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The long sweater is so wearing so, not only is the legacy of the legs, but there is too feminine.

Warm clothing is very popular in winter, but not everyone knows how to keep warm clothing, wear and not fat, and very fashionable effect. Warm clothing, or choose a more thin and refreshing matching method, it will be more fashionable.

This matching method of long sweater is fire, not only slim, it is unique.


In fact, when wearing a long sweater, the long sweater is dressed as a skirt, and the effect can be displayed.


. The long sweater should be so wear, not only the legacy is high, the temperament is too woman taste, no matter the meat

Colored bottoming stockings or black stockings


As long as you choose the styles of your leg, you will make long sweats more fashionable.

◆ Suitable for adolescent socks with “light leg artifact”

If you want your clothing to wear more refreshing, the recommended matching method is to put on the “light leg artifact” like a light leg, that is, the meat

Stock socks

The show is like a refreshing and pure temperament like summer.


Most sweaters are very suitable for matching

Tasty socks, especially

It is a light-colored sweater. Light gray sweater skirt can show the temperament of very gentle, long sweater design



In addition to the tightening design of the sleeves, there is no such design on the clothes, thus making the gas field more


. After matching the bow, the air field of the skirt is more show. At this time, there is no such a unique temperament that is like a black bottoming sock.

Compared with gray skirt, black long sweater matches

Light leg god

The device is another style. Black long sweater is a tomb of orange, making the gas field appear

Superior is still cool

, With the design of the upper leg, you can presented the black sweater cool young.

However, the light leg artifact of the knee is in real life, and it will be a little false, so there is no very realistic light leg artifact, or with the knee boots, boots color selection and

Sweater color is the same,

There is also the effect of echo.

When wearing a long sweater, it is very embarrassing directly to wear a flesh leggings. Worrying that the triangular area is uncomfortable, then you can match a super

Short skirt

It is more secure, but also increases.


The purpose of matching the short skirt is indeed in order to extend the sweater, but can not choose the same color short skirt that is really prolonging, and the short skirts of different colors will be better outstanding.

The effect of the long legs is more prominent.

◆ “black stockings”

Compared with the light leg artifact, the black bottoming socks of the meat is also a warm design of the fluff, but it is more realistic. I chose the right bottom socks, I really can wear only one floor.

Socks effect

It is also quite thin.

Black stockings are suitable for mature, and cool

Long sweater, hair

The color of the clothes also chooses a brunette better, light-colored sweaters with dark socks will have obvious violation. In the lower end of the black sweater, splicing

Black lace,

Then the temperament of the long sweater will be very charming, and it is more suitable for black silk.

In fact, wearing a payment

Simple, even

When you still have the old dark long sweater, you can match the black meat stockings, which is easy to solve the black sweater.

This shortcoming of the old age

. Especially very thick gray sweater, matching a wide legs or long skirts, it is easy to make old and simple, it is better to match

black stockings,

The temperament is also a sister.

Dark-old sweaters can choose such a matching skill, but the lady is very good, the lady is very good.

◆ Do not meat black bottoming socks

The same is a black bottoming sock, and the black stocking of the meat is clear, the gas field will be more stable. Black bottom socks are more common in winter, thin and thick money are quite simple.


It is also a good style, even if it is white sweater, it is very good to match black stockings.


Black stocking,

Even if the clothing of the upper body is black, it is very good, whether it is tight or loose.

Choose a white sweater, with a black non-meat-colored bottoming sock, temperament will become a bit cool, very young. With loose black costume, the overall temperament is more free, more handsome, replaced with tight costumes, there is a feminine.



Hundreds of bottoming socks

It must be black, and the requirements for the body are also the lowest.

◆ Black leather stocking socks



Black bottoming hose

It is recommended that these three, occasionally choose the unique style of design, and the effect can be presented is also super delicate, even more




It is better than black tight leather pants, and the effect has highlighted the smell of the legs, making the body more


Even if it is the most unrecognizable ordinary black sweater, it is very charming with pants with leather.

Unfortunately, after the design of the leather, the requirements for the body are also

Amaten a lot,

Tong’s leg type is still difficult to control this design