is more comfortable, but it is easy to contaminate the oil. The material of the earmuff has also become more soft, and there is a lot of oppression of the ear.

Fresh golden sony


The outer side of the MIC outside the pickup and the Sony Logo is inlaid, and the powder is similar to this year’s iPhone XS series. The top beam metal is finally no longer exposed, then the body has become more compact, and the overall weight is reduced to the previous generation of about 20g (the previous generation is 279g, but still “half a pound”), the comfort of the wearing is increased.

The earmuff is more soft, wearing more comfortable

Since the headphones become more compact, Sony has successfully canceled side effects of the oppression sensitivity by the earmuff material, the variation of the beam material.

In addition to comfort, another design is changed, using the USB-C interface replaces the past Micro-USB interface, and go out again and can reduce a data line. However, the official claims that 1000xm3 can reach the 30-hour battery life, charge for 10 minutes, noise reduction for 5 hours.

List of accessories


This time Sony will reform the earphone storage bag into nylon cloth, and there is still a 3.5mm earphone cable and double headphone adapter (for aircraft on earphone port) and a USB-C charging cable. . Unfortunately, there is no microphone for volume control and radio on the earphone cable, which means that if the user answers the phone in wired mode, it is necessary to rely on the microphone of the phone to talk.

For the author, a simple and more compact body, plus the USB-C charging interface, and a slightly fascinating light gold LOGO, which is very eye-catching. During the actual experience process, the author also felt the improvement of new design to wear experience.

The most significant point is that 1000mx3 will not be clipped to the hair, the oppression feeling of the head is also reduced. This is no longer a problem if you are tangled in comfortable readers.

Qn1 chip: the source of the noise reduction sound quality

After talking about design and wearing comfort, you should talk about the core of the noise reduction headphone product: the performance of noise reduction and sound quality. I believe that many previous generations (1000XM2) users choose SONY, not the BOSE’s most important reason is the sound quality performance of the 1000XM series. And this time Sony is used on the 1000XM3 product to use a new generation of noise reduction processing chip Qn1.

QN1 noise reduction chip

Sony official claims that the performance performance of the QN1 chip is 4 times the previous generation. In an entity experience, its experience is really better than before, some conventional noise, such as indoor opening, keyboard is almost invisible, even in the subway can also maintain a relatively quiet state.

This chip is also used to process audio signals, which are equipped with 32-bit audio signal processing and DAC digital analog signal transformation.

This Sony does not have information on the S-Master HX and DSEE HX on the official publicity page of 1000XM3, mainly because QN1 has integrated digital decoding and enlargement. This is highly integrated with QN1 to effectively control volume and power consumption in 1000 xm3 itself.

In addition, 1000XM3 is equally equipped with Sense Engine, which can access environmental data by means of sensors on mobile phones, thereby regulating the noise reduction effect of the headset. The noise reduction effect of such output will be more natural, reducing the influence of active noise reduction on the ear, and lifting the long time.

If the user is using the Android phone, 1000xm3 also supports the LDAC Bluetooth codec format, which can hear better sound quality.

Although the USB-C interface is used, 1000xm3 is still equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, not 5.0. Bluetooth 5.0 means farther transmission distance, a wider transmission bandwidth, with lower power consumption. The lack of this aspect is more regrettable for 1000XM3.

As always, a strong perspective connection

According to the instructions provided by Sony official, 1000xm3 is supported simultaneously to connect two devices:

Multipoint features allow two Bluetooth devices to your headset, one device for music playback (A2DP connection), and another device is used for a call (HFP / HSP connection).

As for how many equipment that can be paired (ie, no user re-enter the pairing state, “can be directly connected), the official description is not expressed, but the author has successfully paired 5 devices. There is no problem with the pairing connection, but in multiple devices switched, the 1000XM3 experience is still bad.

I believe that users with airpods, beats x, beats wireless studio have experienced this: When your headphones are connected to Mac, you want to use the headset to listen to the voice from the phone, no need to enter the notification bar, and draw the control center. , Repeat the music control, select AirPods / Beats X / Beats Wireless Studio3 to complete the headset connection by the MAC to the iPhone.


Apple W1 chip

For users who use WIN computers and Android, just click on Bluetooth settings, connect the headset.

As for 1000xm3, this behavior logic has become “simultaneous connection between two devices” – the play rights of headphone audio are still on the computer. If you want to implement switching between two devices, you need to disconnect the computer (formerly), then click the connection in the mobile phone (existing device).


“One touch” connection

Of course, you also have more convenient way of switching: use the Android phone with NFC features through “one touch”, touch the NFC tag on the 1000XM3 headset to switch – but this is not applicable to iOS devices and computers.

This is extremely unfriendled for users who have multiple devices. The author has forgotten to disconnect the MAC and 1000XM3 connection, close the computer. When the author pulls out the phone and wants to switch the connection device, you will need to restart the headset or reopen the computer to disconnect.

This experience is extremely bad, especially compared with other headphones. Regardless of the apple “pro” “pro” “pro-children” equipped with the W1 chip, it is said that the BOSE QC35II is often used. It also supports connecting two devices, if the user needs to switch audio playback between the two devices, only need to suspend the current device audio, start playing audio on another device.

Already the third generation of products, why not improve this?

Summary: Let us continue to shout “Sony Dafa”


The LDAC on the Android device is very satisfactory; the comfort is the biggest surprise; upgrade to USB-C is something wrong; Bluetooth 4.2 rather than 5.0, people feel a bit unfortunate; “Connecting Experience” as a bad ” Sony logic, but this does not hinder 1000XM3 to be selected as the period of the low noise headset, especially for users who do not have multiple devices like the author.


The above is a characteristic summary of this product of 1000mx3. If it is impossible to improve from a traditional headset experience: sound quality, noise reduction, and wearing comfort, this three points have a small improvement; but put it in the consumer electronics Large portions, obviously it has a large improvement space, such as a switching experience between multiple devices.

If you want the flagship of the noise reduction experience, it is very in the meaning, then 1000xm3 is worth buying. If you already have 1000xm2, there is a busy money in your hand, then upgrade to 1000xm3 has not tasted.

Bose vs Sony


For users who bought BOSE QC35ii, or users who swayed between the two, the author’s suggestion is to recognize their needs.


Now the 1000XM3 wear comfort is no longer as QC35ii, noise reduction ability may still be a small win. The biggest difference between the two is the appearance and tuning above: design, 1000xm3 is rounded, the technology is full; QC35ii is biased, and the button is more traditional.

There is more tuning of the tuning, 1000xm3 tuning is more “Sony Niki”, and the tuning of QC35ii is more natural, and its philosophy is closer to Apple’s original Earpods – plain.

Finally, let us shite with “Sony Dafa”.


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